Thursday, March 6, 2014

Thursday Thought: I'm a Liar....

I lie like a rug.
A red carpet, to be exact.
I'm not doing a follow up to my Boscar's Rain Delay.

I just can't!! 
I want to, but I just can't make myself do it.
I usually compile lists of the movies I've seen throughout the year and have comments to make.
The day before the awards I realized that my procrastinating ways were going to keep me from being on time.  I had every intention of doing a follow up post with my reaction to the show, but I....just....can't.

Monday through Wednesday I spend about 7-8 hours each day looking at the computer screen and talking to avatars that talk back to me. It's not a hard thing to do, but in it's own way it is exhausting.  I don't know if it the fact that I appear on camera (see? I'm in show biz afterall) to my students and must maintain a certain level of enthusiasm and cheer, (yeah, sure, and Cate Blanchett thinks she's a great actress). 

Or. If it is the 5am classes I have to be perky for. Or. The fact that I go back to sleep for an hour after my morning "performance" and then revive for my afternoon "matinee".  Sometimes I really lose my mind and throw in an evening performance just to test the boundaries of my sanity. 

All I know is that it is tiring and I've got to figure out a new way to get "real life" things done. Grocery shopping, laundry, housecleaning (what's that?), cooking (again, huh?) and blogging, of course, which has taken the low spot on the list of things to do.

This is the first week of not doing the dog walking. I thought I would have all sorts of extra time on my hands! Nope. And I have no explanation for why that is. It evaporated!

This is not hard work, people. But it's been an adjustment for me. It has disrupted my "engraved in steel" habit of grocery shopping on Mondays. My "I took having a washer and dryer in the house for granted and could do laundry anytime I want" laundry habits.

I grocery shop in spurts now.
 We are on an "as needed" basis with all food groups including the feline and canine food. I patronize five different grocery stores depending on the day, the need, the time available. I know, I know, my Orlando friends. Shocking. You used to be able to set your clock by my appearance in Publix on Monday mornings.
I've gone rogue.
And not by choice.

So, I'm going to change. 

I will cut myself some slack from Monday through Wednesday and save necessary real life chores for my two lighter days, Thursday and Friday. I only perform for the avatars in the morning those days.
So. New schedule. New Plan. No dogs. Piece of cake.

Until the clocks turn back on Sunday.
 I will have to learn the time difference all over again between here and where the Avatars live, Japan. I was just getting used to the way it was. 

I believe these issues are all called "First World Problems".
I'll get used to it.
By the time the clocks "fall" back.
Vicious cycle.

As for the Oscars....short version:

Loved Ellen
Happy with all winners
John Travolta made me feel better about myself
Loved Lupita's dress and speech
Loved Jared speech and Matthew's tux
What happened to Kim Novak
Pink rocks
I wish I was in that Selfie
Next year I will do a proper Boscar's post.
I hope.

Sunday, March 2, 2014

"Boscars" on Rain Delay!

Boscar Rain Delay!
See The Boston Lady's Post-Mortem Reactions to
the Wet Results!
Special Extra-Edition Coming to a Blog Near You
 Later This Week!
(If anyone really cares...)

Although it's not really the rain that has kept me from doing my annual "Boscars" post, it does give me a special thrill to say 'rain delay', since it's such a rare event in CA.

It has rained for four days! Not constantly in our area, but enough to wreak some havoc on the roads and bring down some mud into neighborhoods.

The Oscar organizers in Hollywood have been struggling to get ready for tonight's show. Plastic has been their friend as they put it over everything.

 Hollywood Boulevard has been closed for about two weeks as they prepare the red carpet area and it will be interesting to see how they manage it all by broadcast time.

I will have to do a "Boscar Autopsy" later this week (for those who care about such things) - My last week wrangling dogs and training new walkers was really busy and I couldn't get organized for a proper post.

I will say that my hopes for best picture are long shots:

I always root for the low-budget, smaller underdogs.

What were your favorites this year?

Happy watching!