Friday, October 7, 2011

She's Ok!

We think.

Thanks to everyone who left comments regarding Miss Bumby. 

Vet called and said that they put a scope down her throat and there was no obstruction!  Just very swollen and red.  Hmmmmm.   A mystery to solve.  Bumby is on some meds to help with this and will go in for a recheck on Monday.

I have a feeling Bumby ate something she shouldn't have.... and I have a few samples of things I suspect to show doc on Monday.

Thanks again.  Going to pick her up now.


The Country Mouse said...

Great news! Now you can relax and have a good weekend!

Mango said...

Uh oh. Kitteh detective mom with the forbidden objects. Just be happy that all you got was a sore throat.


Sharon said...

So glad she's okay!

Janie Fox said...

yippee. Glad she is ok!

Mr. Connor said...

Yeah ! Good news is always very welcome. More YEAH !

Mullin Avenue Workshop said...

Good to hear, Ann.
She is such a pretty cat. It's distressing to see our pets in pain. And so nice that all is well.

Mr. Connor said...

It's 2:45pm. How is she?

Kit said...

Oh yay! We do not like it when our furs are sick. Give her a hug from me and my kitty. Kit

Val said...

Glad she's okay!

Chatty Crone said...

Great news - I bet she will have a few presents for you at the other end.


Annesphamily said...

I love my kitties and I would be so sad if they got sick! But I had a puppy years ago who was notorious for getting into really awful garbage! He would seek it out! He was not so lucky He got a poke in the butt instead! Ha Ha
Your precious little lady is going to be as good as new! Poor little thing! My doc, the ENT man does scopes and people hate them!
Get well MIss Bumby!