Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Still on the Floor

I know most of you are just riveted by our little bed drama here in Orlando.  We had a really cranky weekend searching endlessly for beds, preferrably platform beds to accomodate our "Select-Comfort" mattress which is finicky, but wonderful.

The only happy ones in the house this weekend were the four legged creatures who are enjoying the easy access to "their" bed.  They are absolutely shameless in their lack of courtesy when claiming the bed.  In fact, Susie, the black cat, actually complains when I get into my spot and she must shift slightly.  This is not good.

Anyway, I have found the design I would like and I found it at PB. Hey.... I heard the inward gasp of fear from all of you.  That's exactly what I did in the store, except it was not inward, I'm afraid - when the price was quoted to me.  I had to ask the salesperson to repeat and point to the figure again because I was sure I hadn't heard her correctly.  I'm usually pretty good at masking my surprise in these situations, but, hey, my mattress is on the floor.  I don't do "pretend" anymore.

When Mr. Tennis and I slunk (slinked?) back home after TWO days of looking at beds (and yes, we did return to THAT place where the failed bed had come from just in case they had a sensible alternative - nope) I got on the internet.  I discovered they there are a lot of people on the web who are ticked at PB and their prices.  Even going as far as to call them "Rip-off Barn".

Well, while soothing my seething brain by commisserating with fellow PB Haters I found many websites that sell platform beds.  Nice ones too!  But I just couldn't get that PB Stratton bed out of my head.  I REALLY like it.  I haven't named it yet, but I'm close.

I stumbled upon a website run by a woman who was frustrated with these big name furniture stores and their pricey items.  She has figured out the configurations and built many pieces, including my beloved Stratton bed.  She claims, and she's correct, that it is basically not a bed but three benches put together to form a bed.  My sentiments exactly when I was examing the bed in the showroom.

So..... do I do it?  Do I attempt to build this myself?  Do I bribe Mr. Tennis into helping me?  Or do I bribe my good friend, who is still my good friend, after the chair upholstery project, into helping me?  We do not own a lot of power tools.  We have one electric saw that my brother gave Mr. T 20 years ago.  We are not good at measuring.  I'm good at painting and directing.  Mr. T is good at many things, but he doesn't like me to direct.  This is a dilema.  I may call in re-inforcements.  We may tackle it ourselves.  This is a drama to rival the Jay Leno/NBC/Conan O'Brien debacle.

Stay tuned if you dare. 


KarenSue said...

Who do we know that's good at woodwork? I will be thinking about this.

Sammy said...

Do it!...easy for me to say right?