Thursday, September 6, 2012

Whoever Has My Salt and Pepper Shakers, Please Give Them Back....

I'm not kidding!  I can't find them! 
AND I can't find my computer glasses, so my head is tilted back trying to make everything appear clear.

Sure, there are still boxes to unpack, 

but none of them are marked "kitchen" or "office".

Relax, says Bumby, they will show up.

Easy for her to say now that she's all casual and comfortable around the new place.

And Mr. T would like his box cutter please.
He specifically put it in a very convenient spot so the moving boxes could be broken down quickly and put out for recycling.
 By the way, the garbage and recycling bins around here are crazy big! 

  Of course the box cutter is also nowhere to be found.  Apparently having a party with my glasses somewhere.

How long do you think I will keep one of my clocks on East Coast time?

I HAVE to so I don't call or text someone about something at some ridiculous time.

How long will I be a slave to the GPS? 

 I need it for EVERYTHING!
So far it hasn't made me drive into a lake - not sure they have lakes around here.  Maybe that's why. (Can you see the mountains, waaaaaay in the distance?  They actually seem closer in person, I will have to try and get a better picture - they are beautiful)

My vision of having my dining room table in the same room as old living room furniture turned out okay. 

However, there is no place for a light above the table.  Working on that.
And yes, that is another clock you see in the background.  So I know what time it is here.

BlackJack, The Existing Rabbit, ate the carrot!

 A friend suggested carrot tops next time - will do Jane!  Although I found these peach-pit type of things near his burrow.

Speaking of the burrow, just for  Chania over at RAZMATAZ,  because she's super nice and just learned she's going to be a grandma, I got closer to it and got a closer picture of it.

Then I tripped on some bunny-wire-plant-protector thing.  But, that's good because then I noticed these two trees with fruit.

Lemon tree, I'm told.

Not sure, orange maybe?

But, it's all going good.
Except for the salt and pepper and glasses thing.
And tripping on the wire.
But soon I will be able to make Lemonade out of my Lemons!

Now, excuse me, I'm headed out to the grocery store and the GPS lady is getting impatient.
She's SO bossy!


Razmataz said...

OMG a lemon tree....that is exciting. There's one next door to us in Florida and we steal lemons for our gin and tonics...(vacant house)

Thanks for getting a closer view of the rabbit careful not to fall down it, you know what happened to Alice!

Kathy said...

Love the dinning room Ann!!!! Can't help with the box cutter but I do have the glasses and salt & pepper shakers~ only catch, you have to come get them!!! Miss you!!!And you know you can text me ANYTIME!!!

Mango said...

Lemon tree. Amazing. Unpacking. Uck.

You've made a lot of progress. I love your gigantic recycling bins. Same size as ours.

The living room with the dining room table works well.

Hopefully you will get the lay of the land soon.

Mango Momma

Olive Cooper said...

Woot a lemon tree. I did not know of Chania's grandmother status. It is nice we are all connected. You will find the glasses and box cutter as soon as you give up looking.

Chatty Crone said...

It's just a case of the moving blues - before long all will be unpacked and found or rebought! I understand. Hugs.

Linda @ Itsy Bits And Pieces said...

Sounds like a trip to the store is in order...for some shakers and box cutter...too much work to look for them! I'll bet the bunny would love carrot tops, too!

Mullin Avenue Workshop said...

The mountains in the distance look beautiful.What a great view, to see every day. One of the best things for me, about living in Vancouver, B.C. was the view of the mountains - and I still miss them. :)
I think Shakespeare wrote something like, "Nothing that is lost, will not be found." (?) I think this is from "Sense and Sensibility", when the Captain was reading to Marianne, towards the end of the novel. :)
I think these lost items will turn up soon.
I love the picture of Bumby, and glad to hear she's settling in.

Corn in my Coffee-Pot said...

Too bad you don't have tracking on the Salt and Pepper shaker or your glasses.

...then you could find them!
TURN.LEFT.AHEAD. cool you have citrus trees in your back yard! No worries about scurvy,huh?

No salt and pepper shakers sounds like a good reason to go thrifting, =D Pat

rottrover said...

When I moved back here after college/grad school I kept thinking, "I don't know HOW people move here from somewhere else!!" It's very overwhelming and confusing. You'll get it, though!!

Mr. Connor said...

The items will show up in the last place you look. LOOK very quickly and very hard. The HOLIDAY season is approaching and folks are trying to get ideas for presents. NEED I SAY MORE. You could up up with a lot of salt & pepper shakers etc ! ! ! ! Looks like lots of fun is still happening. Was there ever a time when you did not have a GPS ?

My Cottage Charm said...

Hi! I'm so glad Linda sent you over to my blog! :) My window seat was a labor of love, and yes, I did keep the budget low. I believe the whole thing costs under $300.00...and it was only that much because I bought the IKEA bookcases so I wouldn't have to build those too. (I debated, but the wood was more than the cases themselves!)
So, I read where you moved...where did you live and where are you now? Looks like maybe California? I wouldn't know what to do to have a lemon tree!! That is so cool!
Better honey just came home. :)
PS..hope you find your glasses and your shakers! :)

Edilma Weissmueller said...

I like the living/dinning area the way you have it. the stuff will turn up just as sonn as you buy a replacement.
I love the mnts, can you see them from the house or do you have to take a drive.
Still it rains every zafternoon over here.

Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

Ann I think they may have run off with my box of towels, gardening gloves and paint brushes. :)

Susan Norris said...

So, Im finally leaving a comment! How many years have you had this blog? You will probably now end up with a collection of salt n pepper shakers! And you didn't have to move all the say to CA to get fresh lemons off the tree, I have one in my front yard!
Miss you!!!

Muddy Boot Dreams said...

I have no idea how long we searched for things, made for great blog posts...they were all having a great big party.

A lemon tree? Wow, how absolutely worth all the stress of moving.

And bunny ate the carrot, horray.

Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams

Anonymous said...

Great looking lemon tree.
We drastically downsized one year ago and we are still locating things we misplaced!!! Mildred

Debby@Just Breathe said...

Sorry about the S&P shakers and your glasses. I use lemon each day in my water. I just may have to visit you when your lemons are ripe!