Monday, April 18, 2011

Madame Butterfly and Helen Keller - and Susie

Last week we had two special guests stay with us at Boston Manor.  And even though our post title may reflect some levity and perhaps a bit of gallows-humor, these were two well-loved canines who stayed with us. 

First, our male canine vistor,  "Helen Keller". He is a 19 year-old chihuahua who we have known for all his nineteen years.  His lovely human, who lives across the street from us, has always given him the best life possible and now that he can no longer see or hear she considers the efforts she puts forth with him repayment for the years of unconditional love and companionship he gave her.

Whether you agree with her or not, this I know - she will do anything for Mr. Nicki, who used to be quite the tyrant over here in his younger days.  He and the matriarch of our household, Susie, (note on her at the end of this post) had quite the passionate relationship over the years.  It's hard to imagine now, but they always faced off at the beginning of every visit with, please excuse the stereotype, a "Mexican standoff". 

It wasn't a visit from Mr. Nick until he and Susie "had it out".

New to the scene is Miss Sassy.  You can see why we call her "Madame Butterfly".  She has beautiful ears and a beautiful coat - but most importantly a wonderful disposition that includes ultimate respect for Nicki and concessions to his limitations.

Sassy is so sweet and even as a puppy sensed that her housemate, Nicki, needed extra respect and space. More importantly, that her new mistress needed some company to help her through Nicki's later years.

My memories of Nicki, besides those famous altercations with Susie, are filled with my children as youngsters.  The Writer would insist that Nicki sleep with him while we kept him and as she got older, The Maven would help me whenever we would need to go over and let Mr. Nick out if his devoted owner was late or away.
What amazes me most since Mr. Nicki has lost his sight and hearing is the adjustment the Bostons have made when Nicki is over.  Their usual exuberance is directed elsewhere and they give Nicki a lot of space and respect in the backyard.

Sadie and Nicki

Miss Panda and her former playmate, Mr. Nick

Even animals learn to show respect and kindness to their elders.

Special request for Nicki's Supreme Nemisis, Susie:  she's been sick. Vet's not sure what it is, but we are working on it together. It just upsetting to see that our usually robust, "give 'em he**" gal, is quiet and doesn't have much of an appetite. Her beautiful black coat is a little duller, but we hope she is going to take on that 8th life of hers and rally. 

Susie showing those UCF colors even when she's under the weather!

C'mon Susie, Nicki wants that rematch really badly!

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Linda said...

OH I hope Susie will be feeling better's so hard to see our pets sick! This was really a sweet post, Ann! I loved hearing about these sweet dogs and their stories...thank you for sharing them!

Linda said...

And I just saw from KarenSue's comment on your last post that you had a birthday! Happy Birthday!!

Janie Fox said...

Get well kitty. I need a dislike button for Susie being sick.

KarenSue said...

Hope your Birthday was a celebration!
I'm sorry Susie is not doing well, hope she bounces back real soon.
Animals know!

Chatty Crone said...

Awe - so sorry that pets have to get old too - you know what I mean? I'm glad they are giving him the respect he needs after all these years. How sweet. And best wishes to Susie - getting well quickly!

PS Love you Easter photos on top.

Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

19 years! For a chihuahua. That's amazing. What a life :-)

Hope kitty is better soon.

Cooper and Lola said...

Wow 19 years...i'm sure the stories are amazing

Angela said...

I love chihuahuas! I had one that lived to be 14. She died from a brain tumor. She also lost her hearing and went blind near the end. It was so sad to see but I loved her so much I couldn't put her down. I totally understand what your neighbor is going through.

Hope your kitty cat gets better soon! I'm surprised she is putting up with the bandaged leg! lol

Tuesdays' Show & Tail!

Nanniepannie said...

Nice post...animals just know things. How nice that you have just a long history with your neighbors. It seems that is getting rarer and rarer these days.