Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Over! Surgery Over!

Quick post via Mr T's ipad to let you know that The Maven's surgery is over and we are waiting to see her in recovery. I will post in more detail in a day or two, but wanted my good friends here to know the doctors removed the tumor, her facial nerves are un damaged and her hearing seems okay. It will be awhile before we will know how much her balance will be improved.  Docs are optimistic.

Thank you, thank you, thank you for all your support, kind words, prayers and positive thoughts!

Monday, May 27, 2013

Finally... Surgery Week.

After what seems like a very slow march towards May 29th, surgery day, we are finally almost there!  It's been several weeks of additional tests, jangling nerves and trying to keep busy within The Maven's limits with her Vertigo symptoms.

Tuesday will be an all day marathon of pre-op tests, lab work and medical exam.  And then Wednesday, The Maven will report to the hospital by 5:30am.  Not fun for a "not a morning person", but worth it to her to get this ball rolling.

Not sure of surgery time, they are not sure themselves.  Apparently there will be two Acoustic Neuroma surgeries done that morning and they haven't told us who will go first or when.  They expect the surgery to last 4-5 hours.  I will be posting on Facebook when the surgery is over, not sure when I will get a chance to post on the blog, but I will get a quick post up as soon as possible.  First 24 hours, The Maven will be in ICU and then 4-5 days in a regular hospital room depending on her recovery.

I can't tell you how much I appreciate all the encouragement, prayers and support I received through comments on this blog and emails.  The Maven has read them all and I know she draws comfort from the fact that she has so many people pulling for her and keeping her in their thoughts and prayers.

This WILL be a successful surgery. 
The Maven WILL lose that sense of dizziness, fatique, headaches and nausea.
 She WILL get back to her life of work, independent living, and normal  everyday activities that we all at times take for granted. 

 She WILL.

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Dogs Gain Stronghold in Battle of the Bed!

An unexpected weekend visit from Stan the Greyhound as given the BTs a distinct advantage in wresting the King Bed domination away from the felines:

You may ask, where does this leave Mr. T and me?
Well, there is that very large green couch in the family room....

Enjoy your long weekend and may we all take a moment to remember those who gave their lives so that we may enjoy the freedoms of this country.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Scrubbies and Lemons Compliments of Pat

I've talked about my blogging friend, Pat, before.  She's a Texas gal and a really nice one at that.  Her blog is  Corn in My Coffeepot
and it's full of good humor, good information and good homemades.

Homemade just about anything if you take a look at her blog archives.  I remember one of the first posts I read from her blog was about recycling Dryer Lint.  Another was about making her own laundry detergent.  And there are the posts about her chickens....

Well, Pat is an expert crocheter. One of the last posts I saw of hers she was crocheting a rug!  One of her projects in the last several months that caught my eye were her crocheted scrubbies for the shower or bath.

I hate the way the synthetic scrubbies always unravel and are so itchy against your skin. (yes, I realize that is the purpose of them, to ex-foliate).  I feel like I'm always buying new ones.  So I ordered a passel of them from Pat.

They arrived nicely bundled up with a sweet thank you note and Pat's business card for her online business, 9th and Denver.

And of course, the scrubbies.  I doled them out to various household members to try them out.

The blue one with the white edge is a newer version of Pat's scrubbies.  A bit different material.  She wanted me to try it out in comparison to the others.

My findings:  while these scrubbies don't work up the lather as much as the synthetic ones do they still get the body soap spread and they are much softer on sensitive skin.  I noticed as we used them more and more they stretched and therefore were better at lathering after a few uses.  At first I had trouble getting mine to dry and then I noticed Mr. Tennis' always dried. DUH!  Don't hang it in the shower spray!  After moving mine to another area, that problem was solved.  I noticed the newer Scrubbie 2.0 didn't stretch out and therefore I didn't get the lather action I would get from the 1.0 model.

They can be tossed in the washer with the towels!  

Love this feature!  I hung one up to air dry and put one in the dryer.  I prefer the air drying because it stayed more stretched out and was therefore the shape that I like when using it.

Mr. T went back to his synthetic scrubbie because it just worked better for him.  The Maven and I have stuck with ours though, because we like the feel better.

Stop by sometime and see Pat's Etsy shop found right on her blog on the sidebar.  And take a look at her blog posts - it's always fascinating reading....

Remember my lemons in the jar "marinating" in vinegar?  I got that idea from Pat.

They have finally reached the point that I can use the liquid as a natural cleaner and it works great, especially as a degreaser.

