Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Since we are experiencing tech problems, I present The Great Sadinski!!

Yes, this really is a dog and yes, she sticks her tongue out ALL THE TIME. Meet Sadie Carolina, the fourth and last (at this point - altho I'm holding out for more) of our dogs in our married life.

When we last left off, Panda was on her own with the three remaining cats. It was not a good time for Panda and me. She was used to going outside and hassling Jake all day and now that attention turned to me. What're we going to do next? Will you throw the tennis ball for the five hundredth time? When do I eat? Why can't I claw your leg like that? You get the picture. Panda was bored and nobody, I mean nobody wants to be around a bored Panda. It's very damaging to the human psyche

Panda and I were desperate. I turned to the only person I knew who might help us. A lovely "Boston Lady" who lives with her sweet husband in Gainesville. They are Boston breeders and I had been communicating with her since before Panda barrelled into our lives. She had a dog that was going to have puppies and I was promised one of the females.
Now, Panda and I just had to convince her "father" to let us get some fresh meat for Panda to boss around. Surprisingly it wasn't that hard to convince him. A Saturday alone with Panda while trying to watch a Gator Football game was almost all it took! Okay, so I also had to enlist our daughter to help work on him as well and between the three of us we managed to make him see the sense in bringing another drooling, snoring, barking, licking mess of a dog into our home.
It was a big chance we were taking. Would this dog be the mental giant, yet totally eccentric dog like Ziggy. Or perhaps the not-so-bright, untrainable, destructive, but oh so lovable Jake. We certainly didn't want another female dog "who thinks she's a male dog and dominates everything she sets her eyes upon", like Panda. In spite of all this we rolled the dice again and drove to Gainesville to pick up our little Sadie.

She has fit right into our household from the start. There has never been a more obedient, good-tempered, lovable dog on earth. And that's not just my opinion. She and Panda hit it off well from the beginning. Naturally that's because Panda is the head honcho. In her mind, we have provided her with the perfect submissive playmate. Sadie happily goes along with whatever Panda wants. She even will play the "tough one" if Panda is feeling a little like playing the underdog.

With the addition of Sadie to the house we were back to two dogs and three cats. Oh, I almost neglected to include the most useful member of our menagerie, the rabbit. And the rabbit.