Saturday, March 30, 2013

Happy Easter!

From The Boston Household... yours.

May the season of renewal and hope bring just that to all my friends and family.

Thursday, March 28, 2013

De-pinned and 32 Years


Evil pin gone and new bandage in place.
Just wanted to say a quick thanks for all the good thoughts - they worked!

Also, I am up against a deadline.

Today, just as he has been for the last 32 years, my husband was right there by my side to make me laugh and smile.
Happy Anniversary Mr. T - I love you!

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Pins and Needles

Short story short.

Went to have pins removed from broken finger.
One pin removed successfully.
Other pin couldn't be retrieved.

Going back to the hospital to have pin removed surgically.
Dramatic hospital visit is because of prior cardio issues which I've been told have improved.
Office surgery is covering their behinds anyway just in case.

Fingergate, The  Movie is in talks at the moment...
oh, wait, that's just the pain meds talking.

Stay tuned and I will be visiting blogland tomorrow
apres surgery.

Monday, March 25, 2013

I Will NOT Give Up My REAL Morning Paper!

I tried when we moved to give it up. 
 Mr. T said it would be a good time to try the tablet version of our new paper, 
I tried for over a week.
It was unsatisfying.
Breakfast was over so quickly because I couldn't navigate through the *#@* menu.

No lingering with a second cup of coffee.
No grit on my fingers.
Couldn't do it.

Mr.T didn't get it and persisted in reading the tablet version while I perused the lovely newsprint one that lands on our sidewalk every morning.

Now I catch him reading from the "real" newspaper too.

This little video pretty much sums up the two sides of the issue in our house:
(Even if you don't speak French, you get the idea!)

Click here to see what I mean.

I do enjoy my Kindle Books, however, wonder what the difference is?

(Thanks to Mr. Connor for the video link!)

Thursday, March 21, 2013

We Are Still Kickin'!

Life is challenging sometimes isn't it?  Lots of friends and family in blogland and Real Life are facing some uphill battles lately.

When will the downhill-lean-back-enjoy-the-ride part begin?

Our sweet Maven is facing that uphill-seems-like-it-will-never-end battle at the moment, but I see breezy, downhill, happy moments ahead for her and us.  Please if you have a moment to send a positive thought her way, it is so appreciated. 

The house has been invaded by cats while The Maven hangs out here in "the hills" with us.  And cousins and Stanley the Greyhound.  We were "full up" with critters and people over the Maven's birthday weekend.

Going to just let some pictures flow...



Sammy and The Writer

Bumby and Darcy "bonding"

Cousin Chad looking very much like his dad, my brother.


Stanley suits up for Simi Valley Dog Park

Black and Whites and Mr. T eagerly head for dog park gate

Random guy hassling Stan

Sadie in the midst of her usual joyous running

Panda moving at a surprisingly good clip

View from dog park. Calif pooches really get some great real estate.

Hazy view that reminds me of the Blue Ridge.

Celeb sighting!!!! Lassie!

Darcy's got it all figured out...

And for my friends and family facing those endless uphill climbs, may the wind soon be at your back as you take that lovely, effortless, downhill ride with blue skies above your head and the sun shining on your face and in your heart.

Finger-gate update:  Pins out next week. 
Burning of cast to follow. 
Two weeks in splint and then PT!
Blue skies.

Saturday, March 16, 2013

24! The Maven! Time Flies!

March 16!  The Maven's Birthday!
Her 24th Birthday!
Here she is in her LA-cool mode with her kitties, Darcy and Dexter:

My grandkitties....

This is how I remember her:

6 months

 First Bday

 Swimming at G-ma's

Schooling her dad in basketball

High School Homecoming

Her Favorite picture of us, for some reason. LOL
18th birthday in NYC

Walking her to the dorm at college

Showing Orlando Grandma LA and The Getty

What an incredible life she has had thus far.
 She has felt the full range of what it means to be an adult who has overcome obstacles thrown in her way.
And excelled in spite of them!
Her strength, determination and positive, sunny outlook inspire me everyday.

I love you, my Maven.
Happy Birthday from your slightly off-kilter mom.

