Monday, September 24, 2012

Apparently I Am A Vain, Shallow Scaredy Cat!

I finally did something I've been afraid to do since the move.
Something so frightening and intimidating that I've put it off.
For weeks.

I got my haircut.

By a new person.

Not my "old hair person" who I knew for over 15 years.
Trish, if you are reading this, I did it, but there wasn't the usual chit-chat, laughing, sometimes crying.
Who cries with their hairdresser?
I did.

To have such problems - I feel very shallow that I considered this an obstacle.
That I stalked a couple of shops and looked them up on Yelp!, as if this was a life and death matter.

Even after watching two very good, beautiful friends lose their hair to chemo with grace, humor and dignity, 
I still made this a big deal in my mind.
(Miss you ladies!)

Got up today and just went!
No appointment.
Nice lady welcomed me and started cutting and buzzing after a few questions.

Me, no glasses at her total mercy, picturing this:

I should be so lucky to look like Anne (with an "e") Hathaway!
She looks great no matter what!

I texted a couple of friends for support. 
They understood my shallow vanity.

Cutting, buzzing, blowing, fluffing ended.
Glasses put back on.
20 minutes! That's all it took!
That's because we weren't talking like Trish and I did.

New lady, gave me some tips to make my hair not lie flat in no-humidity.
It didn't look bad!
It feels great!
Pretty short, but not Les Mis short!
Kind of Nurse Jackie short, but again, I'm no Edie Falco!

But I'm me!
I even took a picture for the curious:

Next time:  cut and color!
I think I will go back since we "know" each other now.
But, Trish, I miss you!


Corn in my Coffee-Pot said...

I love it!
That is find a new beautician(is that still what they are called nowdays?)

Remember back in December when I cut my long tresses and then January when I went back and got it styled?
It isn't vanity at's a personal thing. When my hair was long people always wanted to touch it and tell me 'wow, your hair is so long.'...But I was like, 'please don't touch my hair'
Not vanity. Personal. That's all.

...I got a lot of weird looks. But seriously, who goes up and touches someone else"s hair? :) Pat

Razmataz said...

From what I can see it looks like a fabulous fresh and easy to care for.

Sue said...

From what I can tell by the hair that is actually "showing" your new hair looks fabulous. I can't imagine moving across country. That in itself is a big step. And also, I don't know what the hell has been up with our sunny SoCal HEAT WAVE, but it is never this hot for this long!! Jeez. . .anyway, I'm hoping you are enjoying your new home.

Take care,

Olive Cooper said...

I get it Ann. Relationships are built over hair cuts. Getting the right hair cut is tough sometimes too. I will travel back here, 70 miles, to the old house for hair cuts when we finally move to the yellow house, for good, as my friend and beautician is here. I only have about 33 hairs now and she knows how to cut em. xo, olive

Mango said...

Oh the trauma! It can be a bit daunting, but it came out great. Of course now the trick is to replicate what your new hairdresser did. I once asked Alberto "why does my hair always look so much better when you blow it dry?"

His response was "Because it SHOULD!"

'nuff said.

Mango Momma

Leslie said...

I think that it looks like a great cut!!! I had to get my hair buzzed once.. about an inch all over. It was horrible, I cried too. I lived in a hat for about 6 months until it finally started to take shape. Glad that you found a new hair dresser.

Debby@Just Breathe said...

Had to LOL at the Anne photo with the short haircut!!! Your hair looks really cute. So will you go back to the same lady....did you like her? Fun post!

Anonymous said...

I hate going to a new hairdresser! Looks like you got a super cute cut!

Kit said...

This was precious! You look great! I remember having to find a new super market in a new town. Not easy and when I couldn't find something, I burst into tears. I wanted my old store. You are brave. :) Kit

rottrover said...

Looks great. I have a guy....

Mullin Avenue Workshop said...

The hairdresser sound good, and maybe in time you will form a friendship.
Your hair looks great!
I don't think caring about your hair, and appearance is vanity one bit. Like Pat, says, it is personal.
I DO have a philosophy, that if I'm unhappy with a cut, that it will grow out again. :)

Mullin Avenue Workshop said...

P.S. Ann, the pictures from Les Mis, look interesting. I'm so looking forward to seeing this movie. Did you need to read the story in high school, we did, I think in Gr. 10.

This weekend I saw The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel, with a friend. It is great - quite a sweet, hopeful story.

P.S.S. Herbert and Arthur are concerned that you have associated cats with being vain, and scared, by the title of this post. They insisted that I pass on their concern to you. :)

Linda @ Itsy Bits And Pieces said...

I think it looks great, Ann! I understand totally...I have been seeing the same hairdresser for 25 years!

Mr. Connor said...

Looks GREAT ! What does the rest of the family think ? ? ?

Edilma Weissmueller said...

I love the cut,I know how it feels to put you hair in soneone new hands,she did a real good job. I suppose the weather up there does affect hair. Enjoy your new look.

Muddy Boot Dreams said...

She did a great job, you look lovely. And what hint did she give you?

Oh I totally understand, I left my hairdresser kicking and screaming after 17 years. Mind you during that time she did take off to Europe without telling anyone for months, and she moved her shop to her home,but still a hair friendship is a hair friendship, we forgive a lot.

Your hair looks wonderful, and you lucked out, first time great cut.

The first hairdresser up here I found cut my medium long layers in just under 7 minutes....7 stinking minutes, and that's with consultation. Needless to say I didn't go back.

Now I found one that takes 20 minutes, and that's still way to fast for me, but it does look like she goes all over the head, and not just snip here and there. She does a great job.

Whats with the fast cuts? My old hairdresser used to take a hour, and she was excellent.

I don't think it's vain, it's just a good cut can make or break your self esteem for such a long time, that it's worth finding someone whom you like.

Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams

Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams

the cape on the corner said...

oh my gosh, edie falco, yes, that's totally it. here's to the new you!

Susan Norris said...

Well I can't really get a look but I think I like it! It looks good shorter! It was time for a small change to go along with all of the big changes that you've been going through! Miss you!

Chatty Crone said...

Your hair from what I can see looks GREAT! I went short too.