Thursday, October 6, 2011

Didn't think I Had the Nerve, But Here It Is For This Week's Reality Shot!

For those with a squeamish stomach, please skip these pictures of my bedroom closet.

The view out of the closet is definitely much better than any of the interior shots.

Yeah, Sadie, go ahead and laugh!

Behind the curtain lurks a certain cramped chaos...

Looks like there's chaos on the dresser as well!  Dare I show you the closet?

Her side...

I know. I know. That's a stuffed cat up there by the way.
No, not taxidermy. I'm not that far gone.  Apparently I love bamboo trays as well.

And his....

The shelves are not his fault.
It's where I compulsively have to save every gift bag or paper store bag with a handle.
The film reel btw is from when we were in college and Mr. T was makin' movies.  Nice movies, people, nice movies.

The plastic bins hold my workout clothes.  By the looks of recent pictures of me I need to start using those more.  And that gorgeous hamper has been with us from the beginning of our marriage. At least it's not showing any wear and tear.

Busted!  And now I'm just about motivated to "clean 'er out" - again.  I've done it many times before. 

I know you don't believe me.

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SueBee said...

Your closet looks like mine!! I have the curtin panel because I hated the metel doors that came with the house 20 years ago. I wonder what people will think when I sell because we have no closet doors just curtins!

Claudia said...

You're very brave to show your closet! Mine...too small and too jammed with all of our stuff. I don't know if a photo would do the mess justice!

Seriously, closets are always a problem aren't they? They seem to attract everything we haven't an official place for.

How many bamboo trays do you have?


Mullin Avenue Workshop said...

Hey, Ann,
Not so bad really.
Looks like people who have an interesting busy life use this closet. :)
I tend to have clean rooms, both at home and work, but if someone were to open the closets or shelves...that's a different story!
Although I do also like to clean, organize once in awhile, and enjoy the satisfying order for abit. This summer, I gave/ or threw away some things in my closets that I hadn't used for the last year or so, and it did give me more room.:)

Mary said...

Love this post, I slurped my morning coffee reading it and seeing the non-taxidermed cat! Now I have another mess all over my MacBook to clean up!!!!!

Closets are always hiding stuff and the piles can easily get away from you in no time flat. Seems there's always at least one needing a complete overhaul and dumping of accumulated stuff. Where the heck does it come from?

My solution to bedroom closet sharing, DON'T. I gave him the walk-in in our master, I have the two regular ones in the upstairs bedrooms, plus a bathroom and a bed......when I want to get away from the snoring!! Ah, the pleasures of empty nesting and old age, ha! ha!

Glad you joined in the fun. See you next time.


Mr. Connor said...

Closets tell lots of stories. Lots of things in all closets can probably be removed. I got one that is worse.

A Vintage Green said...

Welcome to the world of too much stuff and not enough closet. Loved your post.
- Joy

Corn in my Coffee-Pot said...

Honey and I once had a hamper just like that. The workout clothes look nice and accessible...too!

"Stuffed Cat" is that what we're calling your closet now?



debi said...

I just recently cleaned out my closet, and holy cow, do I feel better. And it was alot worse than yours!

They just seem to be magnets for everything.

Razmataz said...

Wow, I am going to play this game next week. Reality here is scary this week....

I think your side is neater by the way!

Linda Carole Bloom said...

Actually, not too bad! Kind of looks like mine, I read about Bumby - sending good thoughts. My vet went down one of my golden retrievers with a scope and got out a teddy bear arm - complete with armature!! Last year, a different golden had to have surgery because she ate a hairbrush! Cats are smarter than that though, right??
And yes, what IS with all the bamboo trays?? lol
Love, Linda

Chatty Crone said...

Okay - you are brave to show your closet! Do you have dust bunnies and all with it? sandie

Linda said...

I have a feeling most of us have closets just like that!

Lorrie said...

Closets are such convenient places to store things - it's easy to let them get overrun.

So glad you clarified that the movies were "nice."

Maggie said...

You know your closet really isn't that bad, I've seen worse believe me.
Although I would like to know why you have so many bamboo trays?
Your husband must be a good sport to allow you to "overflow" onto his shelves.