Thanks Pat for all your good ideas and for coming up with a reusable, comfortable scrubbie!

Saturday, May 18, 2013

The Rise of the Felines

The cats have taken over!

It's enough to make any self-respecting Boston head under the covers and not come out until well, until THEY leave! 

Panda here, reporting from the front lines of this feline coup.  I mean someone needs to tell you all what's really going on here at Boston Manor!

Actually, since the young black and white one kind of looks like Sadie and I, I've sort have taken him under my wing and bestowed upon him some of my best advice.

Such as, "THIS is the most dignified way us black and whites should sit"!

And... "stick with me kid and you'll get all kinds of treats from the two-legged ones".

Even our trusty side-kick-honorary-Boston-Bumby has joined the ranks of the "two Ds" (Darcy and Dexter, aka Smoky and the Bandit)

I mean look at her!  A shot of tuna juice to the bowl and she is consorting with them in the mess hall!

So, I got her alone and had stern talk with her while she rested in her barracks.

"Listen kid", I told her, "these two will be leaving the compound at some point after their two-legged one feels better.  I like how you are schmoozing with them and getting on their good side, but we need to make this work to our advantage.  Bring me back some good dirt!"

I observed Bumby working her undercover magic and managing to extract some primo intel from the pseudo Boston, Dexter.

She even took her spy-game to the outside and observed the sneaky black and white feline in his undercover mode.

I mean, this kid really thinks he blends in!  Not!!

Then Dexter, aka, "The Bandit" was seen passing on classified information to his accomplice, Big Darcy, also known as "Smoky"

Oh yeah, sure, you two are just "relaxing".

What do you have to say about these two compromising pictures of Boston Manor secrets being passed on to "Smoky" during a supposed grooming session?  Hmmmmmm?

Caught! Red-pawed!

Don't give me that blurry-eyed kitten dance Dexter!  I know you and Big D are planning something sinister, like taking over "our" king-sized bed.

Agent Bumby!  Agent Bumby!  Unfluff your tail and get a hold of yourself!  You are supposed to be working for Sadie and me, not playing "chase The Bandit" all over the house.

I mean, look at your face. You LOOK guilty!  
You've turned, haven't you?
Oh Bumby, nooooooo!

You've allowed them onto THE bed!  Look at you! Right there with them!  You don't even have the decency to look contrite..

Look at that smug look on "Smoky's" puss.  And "The Bandit"! He's a cool cucumber taking over our bed without even blinking an eye.





So, where does that leave me?  Former ruler of Boston Manor along with my minion, Sadie?  I'll sit in the cat bed and figure it out...

Panda, former leader of the Black & White King Bed compound, out!

Friday, May 10, 2013

Short Post Simply to Say: Surgery Date Set!

Seems strange to be celebrating such an event, but we feel like we have been bounced around so much and getting a date seems like a huge accomplishment.

MAY 29!

More tests and prep between now and then. 
 Good to have a target date. 

The Maven feels good about it all, as do we.

Let's all have a good weekend and Happy Mother's to all my favorite mother's out there!
Especially Orlando Grandma!

Still working on kitty post.  Meanwhile just be content with the knowledge that Mr. Dexter has taken over everything!

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Roses For Sammy on Her Birthday

Our beautiful daughter-in-law, Sammy has been on a short jaunt with her husband, The Writer, to North Carolina.  One of my favorite states!  While they have been gone their "child", Stanley The Greyhound, has once again been sleeping on our bed and couches staying with us.

I think he enjoys being part of a pack while he is with us as he seems to be enthusiastic about everything while he is here.

We took "the pack" to a nearby park this past week for a walk.  The Maven and I discovered this little gem that we call "The Rose Garden" through YELP, of all things, when we were looking for somewhere different to walk the Bostons.

Watch out kid! They may be small, but...

It is a pretty oasis in the middle of Mission Hills in The San Fernando Valley - just 10 minutes from our house!  Orlando Grandma may recognize the area somewhat since it is directly across the street from the Mission we visited during her stay with us.

Good dogs making a new friend afterall

A lovely tree-lined walk leads to "The Rose Garden" and is quite refreshing on sunny, warm days.

I love this arbor!

And of course, the roses...

Which way should I go?

Lots of pretty archways, fountains and benches.

No swimming, Stan!

Today is our lovely Sammy's birthday, so Stanley and I dedicate this post to her.  The Maven and I are driving "over the hill" into the city to take Stan home to see his mom (and dad) and then go somewhere for lunch to celebrate her birthday.

Happy birthday Sammy, from your WHOLE family!