Monday, December 29, 2014

Just to Let You Know

Oh, it has been a long time since I posted. I try to keep up with my bloggy friends and read your lovely posts.  My blog has always been my refuge, but the past several hectic months blogging seemed last on my list.

We've had ups and downs, just as all of you have. The Maven is thriving at work after a rough fall and has just moved into her own apartment about 15 minutes from our place. She is in a good place in life.

I find myself turning to my blog at this time because I have received such support, caring, encouragement and love from so many of you. Most I've never even met in person, yet I feel like we are old friends.

You've followed The Boston Family through some of our most joyous, adventurous and saddest times. This is one of the saddest times I've experienced in a very long time.

Our sweet Boston, Sadie was taken from us Christmas night. It was dark, we were in LA just wrapping up a wonderful stay with Sammy and The Writer and packing the cars to head back home. The Maven and I were loading her car across the street and Mr T was getting Panda and Sadie into his truck. Sadie saw me and bolted. I heard Mr. Tennis yell and looked up to see that sweet face running towards me and could hear a car coming fast down the road. I yelled for her to stop but she was deaf with excitement . I couldn't look, but I heard the impact. Just a dull thump. No brake lights ever came on, no slowing or stopping to see what (or who) they had hit. Just a small black and white shape lying in the road looking perfectly fine. Not a scratch or nick. Breathing .

Mr T moved her to the lawn. I knelt over her with hope in my heart, but saw there was no life in those  usually expressive eyes. We held her as she took several last breaths and was gone.

Still reeling with shock we walked with her to the backyard where The Writer and Mr T prepared a spot to lay her to rest. It was heartbreaking. I don't think I knew what that really meant until Christmas night.

To return home without the life of the house with us was awful.. So quiet. So empty. A small dog can have a huge presence and that's what our Sadie had, a huge presence. She was my shadow throughout the day, she was Mr T's valet in the evening, she was Bumby's cuddle buddy and she was Panda's ears these last couple of years, not to mention her sister for ten.

I couldn't not tell you all, my friends. I posted on Facebook, but that's a different place. It's not my refuge, my happy place, the place where I can say anything I want. That's here and I realize that now as I face the days ahead without my Sadie. The best dog I've ever known.

Sadie Carolina
December 2004 - December 2014
Simply the Best.