Thursday, October 13, 2011

Rat's Nest Reality Shot

Look at this nice neat, serene setting.  Big flat screen so The Boston Lady can watch her silly shows and Mr. Tennis can watch The Gators and The Magic play (if they ever do again...)

It's a facade people.

I wonder how many people who showed up here last month for THE Rehearsal dinner saw THIS as they exited the family room to the backyard?


Bam, Bam!

Total Reality Check:  The Boston Family is not only human, but also flawed...

But, hey, it's the price of all those TV and cable cords and whatever else all that stuff is.  
What IS all that stuff?  I'm not going back there to find out.  As long as "The Good Wife" and "Parenthood" tape, I don't care. (please cue princess music)

Joining Claudia at Mockingbird Hill


Erika and Blair,xoxo said...

What a television! Is it for climbing? I am a most expert climber you know. We also have wonderful televisions for climbing,and radios and computers.

I apologize for getting you all excited it appears that Mom's typing is a little lacking these days. She will be in Florida May 2013 not this may but next. She says that she will be making time in her busy schedule to see you. I am most jealous. I also think that this thing with cousin Chad could work out, one doesn't need many siblings since they tend to hog attention. Mom is rather partial to australian shepherds though and has a sister in mind for me in a few years. However we are both rather keen to see how an alpaca will fit in with Bumby and the Bostons in the backyard!

Olive Cooper said...

I think there are actually cord organizers. We do not own a flatscreen and paid ten dollars for out three hundred pound tv at a yard sale so that no one would wish to steal it when we are frequently gone. When it dies I guess we will join the mainstream.

Claudia said...

I totally get it! We have one of those, too. Unfortunately, the cabinet that the tv is on doesn't quite hide all of it. I keep trying to shove everything out of the way but something always pokes out. Love your shot this week!

Thanks for joining, as always.


Sue said...

I'm really surprised they don't make more tv stuff cordless! My theory, out of mine, out of sight. I LOVE Parenthood too, a lot! The set designer for the show bought a great deal from us a couple of years ago. Most of which are in the parents kitchen and outside area. I always stare and see if I can spot our stuff! Have a great Thursday.

Take care, Sue

Maggie said...

What are all those wires for? I've never known either!!
Great post.

Orlando Grandma said...

I will not complain about the amount of wires I have to cope with but of course I do not have all the "gadgets" and services you have.

Mary said...

I think you win first place in "who has the most wires" contest! Mine are taking over the upstairs office thanks to my DH who will not get rid of several old pc's which come with so many wires and appendages. Meanwhile I have insisted that the only technology coming into this cottage now is emblazoned with an apple!!!! Love these Macs with just one wire! Perhaps they'll even make a TV soon - one wire and no remotes please!

Great shots - have a fun Reality Shot Thursday.


Linda Carole Bloom said...

Wow, I wouldn't go back there either! When I look at my wire nests (not as good as yours, however) I think "What if I ever have to move???) Love, Linda

Mango said...

Ah yes, the nest of cables. They are excellent at attracting furballs and quickly becoming quite scary. Best not to look.

Mango Momma

Mr. Connor said...

Now that we have seen the back of the Tv can we look behind the fax,computor printer,scanner etc.
One reason you can't move ~ you will never get it all hooked up again !

Chatty Crone said...

Hey honest lady - yours looks like mine - I won't go back there either - I even hate to clean back there!


Mullin Avenue Workshop said...

I am pretty lost when it comes to all the cords, etc. that can go with t.v.. This summer while on my vacation, I decided to declutter. When I'd moved in to the new condo, there were a multitude of cords running all along the baseboards of each room, I'd had them tucked in abit, but decided they were not necessary, and cut them and threw them out. AHH - it looked so much better!!
When my son came home and turned on the t.v., we found that it wouldn't work. I paid our telephone company to come back and restore the connection. The helpful repair man asked me to not cut any more cords in the future. :)
Actually, your cords are tucked away out of sight, nicely!

(I enjoyed watching Parenthood for the first time, this early summer - I do like to watch Steve Martin in anything, he's funny, and the movie is fun!)
Have a great weekend!

Annesphamily said...

Hee Hee! I just hope the fire dept. doesn't pay a visit to any of us! Ha Ha! I am not sure why we have cords and wires and things collecting giant dust bunnies! I even have that problem in the bedroom with phone chargers, laptop cords, lamp cords! What is a girl to do? Anyone know where to get those cool organized cord tamers that won't break my bank???

debi said...

It's amazing the number of cords it takes to operate things nowadays. Now someone needs to come up with a better way to hide them all!

The Thuglets said...

We think most peoples have these wire nests! lol

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