Wednesday, August 20, 2014

A Night of Reflection and Fun

The Maven had extended an invitation to me. She was going to be attending an awards ceremony that was partially sponsored by the company she is now working for.


 TV and Film people in attendance?

Of course I said yes!

Beautiful campus!

Okay, so it wasn't the Oscars, but I still had a few fangirl moments before the ceremony when many of the nominees were photographed and interviewed on the patch of red carpet.

Fans of 'Parenthood' may recognize the young actor who plays Jabar.
'Parenthood' was one of the honorees.

There were many familiar faces and some unfamiliar ones as well.  Famous or not, they all had something in common. 
Mental illness and/or substance abuse.

While there was some media present, there was not a lot of attention paid to The Voice Awards outside of those involved.  Maybe there should have been .

These awards recognize film and television projects that bring awareness and involve characters who realistically deal with mental health and substance abuse issues.

These awards also honor and celebrate " everyday" people who have successfully managed their illness and become advocates in order to educate people about mental health as well as provide support and inspiration to those who are struggling with the challenges of mental illness and substance abuse.

When I saw this gentleman on the red carpet, I wondered what he would say.

James Wolk, from "The Crazy Ones', co-starring with Robin Williams.

It turned out James Wolk was the emcee for the event and he kicked off the evening with a short tribute to Robin Williams, which was uplifting as opposed to melancholy.

I'm not often at a loss for words and I have found this post difficult to write. While this was such a fun event to attend with The Maven, the death of Robin Williams has made me feel awkward in order to express the proper balance of sadness for his loss of life, yet happiness because my daughter is spreading her wings and becoming part of a community that does so much good.


Advocacy is the perfect fit for her and she loves to be able to make a difference in the lives of people who struggle with often misunderstood challenges. So my pride and sense of fun were present, as well as my appreciation for those honored. Many who I have seen either in film or on television.

I am going to just  show some of the pictures I took with small comments and not  concern myself with trying to express my feelings.

Mr. Tony Shaloub from 'Monk'
 getting miked by Pat O'Brien (did he used to be on Entertainment Tonight?)

Ray Ramone and Lauren Graham presenting an award to the producer of 'Parenthood', Jason Katims. Exciting for me because I love this show.

And just to prove it, I'm posting another picture of 'Jabar'!

'Bailey' from 'Grey's Anatomy', she accepted an award on the show's behalf.

No event is complete without a Baldwin Brother. Daniel? Stephen?

Special Recognition recipient, Kristen Johnston:

She gave a most honest and emotional speech. If you have every heard her in interviews, you will have an idea of her enthusiasm and sincerity.

Among the films honored were two particular favorites that The Maven and I saw this year:

A a few more independent films on our list:

Some other winners in the TV categories were:

Mike & Molly

Familiar names and faces help build awareness, but it is the ordinary. No, extraordinary people who fight everyday to overcome great obstacles and become productive members of our world who are also worthy of our admiration. And let us remember that you can seem to have everything in the world, but if you don't have your health, your happiness and support, you can lose it all in an instant.

Nanu. Nanu.

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Much Better Days

What a difference a week makes.  This time last weekend this black and white was still not doing well.  I thought we were going to lose her, for sure. She started rallying about Tuesday and as of today, is back to her old, formerly-annoying-now-we-don't-mind-them, habits.  Poaching the cat food, endless asking to play fetch and not sleeping 24/7.  Yay!

It had to have been the presence of her two nurses last weekend that sparked this turnaround.

Yes, I know, they don't exactly look like a good 'ICU' care team, but surely they brought some feline healing vibes with them.

Meanwhile Sadie, who decided this month was a good time to get worms, went in for her second de-worming shot at the vet:


That's the oddest Boston I've ever seen!!

Pepper, the pig was in for a 7 month check up. 
This IS California, y'all.

Speaking of pigs....
We took in some Orange County Fair sights last night:

  Are you in there?

Some solid black and white representation here.
Ewe get it?
Get it?

Not to mention some Bovine black and white cuteness:

Always looking for good ideas for my new hobby, succulents.

So... as Dexter advised Mr. T, earlier in the week.
"It's gonna be okay, man. Panda's got at least nine lives in her too."

Hope your days are going better too!

And special thanks to my bloggy friend,   Linda, at Itsy Bits and Pieces.           . 
We talked 'short-nosed dog' issues via email and FB in the last couple of weeks, just hearing her experiences with the lovely Bailey, helped us out a lot. 

Live long, and breathe easily.- The Boston Lady