Saturday, May 5, 2012

Mid-Century Modern Meets A 20-Something's Unique, Clever, Thrifty Up-to-Date Decorating Style

Whew!  That was a mouthful.  Trying to convey's this young lady's apartment decorating style in a post title was tricky, but I think I did it.

You had a sneak peak a few days ago of this talented 20-something's compact, but cleverly decorated downtown apartment.  Several people thought perhaps I was showing you The Maven's apartment, but this young lady is the daughter of my friend, CG, who comments on here as "Center of Gravity". Her daughter,  to be known as Em in this post (20-something will become cumbersome), is a theater graduate, with a focus on costume and set design.  I've had the pleasure of knowing Em since she was in elementary school and have been lucky enough to follow her progress and success - AND have seen several plays here in Orlando in which her costumes and set designs were beautifully showcased.

Here is the view when you first enter Em's apartment. Spray painted sticks on the ceiling hold Christmas ornaments during that time of year.  Now they add to the bright and airy feel of the living room area.

Mid-Century Modern sofa that her Momma found at an estate sale, in perfect condition.

Maps hang by clips on the wall above the sofa.

Each one is of an area Em has lived and worked in. 
Massachusetts! Maine! Vermont! (I think Vermont!)

One of the Don Draper (that's what I call them after Mad Men's bad boy character) chairs that I gifted to Em.  They sat in my dad's study starting in the 1960s and made their way to our home eventually.  Neither The Writer or The Maven wanted them, so knowing Em was into the Mid-Century look she got two plus the coffee table that went along with the set.

An old step stool holds one of her many plants.

The other Don Draper...

With a Coca-Cola bolster (Em's drink of choice - and her mom's) acquired at
The World of Coca-Cola in Atlanta, Ga.

As a side table beside the couch, Em uses some sort of work cart topped with a era-appropriate tray.

At the other end of the couch a wire basket hold files and binders.  
And do you see what's under the planter?

Rolled up magazines give them a boost and get them off the floor.  What a great idea!

Here's that coffee table.  The nice thing about this furniture is most of the peices come apart and make moving or storing them a snap.

A clever catchall caddy made from a condiment server.

An IKEA table compliments the vintage Eames chairs that were acquired at a garage sale.

Another way to hang pictures or posters - pants hangers!

Outside the living/dining area is Em's lovely, spacious outside living space.  She takes after her mom and loves to garden and has her balcony filled with various plants including many herbs.

She fashioned a hanging basket by weaving folded magazine pages together.

A nice sitting area with vintage folding chairs for comfort.

Who wouldn't want to lie here in the breeze with a good book  - and a glass of wine for me please Em!

Opposite the couch is a partial wall that holds some books and Em's fencing sword from days gone by.
The wall has sentimental pictures and postcards tacked to it and on the other side... her cozy bedroom.  Another Eames chair serves as a night table and an old window is the headboard.
Can you see that wall sconce to the right of the bed?

Em made it herself by printing off a picture she had on the computer of a favorite spot of her's close to  her Alma Mater, Rollins College.  This is Dinky Dock, a well known place in Winter Park, FL near the Rollins' Campus.

She then tacked the photo (on card stock, I believe) onto the wall over a hanging lamp bulb and cord that she inverted and also attached to the wall.

An old desk and folding chair make the perfect work space next to the sliding doors that connect her bedroom to the balcony.

Paint color samples make an interesting wall decoration.

More plants, in recycled food tins, line the high window opposite Em's bed.
With all the wonderful natural light in the apartment the plants thrive.

On her dresser is a simple, yet beautiful, vignette that includes a framed photo of her paternal grandmother as a young girl.

Here's that picture I teased you with from the bathroom window sill.

And hanging necklaces make a pretty wall hanging as well.

More sentimental pictures are tacked to the wall leading towards the kitchen and front door.

Frame your thermostat?  Why not?

A chalkboard keeps Em on track and...

...I loved this simple chalk holder.

Em is renting so painting the standard kitchen cabinets was out, but she made them her own by removing the doors and showing off her pretty blue and white dishes.

A vintage tree light provides "mood" lighting in the kitchen when the glare of the florescent overhead is too much.  Wish I had taken a picture of them lit because the effect is very nice and soft.

Ah, the famous wall of pots, no need to try to find storage for them. And wall art - done!

Magnetized clips on the fuse box hold necessary papers and keep clutter to a minimum.

I happened to look up at the hall light and noticed instead of the usual dome fixture, Em has attached a lampshade.

Here's a look at the inside.  Simply need a shade that has the attachment that goes over the lightbulb.  It easily attached to the screw part where the dome light is attached.

Em graciously let me walk around her apartment and take as many pictures as I wanted. This is my final shot of the herb seedlings she gave her mom planted in dirt filled newspaper and magazine cups.

So, there you have it.  A glimpse into the apartment of a 20-something who is creative, resourceful, thrifty and who has a good eye for design and placement.

Thanks Em!


Mullin Avenue Workshop said...

This apartment has been decorated with much thought, and a definite eye for style, I would say.
I live in a lovely, smallish condo apartment, and found several ideas that would be fun for me to try some day.
Em's use of simple materials such as rolled up magazines, and postcards, and meaningful photos, are creative, frugal, and as well it's good to see the reusing of items - good for our environment.
I must say I love the mid century vintage furnishings, and I believe the Eames chairs are quite a find.
How nice that the arm chairs, and coffee table, found a good home!

It was inspiring to see what this creative, 20's something woman has done with care and thought!
Thanks for sharing!

Chatty Crone said...

Okay very interesting and eclectic! sandie

Orlando Grandma said...

I loved looking at the apartment and all the clever and smart way to decorate.

Olive Cooper said...

I do admire MCM. I love the sofa and chairs. Cool post Ann.

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

Very fabulous! Absolutely LOVE the maps hung as art! Very artsy throughout the home! NICE!

Claudia said...

Em has a great eye! What a wonderful home she has made for herself.

Thanks for sharing it with us!


Wendy Weissmueller said...

I can only wish my apartment will be this cool one day =)

Linda @ Itsy Bits And Pieces said...

Thanks for sharing with us! She has a very individual and creative style! Love the mid-century furniture and all her organization, too! Fun space!

Corn in my Coffee-Pot said...

I love how she has made the small apartment--seem larger than life with the MCM decor.
I'm a MCM decorator...on the inside!
I love the style---but just can't seem to make it work for me.
...talented and creative young lady. Love this post Ann!