Thursday, January 30, 2014

Oh Yes They Did!

I posted a picture of our weekend biking adventure on Facebook and someone commented, "Seriously?".

Yes, seriously, absolutely, positively, we went public with our "new" biking contraption!

It takes a real man to do this!

There was one escape attempt, but after settling the passengers back down, they finally relaxed and took in the sights along the Huntington Beach Bike Trail.

Because they were so well-behaved we stopped at a newly discovered dog beach.

Such easy access and great views.

I guarded the bikes while Mr. Tennis took them for a frolic.

I was amused by this Dog Walker with his charges of various sizes.

What a handful!

So... we survived our first big test of the bike trailer. Not sure where we will take it next, but this opens up all sorts of possibilities now!

Comfy pillow for the spoiled Black and Whites...

We are finally going to have a taste of winter this weekend. Warm thoughts to all of you who had to endure the icy/snowy/cold weather in the Mid-West and Southeast. Extra Special thoughts to anyone affected by the Atlanta gridlock. What a nightmare!

Have a great weekend!
Or at least a warm one!

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Is She EVER Going to Blog Again???

Yes, I am.

I've probably lost some of you, my friends and readers, but things got busy around Boston Manor and I was just too doggone tired to think about blog fodder.

Besides I was busy recovering from a busy holiday season which included a visit from my brother, Mr. Conno,r to you faithful TBL readers.  He joined us for about ten days after spending Christmas with these two cuties in Wyoming.

One of my awesome Christmas presents from them.

I cannot imagine why he has that hat on?!?

I took some time off from....

My main canine squeezes, after the BTs, of course.


Teaching Assistant Darcy oversees my English/Japanese class.
Thank you Miss D.

...while Mr. Connor was here so we could goof off and do some fun stuff.

We played tourist and took a tour of the Newport Harbor.

Author, Dean Koontz, little place

Nicolas Cage's former abode

Gilligan's Island was partly filmed in this little cove.

Lots of expensive real estate and playthings.

John Wayne's old yacht on the left. The family still uses it.

The seals have the right idea, just take over and lie wherever you want.

We enjoyed a day at the Richard M. Nixon library in Yorba Linda:

Mr. Connor next to the Presidential Helicopter.

and took another day to tour the U.S.S. IOWA which is on permanent display in Long Beach.

We did a lot of this on this really great self-guided tour!

We also returned to The Will Rogers State park and were lucky to see these deer on our way out nibbling on the hay put out for the horses.

Mr. Connor INSISTED we go for a tour in Hollywood that drove through the Rodeo Drive area and into Beverly Hills where we saw lots of homes belonging to the rich and famous!

(Okay, he didn't insist, I'm a total fan-girl and love that kind of thing
 and I think he did it so I could have a thrill. )

Tour guide took us past these locations once she found out I was a Real Housewives fan.
 (Yes, I admit it)

Other than looking like total gawkers and stalkers in our topless tour van, it was great fun and I recommend it - if you like that kind of stuff.

The animal crowd held their own during the last month or so.
Don't even know what to say about this picture:

And look what the Bostons got for Christmas!!!

It's coming... wait for it!

Yes, we have gone totally California-crazy and now our dogs will be able to explore by bike with us.
I've been on the lookout for a used one of these ever since we moved here and I struck gold at a little consignment shop down the road.

Don't they look like cool canines?

Speaking of which, Mr. Connor surely misses those dinners we had at "The Dog" while he was here!

 The perfect restaurant for the Boston Household to frequent.  Lucky for us it is reasonable and right across from the movie theater.
Yep, saw a few of those too in preparation for this year's Oscars!

All in all a very busy month or so.

I'm back at work with my doggies and my Japanese students.  In fact I've been asked to do some special one-on-one classes with my Japanese students, so that venture will be expanding and I will be spending less time in the dog walking biz.

So, tell me my friends, what did I miss with you?
What? Read your blogs?
 Why of course I will.
I promise!
And I promise to resurrect my blogging habits and post more frequently.

Thank you to all those who were so kind as to ask when I would be back and checked in to make sure everything is going okay for us here at Boston Manor.  We are entering 2014 with renewed positive energy and look forward to a year of good health, gainful employment, new experiences and happy days.  We wish all the same to all of you and your families.

TBL, out!