Tuesday, September 4, 2012

The "Existing Rabbit"

When it came time for us to read over and sign the rental contract for the house we are currently living in, Mr. Tennis, the realtor and I were a little taken aback and greatly amused by one added clause.

Re:  "The Existing Rabbit".  It was the first time it was brought up and I admit our pens paused for a few minutes as we tried to make sense of exactly what this meant.

Meet BlackJack, "The Existing Rabbit".

He apparently has lived in the garden and backyard of this house for a little over 11 years.  The owners didn't want to take him out of his environment at such an advanced age and since he is self-sufficient and "lives off the land", they asked that we keep an eye out for him.

He comes out mainly in the mornings and evenings and doesn't mind the Bostons who are very curious about him and can't understand where he disappears to. 

 BlackJack has a tremendous burrow in the back corner and we imagine him having a terrific tunnel system that stems from that.  Panda is confounded about that hole - where does that "existing rabbit" go?  She can't see him.

The house owners have planted a rabbit friendly garden with plants for him to nibble and what I think is an apple tree whose fruit falls to the ground and gets munched on by someone with teeth - either BlackJack or the squirrels, I think.

The sprinkler system fills his water dishes and I do a check in between just in case they run dry.

Today on my excursion to the foreign (to me) grocery store I picked up a carrot for old BlackJack.  I wonder if he will eat it?

Meanwhile tonight Sammy and The Maven are coming for dinner.  Sammy has just gotten back in town and is anxious to see the house, so they will drive up here after work  and eat a dinner I've cobbled together from ingredients I got today from that "foreign" grocery store.

Their reusable bags are great!

Hope everyone's having a good week so far!


Olive Cooper said...

That is fascinating and terribly sweet Ann. Thankfully you two are dedicated animal people. What if some allergic person moved in? That would not have worked at all. I have been away from the blog for a few days and I hope you arrived safely and all intact. xoxo, olive

Val said...

The bunny is so cute! I think that's awesome, that there is an Existing Rabbit. I know you guys would be fine with keeping an eye on him, because you're you. :)

Razmataz said...

That's just too cute....good thing you little charming dogs and not a rabbit eating monster dog....Try and get some shots of the burrow will you?

Janie Fox said...

How cool is that? We would have to harness Brenda. She is the reason we cannot even have barn cats. Hateful to them. I love the shopping bags. Soon you won't be a foreigner and will be cavorting all over the place.

Alice Kien-Zella said...

How cute is that, the previous owner must have sensed you two are animal lovers and not some french chef that would make a dish out of blackjack, even though it is an older rabbit. I am sure you will keep an eye out and take care of it with carrot treats and fresh water. Blackjack is very lucky the new house owners don't own a BB gun... you don't, do you?

Mullin Avenue Workshop said...

Well, I think this is fitting that you have an "existing rabbit" at your new home. Somehow, it's not surprising that you took Blackjack's presence in the yard,in stride. I am glad that Blackjack will be watched over by you and Mr. T, :)

Corn in my Coffee-Pot said...

Well, now,... isn't this an interesting development?

I would say--this is an added bonus! Quite a funny tale!
I find it quite funny that he/the bunny is a clause in the rental agreement. I wonder if this is common?
maybe something to consider when leasing your home back in Florida-- backing up to a wild life/wetlands preserve and all!


Linda @ Itsy Bits And Pieces said...

OH I would have wanted the house even more! How sweet...looking forward to hearing more about the existing rabbit...

Robin Larkspur said...

The existing rabbit is such a charming and sweet thing. That the homeowners care enough to have it placed in legalese is just great. i love how you have embraced BlackJack.

We lived in California for ten years (Navy assignment), and I shopped at Vons frequently. I liked it better than Ralph's.

I am glad the Bostons are okay with the existing rabbit, too!

Edilma Weissmueller said...

I know is was good to have dinner with the girls. I suppose "the writer is in N.C.with the democrats. Whate a cute rabit and I know all of you will look after him. Take care as you adjust to the new environment.

Mr. Connor said...

More fun ~ A RABBIT ! Should be pictures with an ALL animal pose ! How is the cooking with gas going ? Takes a little getting used to ~ MUCH faster . Will be a FUN dinner ! !

rottrover said...

How many houses come with a pet??? What a crack up!

shohshi said...

Love it! How wonderful that the homeowners ensured BlackJack's well-being, and how lucky for all of them that you moved in. hugs ~ jennifer

Muddy Boot Dreams said...

Doing a shop at a new grocery store is always a bit exciting, and frustrating. Where are all the old fav's, and where on earth is the tapicoa kept, lol.

I love the bunny, how kind those people were to look after him all this time,and to make sure that the new people do also.

He's too cute.

Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams

Claudia said...

What kind hearted owners! I find that so lovely - that they are looking out for that bunny rabbit. They couldn't have found better renters than you two!

Those Von's bags bring back memories!


Mango said...

That's totally cool. A house that comes with a rabbit. I am sure that nommy carrot will be gone quickly.

Mango Momma

Chatty Crone said...

They leaf their rabbit to the right person - thank God it was you!

Chatty Crone said...

They leaf their rabbit to the right person - thank God it was you!

Debby@Just Breathe said...

Well this is very interesting for sure! We have bunnies for the first time in six years in our home. I think my Skye would kill them if she could. I think it is awesome how he survives out there all these years. Hope he likes the carrot!