Thursday, May 31, 2012

So..... Exactly What Is It I've Been Doing This Past Week? Obviously Not Blogging!

So, why have I been AWOL? Busy, busy with visitors and family.
If you will remember, there was a visit to Anna Maria Island:

Where we stayed at a nice cottage rental:

Spent time with my two brothers:

And got to meet Sandy, from Perth, Australia:

THEY, got to go to the beach where Sadie made a famous video:

The Maven was there the whole time!

Got back to Orlando and managed to see this movie:

(good movie!)

Went to The Sugar Mill in Deland, FL:

And had do-it-yourself:

Stopped off at Blue Springs State Park:

Took a wonderful nature boat ride (highly recommended for those burned out on The Mouse) and saw...

 ...gators, turtles, manatees, turkeys, eagles, many, many water birds and deer!

Went to dinner at Orlando's signature park, Lake Eola, where the fountain looks like this by day:

And like this by night:

Admired our downtown skyline (hey, I know it's not Manhattan - it's better!):

Saw swans and cignets (bonus points if you know what that means):

Lots of swans:

Even black ones from Australia:

And, of course, those sweet cignets:

Went to NSB (New Smyrna Beach for newbies):

And ate at Breakers:

Best beachfront dining in the area:

Hosted a get together with friends and family.
(Such a raucous time was had by all that no pictures are available, but believe me, it happened)

Then, it all went quiet.  
Mr. Connor returned to Brandon, FL. 
 The Aussies headed to the Grand Canyon and I rested...

Then I went out with CG and got myself another Ball jar. 

Yep, the obsession continues.
And we've found a new place to haunt in the Orlando area. You can see the name and website on the bag next to my obsession jar.

So, life returns to normal (whatever that is) at Boston Manor, but not for long!  

Mr. Tennis, Sadie, Sassy the Chihuahua and Panda enjoy, what else? 
 The French Open!!!  He's not called Mr. T for nothing!

June holds many changes and excitement for our family.

Stay tuned!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Wrens Again!

My sharped eyed brother, Mark, spied a Wren sitting outside the little clay pots we have above our carport.  I got them years ago in Williamsburg and they have occasionally had nests in them, but not recently.   Until now....

I thought our wrens were gone, but I had heard one scolding Bumby in the morning and just assumed it was an adult hanging around still.

Could it be Rita?  Again? Or one of her offspring? Already?

A mystery, but a beautiful one.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Patience is a Virtue

Just so you don't think I've been doing nothing but laying around on the couch....

I tackled a small project that unexpectedly came my way.  Unexpected in the fact that I had not considered trying the painting/distressing practice on an old Windsor chair I've had for many, many years from my Aunt Dot.

It is a dark wood that I don't necessarily like and just never really fit into the house's vibe. Hah! Laugh if you will, but yes, my house has a vibe.  It's called "try a lot of different looks and see what sticks".

I tried to sell the chair at a flea market, but no one would pay what the chair is worth. I didn't want to just give it away, so I thought why not try to make it a piece of furniture I like? And with the furniture trends in certain circles veering towards the shabby chic/distressed look I thought I'd try that out with my leftover chalk paint.

The patience part? Well if you've ever painting anything with spindles and bars, it is a trying task.

With the help of the television droning on in the background, I gritted my teeth and went to it.

First few strokes brought panic - "what have I done?!?!?!"

After it was fully coated with the chalk paint, I hated it and really regretted the painting. The character of the chair had gone flat. Bland.

Got my sander out and started bringing out some of the architecture of the chair and started feeling a bit better about it.

It passed Bumby's inspection, but neither she nor I are totally happy with the way the seat turned out. 

 I was going for a worn look as if many seats and been seated in the chair.  I may redo that area.  Must confer with Bumby first.

Overall I like the look.  I feel that it "fits in" more here at Boston Manor.

And best of all, I will keep Aunt Dot's chair around and enjoy it's presence more now.

What projects have you been up to my good friends?
Have a great week!

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Sadie and The Flip Flop

"Uncle Mark" from Australia picked up a child's flip flop from our walk along the causeway here in Anna Maria Island.  Who knew it would be the perfect thing for Sadie to retrieve, Labrador-style.

Okay, I never said I was a "Spielberg", but I am TBL!
Hope your weekend has been great!

Friday, May 18, 2012

AMI - Where the Living is Easy...

....especially if you are a Boston!

The Maven and me trying to teach the Bostons to boogie board.

Having fun hanging around our pretty little cottage.

Eating some good food.

Mr Tennis and my brothers, Mr. Connor (Richard) and the Wizard of OZ (Mark)

From left, The Maven, Mr. T, Mr. Connor, Mark and Sandy.  
Dinner at The Sandbar in AMI (Anna Maria Island)

Seeing some beautiful sunsets from our dinner table at The Sandbar...

Seeing some beach action...


A lot.

Mark, along the Bay side of AMI.

I hope everyone is well and looking forward to a relaxing or fun weekend!