Thursday, September 27, 2012

Bumby and Pippa

One of our new neighbors is a young female kitty that we call "Pippa".
That is the name of my next cat (if I ever get one).

It has been cooler the last couple of days so the windows were open and Bumby finally got an eyeful of the friendly Pippa.

Pippa is often laying on our sidewalk or in the middle of the street (!) when we come home and she likes to come and visit.

Gorgeous eyes and coat!

And make herself at home on the yellow bench on the front porch.

Bumby was not amused.

I see you trying to make nice with that trespasser! 

But not necessarily hostile either. 

After all she has experienced in the last six weeks, 
why would a little Pippa bother her?

Pippa trying to bite my camera.  So that's what cat lips look like...

It was a sad day for bloggers yesterday, especially in the "animal-blog" world.  A much loved and admired, "relentlessly huge", presence was unexpectedly lost yesterday when Mango the Mastiff crossed over the rainbow bridge.  "Mango Momma" gave this beautiful dog and his little brother, the "labradude", Dexter, a voice through their blog.  

Although he is gone, how wonderful that his irrepressible spirit lives on through the archives of the, now retired, blog

and Youtube too, of course.

Hugs to Mango Mama, Master and The Pea.
And thanks for always making me laugh, Mango.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Apparently I Am A Vain, Shallow Scaredy Cat!

I finally did something I've been afraid to do since the move.
Something so frightening and intimidating that I've put it off.
For weeks.

I got my haircut.

By a new person.

Not my "old hair person" who I knew for over 15 years.
Trish, if you are reading this, I did it, but there wasn't the usual chit-chat, laughing, sometimes crying.
Who cries with their hairdresser?
I did.

To have such problems - I feel very shallow that I considered this an obstacle.
That I stalked a couple of shops and looked them up on Yelp!, as if this was a life and death matter.

Even after watching two very good, beautiful friends lose their hair to chemo with grace, humor and dignity, 
I still made this a big deal in my mind.
(Miss you ladies!)

Got up today and just went!
No appointment.
Nice lady welcomed me and started cutting and buzzing after a few questions.

Me, no glasses at her total mercy, picturing this:

I should be so lucky to look like Anne (with an "e") Hathaway!
She looks great no matter what!

I texted a couple of friends for support. 
They understood my shallow vanity.

Cutting, buzzing, blowing, fluffing ended.
Glasses put back on.
20 minutes! That's all it took!
That's because we weren't talking like Trish and I did.

New lady, gave me some tips to make my hair not lie flat in no-humidity.
It didn't look bad!
It feels great!
Pretty short, but not Les Mis short!
Kind of Nurse Jackie short, but again, I'm no Edie Falco!

But I'm me!
I even took a picture for the curious:

Next time:  cut and color!
I think I will go back since we "know" each other now.
But, Trish, I miss you!

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Our Weekend Kicked Off With This...

Being from Florida, I am used to going out into my front yard in Orlando on Shuttle launch days and being able to see the launch all the way over at the Space Center.  Never did I think I would see the shuttle flyover me - and so close.

I'm sure many blogs have covered the flyover the Space Shuttle Endeavor did atop a specially rigged 747 around South California on Friday, but I had to add our vantage point because, well, it was just so thrilling!

It was a last minute decision to head towards Griffith Park area in Los Angeles and we paid the price in traffic for hemming and hawing for so long.  We finally arrived to the neighborhood at the base of Griffith Park, Los Feliz and decided to pull into one of the side streets and wait as we had only about 10 minutes until the flyover was to occur in this area.

We weren't the only ones doing this.  The streets were lined with parked, empty cars.  People had parked and then walked up to the top.  We decided to stop about halfway because, one, we found a space, and two, we knew traffic going out would be ridiculous and three, time factor.

We waited in a small cul-de-sac for about half an hour with a small group of people who were doing the same thing.  Above us homeowners were on their balconies waiting for the great view they would have right from their homes.  They were nice enough to tell us, "here it comes - it's coming right over you!"

And it sure did!

My pictures are not the best, but Mr. T shot a video on his phone that captured the moment fairly well.

It's something I will never forget seeing, just as I've never forgotten the privilege of being able to watch so many launches from my front yard for over 20 years.

Next post:  we explored a little north of our area and found a really nice place!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Remember Those 70s Roller Skating Disco Moves?

Oh my gosh. 
Last weekend we went to Venice Beach to get some cool beach air on our faces before meeting up with the CA kids for dinner.

We've been there many times before and always feel a mix of delight, amusement, bafflement and sometimes sadness.  Venice Beach can be counted on to have a carnival-like atmosphere with a lot of little art/merchandise booths, colorfully dressed people ...

...and the notorious "Medical Marijuana" shops. 

No comment.

This was a beautiful weather day with lots of bikers on the bike paths...

...some awesome skateboarding in the skateboard park ...

If you'd like to see this young boy (8 years-old) in action, I've put a link to a Youtube video of him shot when he was six - it's at the end of this post.  We shot a video, but it doesn't show off his talents. Amazing!

...and a delightful group of roller-skating, disco throwbacks enjoying the deejay and showing off their skating/dancing skills.

And Mr. Tennis found something that intrigued him for something to try in the future.

Yep, he's going to play this version of tennis on scaled down courts, using special paddles and tennis balls  of which some of the air has been let out for less bounce distance.  While we were there they were playing a tournament.

