Friday, April 29, 2011

Ball Jar Madness Ensues!

I continue to have good luck finding the incredibly addictive blue Ball jars that will adorn The Writer and Sammy's wedding reception.

Like potato chips, it seems, you can't just have one.... going to a couple of estate sales this weekend with CG to see what else I can rustle up. Such fun.

Thanks to everyone who stopped by and said some kind words about our Susie.  It is very much appreciated.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Good Bye to Susie

I've been absent from my blog for several days because I've been trying to help an important member of our fur family get over an illness.  Unfortunately, all the tests, medicines and loving care have not worked this time and today we had to say good bye to the Queen of the Boston Household Beasts, Susie, our black cat.

The Boston Lady and The Maven with young Grey Boy and unnamed at the time, Susie. Oct 1998

She came to us from out of the woods behind our house.  We took in her and her brother, Grey Boy.  We didn't name Susie because we didn't anticipate keeping her.  But each day she spent creating havoc in our house we became more and more attacted to the tiny black kitty. Her brother found a wonderful home with The Maven's fourth grade teacher.

All it took was a look from The Maven and I and Mr. Tennis caved and Susie became part of our household.  The Maven picked her name, Black Susan, from one of her favorite books at the time, The Little House on the Prairie.  Of course, it was immediately shortened to Susie.

She was a mischevious kitten and loved to hide and think we couldn't see her.

The two older cats adjusted to her and she respected the pecking order which placed our calico, Cheetah at the top, but when Cheetah passed away, Susie assumed the Queen cat role and never let anyone forget it. Not even the dogs who always gave her ultimate respect.
Nicki never even had a shot at being Queen - it was Susie's house after Cheetah left.

Susie, we will miss you very much.  We will never forget how you used to love to ride around on our shoulders, your desire to wear funny collars, but most of all I will miss my lap cat with the beautiful eyes who kept me company everyday.

And no one rocks the reindeer antlers like you did!

Friday, April 22, 2011

Spring Flowers for Easter Weekend!

I have some wonderful pictures of my friend, CG's, pretty Florida wildflower garden.  I took pictures last year when she first started this project and my has it grown!  Take a peek here if you want to see last year's entry about it.

But first I wanted to show you some beautiful flowers I received from yet another good friend (who never reads this blog!) and my son and his fiance (love to say that!).  They sit in a crate I found at a flea market this week that another lovely friend, Country Mouse, took me to as a Bday treat.  I was able to wrangle it from the guy by purchasing more blue Ball jars that were all caked in dirt (upcoming post) - and when I reached for my wallet that sneaky Country Mouse bought the lot as a gift to me!  I'm hoping Sammy likes the crate enough to incorporate it into her wedding reception decor. Ah, but do you see my new Boston?  He was sitting on my porch on my birthday.  My friend and fellow blogger SueBee found him at the thrift and gave him to me.  I about fell off my porch - he's perfect! I don't know who was more excited, me or Suebee. I have such good friends, I am truly lucky.

So now on to CG's garden.  Mainly pictures, few words, because they aren't necessary, such beauty speaks for itself.

She even has a vegetable garden too!

I couldn't resist snapping a picture of these baby cherry tomatoes. So cute!

May all my friends and family here in Real Life and in Blogland have a beautiful Easter weekend.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011


This was a birthday present to my daughter, The Maven.  I ordered it from a wonderful blogging friend, Annie, who writes with her own great strength and wit, the blog The House That Jade Built - it's fantastic!

She has started up an at home business so she can be home with her three young children.  She has extra special reasons in particular for wanting to be home with them and if you would like to know her family's story and look at the wonderful items she makes and sells, please pay her a visit!

Annie's jewelry is custom-made - just tell her what you would like and she whips it up, just like that! I was so thrilled to give this to The Maven because of all the people I know in my life, she is one of the strongest in spirit and action.

And she has an awesome smile (in her awesome new glasses, I might add)

Thanks Annie! It is perfect!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Madame Butterfly and Helen Keller - and Susie

Last week we had two special guests stay with us at Boston Manor.  And even though our post title may reflect some levity and perhaps a bit of gallows-humor, these were two well-loved canines who stayed with us. 

First, our male canine vistor,  "Helen Keller". He is a 19 year-old chihuahua who we have known for all his nineteen years.  His lovely human, who lives across the street from us, has always given him the best life possible and now that he can no longer see or hear she considers the efforts she puts forth with him repayment for the years of unconditional love and companionship he gave her.

Whether you agree with her or not, this I know - she will do anything for Mr. Nicki, who used to be quite the tyrant over here in his younger days.  He and the matriarch of our household, Susie, (note on her at the end of this post) had quite the passionate relationship over the years.  It's hard to imagine now, but they always faced off at the beginning of every visit with, please excuse the stereotype, a "Mexican standoff". 

It wasn't a visit from Mr. Nick until he and Susie "had it out".

