Sunday, September 23, 2012

Our Weekend Kicked Off With This...

Being from Florida, I am used to going out into my front yard in Orlando on Shuttle launch days and being able to see the launch all the way over at the Space Center.  Never did I think I would see the shuttle flyover me - and so close.

I'm sure many blogs have covered the flyover the Space Shuttle Endeavor did atop a specially rigged 747 around South California on Friday, but I had to add our vantage point because, well, it was just so thrilling!

It was a last minute decision to head towards Griffith Park area in Los Angeles and we paid the price in traffic for hemming and hawing for so long.  We finally arrived to the neighborhood at the base of Griffith Park, Los Feliz and decided to pull into one of the side streets and wait as we had only about 10 minutes until the flyover was to occur in this area.

We weren't the only ones doing this.  The streets were lined with parked, empty cars.  People had parked and then walked up to the top.  We decided to stop about halfway because, one, we found a space, and two, we knew traffic going out would be ridiculous and three, time factor.

We waited in a small cul-de-sac for about half an hour with a small group of people who were doing the same thing.  Above us homeowners were on their balconies waiting for the great view they would have right from their homes.  They were nice enough to tell us, "here it comes - it's coming right over you!"

And it sure did!

My pictures are not the best, but Mr. T shot a video on his phone that captured the moment fairly well.

It's something I will never forget seeing, just as I've never forgotten the privilege of being able to watch so many launches from my front yard for over 20 years.

Next post:  we explored a little north of our area and found a really nice place!


Anonymous said...

What a great opportunity! Love the photos and the video. I get chills just watching the video! Wishing you a pleasant evening and a good week ahead. Mildred

Anonymous said...

My brother lives in Long Beach, CA and captured a snapshot of the Endeavor flying overhead too. What a great treat for all you folks out West to get to see it!

Mr. Connor said...

Always nice to be in the front row when history is being made ~ what a treat !

Debby@Just Breathe said...

How cool was that!!!!
I didn't even know about it since I never ever watch the news or read the paper. Your pictures are great and I like the video.

Chatty Crone said...

Hey my two good friends talking together.

You got to see history in the making - that is so wonderful and how interesting to see it right over your head.

I think it was awesome.

KarenSue Farash said...

How exciting!! I'm so glad you made the effort to go see it. California is welcoming you guys..
Though we miss you I feel you did the right thing. You can always come back!!

Kit said...

This gave me a thrill to no end! Thanks for sharing this. I have been a Space Shuttle Geek for ever! In fact for our 30th wedding anniversary we came to Orland to do Disney World and I surprised my hubby with a trip to the Cape and we got to see the Atlantis launch. I will never forget it! I cried like a baby. Kit

Linda @ Itsy Bits And Pieces said...

Very cool...felt like I was right there with you!

Corn in my Coffee-Pot said...

Wow. That is amazing just seeing the shuttle flying in tandem on a jet airliner! That would be so cool. My brother was able to see one of the last take off over a year ago while in Florida with his family on vacation. I can't remember which one it was now. But moments like that are priceless to me.
I get goose bumps thinking about things like that. They ring with Patriotism. So nice that the 'neighborhood folks were kind enough to assist y'all!

...enjoyed your video. don't worry about watching the video on my blog...since it's not MY video...he he he...if it were me featured with the chickens. You know I'd twist your arm to watch it. LOL...


Mullin Avenue Workshop said...

This was pretty cool, indeed Ann.
I find it so interesting that you were able to witness the launches when you lived in Florida, right from your doorstep.
You did witness a part of history, and thanks so much for sharing it with Mr. T's video. It did make a person feel that they were right there.
I did read about this in the Toronto Globe and Mail, which I generally read on Saturday, so I am excited to read about you seeing the actual fly over.