Saturday, March 9, 2013

Cute/Not Cute/Cute

This is Cute!!!

My childhood BFF, Jane, in Toronto (!), sent me this pad of Post-It notes to cheer me up.  They are absolutely the perfect thing for The Boston Lady, The Blogger.  In so many ways!  Thanks Jane!! They truly made my day.

Especially when the "Not Cute" happened.

This is my new, highly anticipated, cool, "cute", cast. Can I have a collective GASP, please?  Where is the yellow?  Where is the dirt-repellentness? Where is the less-bulky-it's-easier-to-do-everythingness?

Two weeks in this one and then pins are removed. (Got to see the pins yesterday and may I say they looked horror-film worthy? Mr. T took pics, but I realize not everyone is as fascinated by that kind of stuff as I am so I won't post those.  You may thank me) THEN, I, and I quote Ortho Doc, will "simply have your fourth and fifth fingers taped together for two more weeks and then you will start PT". Sounds like a plan.

In the meantime my typing has regressed to left-hand plus pointer-finger-only on right, casted hand.  Bulky, dirt-attracting new cast hits keys and makes it look like I am swearing via keyboard if I don't angle my hand and type with one finger. Hey!  I don't have a whole lot else of note to talk about here so I am really digging for the deets here to give you folks.

Anyway, I went to the Drugstore today to get some Ace bandages to wrap this monstrosity with in an effort to keep the grunge at bay.

I think it "Cuted It Up" a bit. What say you?
The lengths I go to for the amusement of my readers...

On the continuing strange pairings of movies to watch off of Netflix I finally watched:

Yep!  Never saw it. So interesting to see these two actors in their young years.  I was surprised by what at the time must have been "graphic" scenes.  Was this before the rating system?  I notice an "X" on the poster I have chosen to show. Rated "R" on Netflix. Great soundtrack, sad story, and I could see Angie Jolie's face in her dad's (Jon Voight).

Note:  I looked it up.  "Midnight Cowboy" was indeed rated "X" in 1969 and was the only X-rated movie to ever win an Academy Award.  The guidelines have obviously changed through the years.  Not sure when "R" was added.  Mr. Connor?  I know you will look that up and let us know.

Then for something completely different I watched:

This movie got horrible reviews, but a fellow movie-junkie told me he liked it, so I watched.  I liked. I got the hidden messages.  I think the critics missed those.  Or.... maybe I've just gone 'round the bend again.

As an homage to my visit to a Nuclear Medicine Facility next week I plan to watch "The China Syndrome" or "Silkwood".
You all know I will watch both!

Well, I see I've rambled again.
Hope your weekend is going great!


Mr. Connor said...

Well the hand looks much better wrapped up wiht the Ace Bandages and the Boston photo. So it must feel better also , right ~ I got an "A" in logic !
The rating system for Movies started in 1922 . It was tweaked, over the years ,to the current verision in 1968. it was started because tooooooooo many folks were telling everyone else what to do. Have I heard that before.
I hope the back-up crew ~ for cooking ~ etc has been held over for a few more WEEKS !

Debby@Just Breathe said...

Yes the post it notes are really cute! Sorry about not having the cute cast but I like how you decorated it. I would have picked yellow, my favorite color. Hard to believe you never saw Midnight Cowboy. I'm going to go over and put that movie Butter in my queue, I don't remember that one at all!
Enjoy your weekend. Debby

Razmataz said...

Ok, I worked in ortho for years. Go buy a pack of knee highs and cut a hole for fingers 1 and 2. A slip cover so to speak. Much better than a heavy ace bandage. How cool will you be in blogland where people love to slip cover everything.

rottrover said...

Well, you certainly "cured up" your caste with those adorable post its! Ruby got the cutest wrapping yesterday at the vet - it had cartoon chickens on it! Maybe my vet will wrap your cast for you!

Heather said...

Ha... Razmataz beat me to the punch... I was gonna say, go buy a nice striped colourful sock or something, and just cut holes for your other fingers... you must feel better with a fresh wrapped hand, but it does look mighty cumbersome... and another trick for typing, try holding a pencil and use the eraser end for typing with... Cheers~

Chatty Crone said...

Hugs - and I do like the way you decorated yourself up!

Midnight Cowboy was X way back then for sure!!!!!!!


Olive said...

You are too cute. Get everyone to sign that cast and really grunge it up good. CC and I watched Vivian Leigh in the 1948 version of Anna Karrennia two weeks ago and it was good. hugs, olive

Kit said...

Well I am liking the black wrap. Plus post it note. I haven't seen Midnite Cowboy either. I really should. It is almost time for my annual viewing of Chocolat. I love that one. Heal up my friend. Kit

Robin Larkspur said...

Great hints about using cute socks to cover your cast.
I never saw Midnight Cowboy either.
I hope the pinkie isn't hurting too much.

Mullin Avenue Workshop said...

I do also like the sock idea, for a more comfrotable cover for your hand. Although the bandages look great!
I saw <idnight Cowboy when it came out, and I did find it sad, but definitely it is a classic.
I plan to look for the other movie Butter, sounds interesting.
Good for you for your resilience, and creativity in typing!

Alice Kien-Zella said...

Hello Ann, I like your chic black cast with the cute post it picture, it is so you. The black will definitely hide dirt better than white. I could almost see you with a decorated sock or a knee high stocking on your future blog like your friends suggested since you are so artsy. I hope you don't have too much pain while it heals. And I also like the idea of using the eraser end of the pencil for your ease of typing.
I love the flowers on your plum tree, they are so pretty and fragile looking, thanks for sharing.
I hope you feel better soon.

Linda @ Itsy Bits And Pieces said...

Your cast looks cute all dressed up...and I like the sock idea, could have a whole cast wardrobe! Enjoy your movies!

Corn in my Coffee-Pot said...

I've never seen either of those two movies. CAH-raAzy!
Mid-Night Cowboy being X rated...Now I must see it! bwahaha haha!

The cast in it's little black dress and boston accessories...CAH-Uuute!
Now...I like the cute sock idea. I think mabye I should crochet something snazzy up for you!
But then...there is this really cute, zebra print duck-tape at the store...:P

you're hilarious. Taking it in stride...