We hope to spend a slightly less than raucous b-day here at Boston Manor.  The Writer, Sammy and Cousin Chad from Australia will drive up here to "the hills" to celebrate The Maven's bday as well as a belated nod to CC (Cousin Chad) who's birthday was the 9th.
If the noise keeps you awake, sorry...

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Prettiness and Good Advice

There is something about Daffodils that just make me smile.  To me they and Daisies are the happiest flowers  - must be their funny faces.

Our grocery is selling cut ones and I couldn't help myself, even though they didn't look so promising at first.

A jar with fresh water and some warm, sunny air have done the trick over several days time.

A bright burst of my favorite color to keep us smiling and remembering the beauty in life.

I had two great suggestions from favorite fellow-bloggers on my last post.

Thank you Chania at   RAZMATAZ  for suggesting the "knee-high" cover for my cast.  Much cooler and lighter than the Ace bandages and easily replaced with a fresh one.  And also thanks to Heather at Life is a Garden and These are My Colours for suggesting I use the eraser end of a pencil to ease the frustration of typing lately.  Please check these two talented and creative ladies out sometime, they have lost of goodness to share.

Last Thought:  

Seeing this was one of those "only in California" moments.

I may have to investigate further - how strange that they have a sign on the highway - a way to see if anyone will actually stop by?

I'm late posting in the week, but I hope we've all gotten over the hump nicely!

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Cute/Not Cute/Cute

This is Cute!!!

My childhood BFF, Jane, in Toronto (!), sent me this pad of Post-It notes to cheer me up.  They are absolutely the perfect thing for The Boston Lady, The Blogger.  In so many ways!  Thanks Jane!! They truly made my day.

Especially when the "Not Cute" happened.

This is my new, highly anticipated, cool, "cute", cast. Can I have a collective GASP, please?  Where is the yellow?  Where is the dirt-repellentness? Where is the less-bulky-it's-easier-to-do-everythingness?

Two weeks in this one and then pins are removed. (Got to see the pins yesterday and may I say they looked horror-film worthy? Mr. T took pics, but I realize not everyone is as fascinated by that kind of stuff as I am so I won't post those.  You may thank me) THEN, I, and I quote Ortho Doc, will "simply have your fourth and fifth fingers taped together for two more weeks and then you will start PT". Sounds like a plan.

In the meantime my typing has regressed to left-hand plus pointer-finger-only on right, casted hand.  Bulky, dirt-attracting new cast hits keys and makes it look like I am swearing via keyboard if I don't angle my hand and type with one finger. Hey!  I don't have a whole lot else of note to talk about here so I am really digging for the deets here to give you folks.

Anyway, I went to the Drugstore today to get some Ace bandages to wrap this monstrosity with in an effort to keep the grunge at bay.

I think it "Cuted It Up" a bit. What say you?
The lengths I go to for the amusement of my readers...

On the continuing strange pairings of movies to watch off of Netflix I finally watched:

Yep!  Never saw it. So interesting to see these two actors in their young years.  I was surprised by what at the time must have been "graphic" scenes.  Was this before the rating system?  I notice an "X" on the poster I have chosen to show. Rated "R" on Netflix. Great soundtrack, sad story, and I could see Angie Jolie's face in her dad's (Jon Voight).

Note:  I looked it up.  "Midnight Cowboy" was indeed rated "X" in 1969 and was the only X-rated movie to ever win an Academy Award.  The guidelines have obviously changed through the years.  Not sure when "R" was added.  Mr. Connor?  I know you will look that up and let us know.

Then for something completely different I watched:

This movie got horrible reviews, but a fellow movie-junkie told me he liked it, so I watched.  I liked. I got the hidden messages.  I think the critics missed those.  Or.... maybe I've just gone 'round the bend again.

As an homage to my visit to a Nuclear Medicine Facility next week I plan to watch "The China Syndrome" or "Silkwood".
You all know I will watch both!

Well, I see I've rambled again.
Hope your weekend is going great!

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Whaaaaat's Up?!

Not a whole lot.

Lots of resting still going on....

