Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Ring That Bell Alice!

I've been part of an incredible journey for the last 7-8 months with my friend, Alice. On Tuesday of this week she completed a very trying twelve week stretch of this journey called, Breast Cancer Survival.

We've sat there on Tuesdays past and heard others ring the bell signalling the end of their chemo-therapy treatment.  I know for Alice, the day she would ring that bell seemed a long way off some weeks.
I have observed the ultimate in grace under pressure, pro-activeness and smiling/laughing through adversity in my friend. She has kept a journal of this fight for her life and has educated herself to the hilt.  And, she laughs. She has found humor in the horrible. 

Alice, I'm so honored that I was there this week when you finally got to ring that bell!  I know the road ahead of you is still a long one, but you have shown that you are up to the challenges that the rest of your journey has  in store for you.  You are an inspiration to so many.

Especially to me.  
Thanks for letting me share your story with my blogging friends.
Good times are ahead, Partner!


Sue said...

A very heartfelt beautiful post!

Take care,

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

What an inspiration to us all! I'm keeping her in my prayers and hoping for the good times ahead!

Razmataz said...

Go strong...the force (supporters and friends) is with you.

Angela said...

Thanks for sharing Alice's story with us! I'm so glad that she got to ring this bell this week! This breast cancer journey is not fun no matter what stage you find it in. I was so fortunate that mine was found early and had not spread to my lymph nodes therefore I didn't have to do chemo or radiation. I started taking Tamoxifen almost 2 weeks ago. With each different treatment plan you have to learn how to deal with so many different things. Last night I found myself crying and mad at having to take the Tamoxifen because I'm noticing that I have chin hairs that are growing so fast now which after looking that up it is a side effect of that pill. I know that sounds crazy but everything has happened so fast.

I hope that Alice's next step in the process is easier!

Mullin Avenue Workshop said...

Thank you for sharing Alice's story.
I'm just wishing the very best to her, as she continues her road to recovering from breast cancer.
Congratulations to Alice, on ringing that bell!

Linda @ Itsy Bits And Pieces said...

This is a wonderful post...I'm so glad she is doing well!

Mr. Connor said...

Great ! What a story ~ what a journey in life. Keep the bell ringing !

Mr. Tennis said...

Congratulations Alice! I do believe good things can come out of bad and it sounds like you have embraced that philosophy. You are an inspiration to us all. Thank you for that.

centerofgravity said...

Congratulations to Alice. I know this has been a long journey that is not yet over. I'm sure that Alice's journey has been made somewhat easier with your continued support, Ann. Ann, you have truly been a great friend to Alice and to me and many others. You are both wonderful examples for us all.

Orlando Grandma said...

Ann and the family were great support for me eleven years ago when I had my operation.We are lucky to have her. Keep up the good work.