Friday, September 23, 2011

Some Wedding Deets...

Mr. Tennis, The Writer and one of his best men arrived in the morning to hang the chandeliers from the tree.  Ironically, the ropes holding the chandeliers were duct taped to tennis balls and then thrown over the branches from a ladder.

It rained for about 4 hours, not heavy, but enough of a drizzle to make us wonder if we would indeed have an outdoor ceremony.

The sun broke through about 3:30pm and we were a-go for the 5pm ceremony.

Cousin Chad from Australia on the left, Marlon, high school buddy on the right.

While family and wedding participants gathered in the museum that provided the ceremony site, chairs were set up and guests began to arrive.

Orlando Grandma and Grandma of The Bride

My Bouquet!

The Maven's roommates, our wonderful neighbor Mary and Aunt Vicky and Uncle Jacques from Iowa.

My friend of 45 years, Jane with camera (from Toronto) with CG one of my local best buddies.

Behind the scenes at the reception site, Suebee and Kathy (Chic),   were extremely busy helping the wedding planner put together Sammy's dream vintage-style reception (next post - wait for it...)

See?  All those liquor bottles DID come in handy!

There was a table with old family wedding pictures and programs to greet the guests...

A close family friend to provide soothing, beautiful guitar music...

Beth and Ralph Eyman, my "second son's" parents.  He was one of the best men.
Orlando Grandma and Mr. Connor (uncle to the groom) led the procession down the path.

Followed by The Boston Lady and Mr. Tennis.

Sammy's Uncle John, Grandma and Mother of the Bride, Nicky wait for the bride and her father.

The groomsmen and the groom waited to the side while the rest of the family was seated.

The Groom heads to the wedding site.

Brian (brother of the bride), Elliott (second son), Brian B., and Mauro wait for their cue.

And then it was showtime and the groom and groomsmen arrive under the gorgeous live oak tree.

Jason (officiant), The Writer/The Groom, Chris and Elliot, Best Men

Then!  The procession of bridesmaids.


Megan, Matron of Honor

The Maven

And the sweet, cinderella-like flower girls (neices to the bride).

Baby Rachel, her mom, Katie, Charlotte and Olivia.

In the distance we could see the beautiful bride, Sammy and her wonderful Dad, Mike.

I love the way her veil danced in the wind.

And how her face was a mix of emotions as she approached her husband-to-be.

Dad gives away the bride.

They had composed their own vows which brought tears to the eyes of not just the guests, but to the main players themselves...
...and then finally as you saw in the previous post, they were pronounced Man and Wife.

Perfection only comes when many hands are involved.

Picture credits are shared in this post by me, Suebee and my childhood friend from Toronto, Jane.
Family support and love provided by both sets of parents, two grandmas, a brother, a sister, a sister-in-law, neices, uncles, aunts, cousins, nephews and so many friends who we consider to be part of our family.

My next post will be some pictures from the reception which so many good friends and family helped make a reality.


Chatty Crone said...

Well I am speechless - it was wonderful and I hope you have more! Everything was so sweet and lovely. I knew it would be. Your daughter is beautiful and your new DIL is gorgeous and hey you clean up pretty good too!

Love the chandeliers from the trees.

And the picture of the bride and groom walking away - I love the way the veil blew in the wind.

Ah young love,

the romantic chatty signing out...

Razmataz said...

It all looks absolutely wonderful! I love the shot of the bride with the emotions on her face....

Have you been to Toronto to visit your friend?

Claudia said...

Just beautiful!


Angela said...

Beautiful! Just absolutely beautiful! I loved the chandeliers hanging from the trees. That was just the perfect touch. Everyone looked just lovely. The bride was stunningly beautiful! Love her dress!

Can't wait to see pictures from the reception.

Mullin Avenue Workshop said...

What a beautiful wedding, starting with a stunning setting, and those magnificant trees. I love the chandeliers in the tree.

Your son looked so handsome and happy, the bride is beautiful, your daughter is beautiful, and you looked really lovely.

I like the photo of the bride and groom walking away as well.They have a jaunty air about them.

Thanks so much for posting these, they are a pleasure to see.

Corn in my Coffee-Pot said...

I always cry at weddings...I wasn't even there but my eyes are truly wet!

This wedding was beautiful, so glad that the rain broke and the weather cooperated.

The trees were gorgeous, they had their own lacy, shabby chic thing going didn't they...and the chandelier, well~ just some bling,huh?

thanks for sharing.

SueBee said...

It was the perfect wedding! The ceremony was so sweet and peaceful. I loved the music Ralph provided. I don't have the words that are in my heart as to how beautiful and special this wedding was. Can we do it again so I can see it again slower? It went so fast.

Mr. Connor said...

Great ! Almost feel I was there again as I saw the pictures. Call this a perfect afternoon ?

Hi, I'm Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

Oh I am a total blubbering mess!

Our nephew looked SO handsome! His bride was a Grecian goddess!

Indeed the entire family just radiated JOY! XOXO

Erika and Blair,xoxo said...

Oh my goodness, it looks so pretty! I want Sammy and you to design my wedding when Mr. Right comes along. Ps. Tell Cousin Chad from Australia that Erika from Canada thinks he is cute. LOL

Mr. Tennis said...
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Mr. Tennis said...

You never know when a tennis ball and duct tape will come in handy. They worked well when it came to hanging the chandeliers in the oak tree. It was a beautiful day for a beautiful occasion. I believe a good time was had by all.

Linda said...

Such a lovely wedding, Ann! Looks like a perfect day! Everyone looks so great!

Orlando Grandma said...

The hard work paid off.
A wonderful celebration,lots of love an beauty .Congratulations to all.