Sunday, October 30, 2011

You Can Call Me Sandy From Now On...

This upcoming Saturday is the Flea Market at Art Angels in Orlando, go over to  Suebee and the Butterflies          for details because she will be there with her spectacular booth (along with Kathy aka Southern Charm).  

I had a lot of things left over from the wedding decorations as well as things that have accumulated around Boston Manor over the years.  My friend, CG, said she would like to share a booth with me, so we are in!

I've been working on some painted projects.  You may remember this little secretary desk.

I painted it and it looked a little too perfect, 

so I took a page from Suebee and Kathy's book and fired up my sander and gave this sweet little desk an aged look.

Thank goodness for the electric sander because my fingers would have been down to nubs without it.  Still have  to finish it off with wax, so my fingers have some work ahead of them yet.

Also painted and distressed my little thrift shop stool and covered the seat with some of that found burlap.  I actually distressed the stool a little more after this picture was taken. It  looks quite nice along with the desk.  Maybe they will go together to a new home.

My dining room table is covered with, well, everything for the sale too.

If you look closely at the mirror you will see I still haven't erased the writing from the wedding reception.  I'm in denial the fun is over!

An old traincase, 1940s thermos, glassware.... of course, another white frame.  Lots of those still.  Want some?  Stop by next Saturday!

And I have these pretty green-bottomed glasses along with a 1960s relish tray.

Old dictionaries... suitcase in the background.

An old type-setter's drawer...

Chair behind it for sale as well.

My table top swivel mirror turned chalkboard...

I won't be too broken up if this doesn't sell - I want it!  But if you do too, I will step away...

Lots more on top of the refrigerator!

Just a little peek.
CG and I have our work cut out for us this week.  Pricing, hauling the stuff, setting up, staging and PLEASE! ...selling some!

Wish us luck and stay tuned...

Thursday, October 27, 2011


Last week Claudia at Mockingbird Hill,, asked her readers: "bedmaker or not?"  I enthusiastically responded that indeed I AM a bedmaker.  I mean look at this:

Yes, indeed, an bit of a pillow addiction, but bed-made nonetheless.

It's not my fault that my every move is studied and watched and then this happens:


Even Bumby, my trusted feline, joins in...

No shame, from either - I should say - ANY of THEM!

Without fail.

Look at Panda!  Throwing it in my face!  Reveling in it!

They wait until it is made and then... it is theirs.

Sadie would like you to think that she is but a pawn in Panda's game of  bed-takeover, but just look at this next shot.

Oh yeah Sadie, you look like you have totally been "forced" into this... I'm just sayin'....

My reality and totally "our" fault. (Mr. T and mine)

Joining  to Claudia this week's Realty Shot:

Thanks for hosting it Claudia!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

I've Got a New Boston!

Hah!  I knew that would get your attention.  I haven't gone off the reservation, my new Boston Terrier is a painted iron cast one that my good friend SN surprised me with about a week ago.

He goes nicely in my green hutch and stands out nicely against the white background.  Not to mention  he keeps my blue Ball jars company.

You may notice a plate to the left, it is a vintage souvenir plate from the state of Florida.  My childhood friend brought it down for me when she came for the wedding last month.  Her grandmother had collected many of these souvenir plates and had displayed them on a plate rail around the perimeter of her living room.  My friend, Jane, and I used to travel to downtown Toronto via bus and subway from our suburban residences and visit her grandparents.  I have no idea how far it actually was (probably 10 miles), but at 12 or 13 years of age we felt very grown up to be trusted with travelling by ourselves.  Jane's grandma would add to our fantasy of of independence and maturity by serving us tea and cake as if we were visiting royalty.

Isn't it wonderful how a simple item can bring back such wonderful memories and also remind us of how lucky we are to have the friends we have present day.

So, what should I name the new Boston???

Saturday, October 22, 2011

So, What Did She Do With All Those White Frames??

I know this has been a burning question in many people's minds.  Just what have I done with all those white frames I painted and distressed for the wedding?

Well, some are still sitting around waiting for the sale I will be a part of in early November.  These ones are in my little entryway by my front door.

Others I have turned into chalkboards.

Some small.

Got two metal stands at a garage sale today that hold them up nicely.

