Thursday, February 28, 2013

Lemony Limbo

Can you tell I was trying to find a "catchy" post title?  I noticed about two days after my last post that I had left the "s" off of birds.  Product of weird typing technique due to you-know-what.

Speaking of THAT, I guess thought I'd talk a little bit about how time is passing and some of the things I've not been up to.

Mainly we are kind of taking it easy and enjoying some very nice weather.

Yes, the Boston Bird is still at it - pathetic!

On the "good news" front, I have managed to resist the urge to gnaw off the "temporary" cast that is gracing my right hand in such a fetching way.

Visible grunge is from wearing black stretchy pants which apparently are disintegrating onto the wrap on the cast.  Other spots and "yuckiness" are from my comical/sad forays into the kitchen with my sous-chef, Mr. Tennis.

Which brings me to a "bad news" item.  Apparently I channel Gordon Ramsey of "Hell's Kitchen" when giving instructions on how to chop an onion for some ridiculously complicated spaghetti sauce I thought we should make at the height of my lack of knife skills. 

 I didn't realize Mr. T did not know how to chop an onion, to the extent of not knowing you had to remove the skin and outer layer first.  So the sauce had some crunch to it - fiber, right?  I never thought I would see such relief on his face as when I told him that we would spend the $2 for pre-chopped onions for the chili "we" made a few days later.

Evil Boston Lady even taunted him today by sending this picture from the grocery store:

His text back?  "What are those?  Onions?"  I hope he was kidding.

I've been reading a good book that is over there on my sidebar.  Not as depressing as it sounds, actually very entertaining and it has some great ideas in it for future reads.

I've been getting some good ideas from these magazines!  Just wait until my hand is better, I will be a creative, non-stop maniac!

I actually have one idea that I think I can work on a bit while recovering...we shall see.

More good news:  breathing is good. Cardio doc has given his go-ahead for the surgery as has my PCP.

  Bad news:  just talked to Ortho office - because the Cardio doc has requested surgery now be performed at hospital because the the fluid in my lungs gave my heart too much of a workout, just to be safe - the Ortho surgery scheduler told me she is waiting to hear from Ortho Doc because he may not want to perform the surgery now.


I am left wondering exactly what that means...



My good bloggy friend, Pat at "Corn in My Coffee Pot". (go over and take a look at her blog - she is amazing! And Funny!) had a great idea for all the lemon rinds and leftovers I have about.  She says to let them sit in (white) vinegar in a jar for about a month. 

 Strain and drain liquid after that amount of time.  Put said liquid in a spray bottle and you have the best natural, effective cleaner in the whole world.

Okay, she didn't say "whole world", but I am in the mood to exaggerate and be dramatic.  But I bet it will be!
Thanks Pat!

I will let you know when and if I get out of limbo.  Apparently I may be handling my own hand surgery - anyone have some popsicle sticks they are willing to donate to the cause?  I was a Girl Scout leader, afterall, surely this was covered in the GS book somewhere.  CG?  What say you?

And here is a picture of Mr. Tennis to prove that he is really doing well and I'm letting him rest with Stan between cooking stints in the kitchen:


Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams said...

I had to laugh at the crunchy onion bits...well at least he tried.

Keep that finger swaddled. And glad to hear that you are getting better.


Corn in my Coffee-Pot said...

Oh my lands!
I laughed so hard at the 'hells kitchen' and the grocery store onions. Mr.T MUST BE PAMPERED.
We should give him an "A" for effort...don't kick him off the show just yet!!!
Thanks for the mention.
as to the 'screen' in front of my was originally art. You must have missed that post--
you were probably 'On the Dope."


Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

Oh boo! I was coming over to read some possibly good news about your poor hand.

I need you to get well so that we can go to the Rose Bowl on the 10th. :)

Linda @ Itsy Bits And Pieces said...

Oh my gosh LOL...don't let Mr T do the surgery, he might forget to take the cast off first! Just kidding...glad the lungs are better, hope you get that hand fixed soon!

Alice Kien-Zella said...

I hope your Cardio and Ortho doctors are working together fast to get you back in shape. I am sure Mr. T would like to get out of yours "Hells kitchen" as fast as he can ... especially since he didn't even know to removed the skin first ...ha ha ha... that is so funny.


Debby@Just Breathe said...

Sorry about the news on the surgery. Hope that all gets worked out soon for you. Yes those pre-chopped onion can be helpful at times! That Vintage Magazine looks interesting. That's a great idea for your lemons. You can find all kinds of uses on Pinterest! I paid 59 cents a piece for my lemons this week. I'm going to go check out Pat's blog. Have a good evening.

Heather said...

Too funny! ...and yes, I watch Hell's Kitchen, so I know exactly what you are talking about, even now, I can't stop snickering... poor hubby!!! (NOT)! Glad your surgery schedule has worked out! Cheers~