Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Did I mention......?

.....that we are pickup truck people now?

Mr. T was whalloped from behind on one of the highways here in November which resulted in his car being declared 'totalled'. Fortunately he was okay, but his beloved car/moving office was not. It seemed to be the final cap on our year of challenges.

Every week we had a new rental car for about five weeks while we waited for the insurance company to come to their senses.  Did we get the true value of his well-kept Ford Edge?

So we took what they gave us and got ourselves a used pickup.

It's how we roll now.

With our "Gator" sticker.

Our Gator colors.

And even a Gator sweatshirt worn to the beach this past weekend.

It was cloudy!!  A rare occurence in sunny SoCal.

Beautiful little cove in the Laguna Beach area that allows canines (even black and white ones) during certain months of the year.

We explored.

Admired the tide pools and vowed to come back at low tide some time.

Looked at the rich folks' houses.

Admired their plants on the rocks ...

...and their cute hidden stairways.

I even took a video of some wave action and the nice houses on the cliffs.
 Take a look at it if you have about a minute.

We are pickup truck people now.
And we like it.

Braggy bit here:

We attended the "premiere" of Sammy's first on-screen casting credit with her married name.  
And Yes.
We cheered during the credits. 
Like the fools we are.