Some are larger.  It is very easy to apply the chalkboard paint to the glass in a picture frame or a mirror.

I bought this mirror today at a garage sale and intend to turn it into a chalkboard on a stand.  I like the wood so I'm not going to paint it, just buff it up a bit. I can just picture it greeting people as they walk into someone's home.

You can see a couple of other projects I'm working on in the reflection...

Got a great bargain on some burlap bags this week and found an old stool at the thrift.

Will paint and distress the stool and recover the cushion with the burlap - I notice more and more things like that turning up in shops - might as well join the trend.

Hope the upcoming week is great for all of you!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

At Last! This Week's Reality Shot.

The humidity has dropped as have the temps.  This week's reality is a pleasant one.

The windows are open for the first time in, well, it seems like forever.

And we are all enjoying it immensely - especially Miss Bumby who is the lone feline once again at Boston Manor.  She is looking quite cocky don't you think?

Hope everyone is having pleasant weather for the upcoming weekend.

Linking to Claudia at Mockingbird Hill Cottage

Monday, October 17, 2011

Bumby vs. Darcy...

She's back.... Bumby that is.  She is back to her old self, eating, meowing and being Bumby.
This weekend she got to work her Bumbiness on Miss Darcy who is here for a visit along with baby Zeke (who runs everytime the camera is out and is no longer a "baby")

Bumby and Darcy have come to an "understanding" - as long as there is glass between them.

Dirty windows it would seem, but a barrier nonetheless that gives Bumby the confidence to show Darcy she is boss! (Bumby, please show a change of expression!)

Inside, it is a slightly different issue with Darcy being the more fleet of foot and Bumby being the old "stick in the mud".

Now... I just have to get a picture of Zeke before he leaves... (actually now that I see it, that looks like Darcy on right with Zeke on left - mission accomplished!)
Have a great week!

Saturday, October 15, 2011

So... Whattya Think? Some New Projects.

As you can see Miss Bumby is on the scene - she is doing very well.  Has gained weight, just still sounds a bit hoarse.  This weekend she will get a visit from Darcy and Zeke - Bumby! Watch out!

I am getting ready for a Flea Market style booth at Art Angels, where my good friends Suebee and Kathy, have a booth.  The store is opening the Flea Market event up to "others". "Others" being my other good friend, CG and me.  We are going to try our hand at this business.

I have some wedding "stuff" I can sell as well as personal things I have collected, refurbished or inherited along the way.

Today I broke out my sander.

I think I went overboard "distressing" this lovely gate-leg table.  It's not in it's finished stage, but tell me honestly.  Is it too much?  I know this stuff is in now, so I'm trying my best.  It's fixable and as I said, I am new at this.

Two other victims of the sander were this cute little secretary desk.  Simply sanded this and intend to paint and then "Shabby it up a bit".  I think it will turn out well.

On to my son's old bunkbed ladder which I have been using as a book shelf in my bedroom.(click here to see old post about that!)  I sanded it a bit - didn't want to paint it as I think the rustic wood looks nice.  But did I sand it enough?  Hmmm.  It also needs some staining and waxing. 

All three are in the infant stage, so any suggestions are welcome!  No offense taken!  Hey - and I also used chalkboard paint for the first time today.  Let's see how those turn out - next post, perhaps.

Hope you have nice weekend weather.  We are enjoying lower temps and NO RAIN.  Very important after last weekend! Cheers!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Rat's Nest Reality Shot

Look at this nice neat, serene setting.  Big flat screen so The Boston Lady can watch her silly shows and Mr. Tennis can watch The Gators and The Magic play (if they ever do again...)

It's a facade people.

I wonder how many people who showed up here last month for THE Rehearsal dinner saw THIS as they exited the family room to the backyard?


Bam, Bam!

Total Reality Check:  The Boston Family is not only human, but also flawed...

But, hey, it's the price of all those TV and cable cords and whatever else all that stuff is.  
What IS all that stuff?  I'm not going back there to find out.  As long as "The Good Wife" and "Parenthood" tape, I don't care. (please cue princess music)

Joining Claudia at Mockingbird Hill

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Life is Ruff!

At least no one can call her spoiled....