...which is driving me slightly batty as I look at yet again another dirt-attracting cast that was bestowed on me  after surgery last Friday.  

I go this Friday for a re-check and I hope Ortho Doc will replace this cast with a more comfortable and more dirt-repellent one.  Yes, I want a "cute" cast as my friend Lisa at Rottrover (she's got three Rottweilers!) hoped I would get at the beginning of Finger-gate.  I'm trying, Lisa, I'm trying...

Let's focus on the benefits of being shut down. 

Time to sit in the back yard and monitor the "gluttons" aka, the birds, feeding antics.

And wonder what the writing on the seed bag really meant when it said "no waste".  

Boston birds have lost interest in it, so now I am actually hoping some squirrels show up to clean up a bit.

Hard to capture the birds as they are so fast and I'm not exactly "quick draw McGraw" on the camera these days, but there is a great variety.

Here they are waiting in a nearby tree for Mr. T restock feeder one day.

Yesterday I surfed the net.  Do people still say that?  For an hour and that was the limit for typing on computer with cast.  Easier to answer emails on phone, so I think I will stick with that.  It was great to visit and comment on some of my favorite blogs, nonetheless.

And thanks to all who wished me well because your wishes are doing the trick.

I'm off the pain killers and took a 2 minute drive in the car to the grocery on my own today.  Have to shift with left hand, so I won't go further, but it was nice to go up and down the aisles and buy more pre-chopped onions. (hee, hee)

Mr. Onion, I, mean, Mr. Tennis will accompany me to my recheck tomorrow and if I'm good, I've been promised a movie out!!  I think he's the one who deserves a reward for doing double and triple duty around here.  I kicked him out last night to play tennis and I think that was his equivalent of me driving solo today.  Perspective.

Did you see that pretty blossom behind my ugly hand? 

 It's the Plum tree in our backyard here. 

 So pretty and the fallen blossoms leave a nice white spray on the grass, I think.

I have so far avoided for the most part watching that murder trial in Arizona, but I did catch a bit yesterday when the judge was reading 150 (!) questions from the jurors. They can do that in Arizona.  I think that's something to think about - good or bad?  

I am current on my taped shows.

  To put your mind at ease.


A great book about books, a mother/son relationship, and yes, death, but it wasn't depressing. Inspiring.


Page turner from the start as usual.

I've been on a documentary bender whilst captive and took a break from my usual "crime" documentary tastes to watch this:

Particularily interesting to Orlandoans as this for the most part happened in our backyard.  They are legendary in Orlando/Timeshare/Rich People circles.  Your mouth will be on the floor several times during the movie which covers a period of two years.  When the Segal's signed on for the documentary they had no idea the twists and turns their lives were going to take.  Quite the ride.  If you happen to watch it, picture this:  Mr. Segal bought out the theater it premiered in for three nights in Orlando to "showcase" this "tribute" to his wife.  I heard he was not pleased with the final product and I imagine some awkwardness played out in the theater full of Who's Who of O-town. 

Also went for some nostalgia and watched

It still made me laugh and cry.  I remember when I first saw it when it came out I went thinking it was strictly a comedy.  Then, WHAM, hit me like a ton of bricks.  Great movie. Actors were at the top of their game in this one.  I think I may go on a Jack Nicholson binge next - anyone ever seen "Five Easy Pieces"?  That was mentioned as one of his best.

Well, this is about the limit of my typing endurance, can you tell I've missed rambling on?

Thanks for stopping by and humoring me and thanks again for all your encouraging words.  I'm very, very  fortunate.  Next week I visit a Nuclear Medicine place (sounds Impwessive!) for some cardiac tests.  At least that's the way I heard it over the phone. Good to get all this checked out.

If I get that "cute" cast I will be sure to post about it.  I want a yellow one! 
 How childish.

And I found this picture of Sadie that was taken the last time we were at the beach BFG (Before Finger Gate) and I was struck by the joy she is projecting even in a blurry picture.  

That's a gift to feel that kind of joy and I consider my pets a gift too because they let me be joyous through them just as my children have throughout the years. Okay, step away from the computer, Ann.

I swear I'm off the painkillers... end of ramble.