New to the scene is Miss Sassy.  You can see why we call her "Madame Butterfly".  She has beautiful ears and a beautiful coat - but most importantly a wonderful disposition that includes ultimate respect for Nicki and concessions to his limitations.

Sassy is so sweet and even as a puppy sensed that her housemate, Nicki, needed extra respect and space. More importantly, that her new mistress needed some company to help her through Nicki's later years.

My memories of Nicki, besides those famous altercations with Susie, are filled with my children as youngsters.  The Writer would insist that Nicki sleep with him while we kept him and as she got older, The Maven would help me whenever we would need to go over and let Mr. Nick out if his devoted owner was late or away.
What amazes me most since Mr. Nicki has lost his sight and hearing is the adjustment the Bostons have made when Nicki is over.  Their usual exuberance is directed elsewhere and they give Nicki a lot of space and respect in the backyard.

Sadie and Nicki

Miss Panda and her former playmate, Mr. Nick

Even animals learn to show respect and kindness to their elders.

Special request for Nicki's Supreme Nemisis, Susie:  she's been sick. Vet's not sure what it is, but we are working on it together. It just upsetting to see that our usually robust, "give 'em he**" gal, is quiet and doesn't have much of an appetite. Her beautiful black coat is a little duller, but we hope she is going to take on that 8th life of hers and rally. 

Susie showing those UCF colors even when she's under the weather!

C'mon Susie, Nicki wants that rematch really badly!

Linking to Angela's Tuesday Show and Tail.

Friday, April 15, 2011

The Dresser: A New Kind of Reality Show

Our Friday Photo Challenge for Chania  RAZMATAZ was to photograph our bedroom dresser. Warts, dust, weirdness and all.  So when I saw that THIS was lying on the dresser when I went to take my picture, I fought against all instincts to remove it.

Reality ain't pretty people.  Especially in the Boston household.  However, there are some redeeming features to MY dresser (not showing Mr. T's out of respect - to you, not him):

Although one might question why if he's Mr. Tennis why do I have a tennis arrangement on MY dresser?  As I said, I am not photographing his dresser. No more questions.

Yes, we are big TV nuts. Enough said. No shame, it's just a fact.
Here's a more gentle side of the dresser. Lotions, a jewelry box and....

Try to ignore the drain-thingy - please...

.... hey what's that near the jewelry box you ask?

You had to ask didn't you?  Well, they don't call me The Boston Lady for nothing!  Afterall they do sleep in this room too!

Thanks Chania!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

An Oldie, But a Goodie

Ziggy, our first dog just waiting for a chance to launch into the water and play with those big "dogs" on the other side.  Gramps Lakehouse about 1980.

Joining Angela's Tuesday Show and Tail!  Check out some of the other great animal tales, er tails...

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Thrifty Treasures for a Special Wedding

My FDIL (future Daughter-in-law for those who don't know the lingo) is a very energetic and creative person and these attributes are certainly being utilized in her planning of her wedding to my son, The Writer.

I had anticipated as the MOG (mother of the groom - come on get with it!) I would be wearing beige and watching from the sidelines during wedding plans and preparations, but Sammy (FDIL) has graciously asked for my input and has even trusted me and my "Orlando Dream Team" of thrift/junk/vintage and bargain-hunting friends to help her acquire some items.

The wedding is to be nearby in Winter Park, Florida, so it makes sense to get as many of the needed items here instead of transporting them from California.

I'm not going to reveal too much of her plans because that is Sammy's perogative, but I wanted to share some of the goodies I've picked up this week at the thrift, a flea market and an antique store - with the help of a couple of members of the "Dream Team"

I will go as far to say that Sammy envisions a vintage and garden feel to her wedding and reception, thus the deployment of local "DT" (dream team!) talent.

Everyone's favorite, the blue Ball mason jars were the target this past week and I scored several hits at great prices.

I was lucky to find two this size at a flea market on Anna Maria Island last weekend. Two for $9, a very good deal from what I've seen on prices of these larger jars.

Garage sale find this week, lovely vintage linen table square.

Add the two large Ball jars from AMI...

Plus white pitchers and white vase found at thrift. And two more Ball jars from garage sale.

Three more Ball jars from antique store spring sale and a candelabra!

Another item on the DT list. For $6 I couldn't pass it up.

So relaxing..

That's it for now.  Thanks Sammy for including me in the fun!  Dream Team awaits further assignments!

Friday, April 8, 2011

Photo Challenge - Outdoors

Friday Photo Challenge over at RAZMATAZ this week is "Outdoors".

Since I spent a glorious weekend outdoors just recently, I'd like to share a few more photos of the beautiful Anna Maria Island, here in FL.

If you look very closely to the right of the point you will make out a delicate silhouette of a heron fishing for his dinner.

Sunset from the pier where we ate dinner our last night.

Mr. Tennis enjoys the fresh air and beautiful view while waiting for dinner!

Thanks Chania for hosting once again!