Monday, November 12, 2012

La Cage Aux Folles

I've been wanting an old birdcage for quite awhile.  
For a bird you ask?
Of course not.
To fool around with and use as a decorative item for the seasons,
or as a planter or to burn candles in.
 (An incorrectly structured sentence that one is, for sure)

A bird!

Mr. T and The Writer just shook their heads when I came home from a Swapmeet with an empty birdcage. The Maven was with me when I spotted it at one of the booths, knew I had been looking for one and therefore wasn't surprised at the lightning speed at which I snapped it up.  I had about six people ask me where I got it from as I walked around the rest of the swapmeet - and they knowingly commented, "you aren't going to put a bird in it, are you..."

So, here's what I finally came up with after letting it sit empty for awhile.

Leaves are falling like crazy around here.  Gathered up some of those.
A few pretty sprigs of berries from a bush in the backyard.

A piece of driftwood I had from a Florida beach excursion.

A little wooden replica of a church door, that was my dad's.

An small, empty white frame because, why not? Plus it adds some lightness to the scene.

Added some votive holders - made sure none of the wood, berries, leaves would catch on fire and...

.... my touch of autumn - caged.

It looks better inside, in the evening - I think.

Decided I didn't like it by the fireplace, where I had envisioned it.

Mr. T could finally see what I had in mind. 

Not sure if he actually "gets it", but he plays it smart and says he thinks it looks nice.  

Me too.  
After Thanksgiving I can come up with a "Cagey Christmas".

I have been taking advantage of my GPS the last few Saturdays and have been visiting various areas in Los Angeles as I attend some fascinating estate sales. It's a good way to see new areas, check out some nice homes and learn my way around a bit.  

Here's a picture of one of the views I saw this past weekend - Bel Aire.

I hope to share some of my fun finds this week.
Don't worry.
No more bird cages.


Robin Larkspur said...

The shape of that bird cage is so fanciful and lovely. So many ways to vamp up its style! Have fun. Love the way it looks in the dark, with the lit votives.

Erika, Blair and crew said...

It looks awesome. I probably would have put a bird in it though!

Olive said...

Love it Ann. The little door is interesting and the berries are perfect for fall. Two more birdcages would be a collection:}

rottrover said...

LOVE that! The colors are wonderful :-)

Chatty Crone said...

I would never ever think of putting something in a bird cage besides a bird! You are so smart. I loved it. sandie

Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

I love it!

How does it go? A bird in the hand...means you can use the cage for other things. :)

Mullin Avenue Workshop said...

This birdcage is a lovely shape, and I like what you found to go inside!
You are so creative!
The votive candles are a nice touch for the darker evenings.

Corn in my Coffee-Pot said...

Oh wow! that is so pretty! I love the shadows and light that it makes.
Such a cozy fallish feeling.


Kit said...

Very well done! I am drawn to birdcages too and found one back when I first moved to Montana at an auction. I sprayed it white and filled it with ivy and hanging on the outside are folk art birds. Fun! Kit

Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams said...

I want one! I would hang it on my back porch in the summer, and in the winter it would perch on the front porch nestled in some birch branches full of I must go and try and find one.

Great find.


Mr. Connor said...

Wow ~ this is pretty darn interesting ! Very nice . Wonder what will be next ?

Linda @ Itsy Bits And Pieces said...

OH you found a birdcage! I know you've been wanting one for some time! So great when you finally find what you've been looking's beautiful!

shohshi said...

I love what you did with the bird cage - very creative. Please post pictures of your cagey Christmas creation when you do that one. You've inspired me! Thank you!

Edilma Weissmueller said...

Great idea a seasonal arrangement. In the spring time you may add some of those little birds one buys like a canary or a robin, they look so real. A "Cage aux folles, to set the mood iof the season. You are so clever. So glad to hear Mr.T noticed and liked it.

Claudia said...

I have a birdcage and I love it. I love what you've done with yours.

That little door is adorable.


Heather said...

Love, love, love! Cheers!

KarenSue Farash said...

I love it! You know how I feel about bird cages...not for the birds.
I'm so glad you are getting around, aren't you afraid you will get lost and never find your way back. I don't trust GPS's(?) Mine wanted to take me the back roads all the way to NC last weekend...
Driving past your road today...miss you.

Debby@Just Breathe said...

I love it. It actually is the perfect shape. You decorated it really cute. Can't wait to see what you do with it for Christmas!