Here's that skateboarding video for interested parties...

Monday, September 17, 2012

Games People Play

Mr. Tennis and I have a game we play, although some of the time he is unaware that he is playing it.  Usually he finds out when he stops by and reads the blog.

I will pick up something at the thrift or another store and add it to the "decor" of our house.  It usually takes him quite awhile to notice.  I thought he was back on his toes with this game since we've relocated to CA, but I think everything is so new to both of us that he just hasn't seen what's right in front of him every day (well since last week)

The Maven and I checked out an Antique and Treasures Mall not too far from where we live.  A really nice and diverse place.  I am a big window shopper and really think about what I buy, but when I saw this painting, I knew I had to have it.

Plus it was marked down 50% as was everything else in the booth.

The cow, of course, reminds me of our Boston, Sadie.  All black and white cows make us think of her for some reason.  And I love the sunflowers and the red house way in the background.  PLUS it was an orginal painting.

It fits. Maybe a little too well since Mr. T has still not "seen" it.  Just think of all the things I could be getting away with!

Gig's up now after he reads this!
And to be fair, I thought he had gotten a new computer the other day.  It just looked different to me, but no, it was the same old one. Just in a new setting.

Have a wonderful week!

P.S. Tomorrow The Newlyweds celebrate their First Anniversary! A year goes by quickly.

In Santa Barbara to celebrate one year!

Friday, September 14, 2012


Can you see it? 
I know it's blurry, but it was the best I could do with my cell phone.
It actually hit 110 at one point.

Many people are smiling right now because they know how I disliked the hot, humid, endless Florida summers.  I moved almost 3,000 miles away with visions in my head during the drive of open windows, cool breezes, no air conditioning...

Or rather, sizzle.

It's okay, it's a "dry" heat. Which doesn't mean it isn't hot, but it's not sticky, so I'm good.
But just for a bit longer!  
The weekend is predicted to be quite toasty, we will go seek the coast for some cooler air, although I hear even they will be warm over there too.


Everyone have a wonderful weekend!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

This Is Almost Embarrassing and Most Ridiculous! No, It IS Embarrassing!

Look what I found!!!!

Four pairs besides the ones I'm wearing!
None of them are my computer glasses!

In other news...

Of course I smudged out the numbers!  Don't you think I have enough people here calling my plate into the authorities for obstructing traffic!  I don't need some internet people doing it too!

My license plate gives me away as what we lovingly used to call in Orlando, land of the tourist, a "Touron".

Now that is what I am considered here as I inch along some streets (even with the GPS bossy lady) looking for the exact place to turn.

Or am distracted by unaccustomed sights from the roadway.

I saw many exasperated hands raised in frustration behind me today as I found my way around the various areas of the valley today.  I apologize to all of you.

I remember how I felt when I was behind an out-of-towner sometimes and got impatient.

Experience is a good teacher and I will be more patient in traffic when and if I get a local plate and see a
"touron" trying to negotiate the massive area that is LA County.

Hey, I could have been worse.  I got up on the CA-118 (they love to talk about the highways here) and was given the most spectacular view of the whole valley from it's West end. If I could have, I would have pulled over and taken a picture, but I didn't want to be on the news tonight.  I will return there and get that picture.  Just gorgeous.

Meanwhile, I will show you a little bit of our new 'hood, from one of our walks over the weekend.

I was a bit disappointed when I saw that my pictures didn't reflect the unique characteristics of the houses in this neighborhood properly - but hey the first set I was on my own, with these two, AND a poop bag. Sorry to be graphic.

Lots of these trees.  Cedar?  I haven't looked them up yet.

Houses built in the 1950s for the most part, all very different and most have such cute, well kept lawns as well.

For some reason I love the name of this street.  No other instrument names that I have seen yet.

A couple of the streets give us views of the Northern hills of the San Fernando Valley, which is where I was this afternoon apparently - slowing down traffic.

I have to get a better picture of this house.  I was trying not to appear like some kind of weirdo with a camera.

The Shabby Chic people will like this house starting with the distressed and older fence.

I've GOT to meet whoever lives here because I can just tell they like to look at the same things I do.  Maybe they will stumble across my blog!  Haven't seen them out yet.

You know who they are!

This house is neat as a pin and has great brick accents and a brick walkway.

Very friendly man lives here.  He seems to work out of his garage and has a huge painting of The Virgin Mary propped up and facing the street when the garage doors are open.

Pomegranates! The birds and squirrels are eating them.

A lot end up on the ground. Very strange for me to see these out of a grocery store.

Prettiest house on our block.  I've met the gentleman who lives here, but not his wife yet.  They've lived here over 20 years and it is such a treat to look at.

Well, as my brother would say: "That's all the news that's fit to print".

No, actually, one more thing.

I've sent out a lot of postcards to friends and family with little notes and our new address. Some have come back!  Because the new address was on it as well!  Hmmmmph!
I will send them in envelopes....

And maybe, just maybe, I will have found those darn glasses!

Monday, September 10, 2012

Cats That Eat Together...

...learn to be together. Kind of.

Or is is just safety in numbers when there are three canines lounging (loudly) around the house for the weekend?

There was definitely some feline solidarity going on, and also some feline satisfaction that "they" ruled the comfy bed in the "master" bedroom.

Hmm. Who's master, or mistress of who, I ask?

Here's to a good week ahead for everyone!