Friday, January 22, 2010

Welcome to Orlando, Jack and Vicky!

Doesn't this handsome gentleman look like Gene Kelly?  This is my favorite picture of Jacques and Vicky Bourgeauc.  I didn't know them when this picture was taken.  I believe they were in the dating phase and were riding a roller coaster.  Grandpa Courtney probably snapped the picture because it was amongst his slides. Anyway, whenever I see this particular picture I always think of Gene Kelly, one of my favorite actor/dancers - have always loved "Singing in the Rain".  Jacques (Uncle Jack to us) are you that talented?

Vicky is the younger sister of Orlando Grandma.  Aunt to Mr. Tennis and his brothers.  I have lots of pictures of her when she used to visit Orlando Grandma and Courtney.  She spent a lot of time with them, especially when Mr. Tennis was a baby and a toddler. Even before he was born as this picture shows.  I guess she was practicing with her sister for life in the wilds of Iowa:

And was right at home at Gramps' lake house:

That's Mr. Tennis in front. L to R:  Orlando G-ma, Grandma Rose, (not sure-Edinella?), Vicky and then Uncle Larry.

Vicky was apparently quite the bathing beauty and that must be what caught the dashing Jacques' eye:

Vicky at the Lake House, circa 1958 right before the birth of the great Mr. Tennis

Vicky and Jack, yes, this is your life!  I even have a couple of wedding pictures!

How pretty and handsome!
I still say Gene Kelly!

Jack, I do think you look a little scared in this one, but you obviously made a great decision when you married this lovely woman.

I didn't get to meet Jack and Vicky until that first visit I took to Panama with Mr. T.  We were all staying at Orlando G-ma's home in the Canal Zone.  They were very welcoming to "the new girl".  I realize now, when reflecting back on that, they were younger than I am now!

Jack and Vicky have been a steady (although sadly distant) fixture in my life since I've known Mr. Tennis.  We see them about once a year when they come down this way in May to soak up some sunshine at Orlando Gma's timeshare in Sebastian.  It's always a yummy visit because Jack, or Jacques, is an excellent chef and he always shares a wonderful meal with us.  And the wine's not bad either!!

I was fortunate to share some extended one-on-one time with Vicky several years ago when she was in town to help her sister recover from some surgery.  Vicky, I always felt like that was the time I really got to know what a wonderful person, and sister, you are! Looking back all these pictures, I realize how much you were involved with Mr. Tennis' early years and the newlywed  phase of Orlando Grandma and Grandpa Courtney!
Vicky and Orlando Grandma, circa 2003

The Writer, Aunt Vicky, Orlando G-ma, The Maven at Lake Eola Park in Orlando, Circa 2003

I initally said that the picture of Jack and Vicky on the roller coaster was a favorite of mine, but I've always treasured this one of Vicky dancing with Gramps on one of the best days of my life.  My wedding.  This picture is priceless:

Vicky and Gramps, March 28, 1981

Thanks for being here Jack and Vicky! And enjoy the Florida sunshine.


Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

yes, Gene Kelly absolutely!

Orlando Grandma said...

We just saw you blog about us and thank you for being so kind! We enjoyed seeing the old photos we had forgotten. Our persons at the time were indeed a little better looking than now indeed. Where are the snows of yesteryears?! We always enjoy coming to Orlando, where we know we will always find good people like you. Abrazos, Vicky and Jacques

Orlando Grandma said...

Ann, I also enjoyed the blog about the Bourgeqcs, were we ever that young, thank you for the memories.
We had a great visit with Wendy, they were very impresed with her maturity and how pretty she looks. MUCHAS GRACIAS POR TODO/.
Now more than ever I believe in angels.