Saturday, October 6, 2012


Five days it's been since I've posted.  You'd think I was super busy.
I guess, in a way, I have been.

First up this week was an very interesting initial trip for The Maven and I to register our two cars, and Mr. T's in CA.  Luckily we had an appointment.
I had filled out a lot of paperwork ahead of time, but a lot of good it did me.

Sent back twice for corrections.  Got right back to the front of the line (daggers in the back) each time and then time to wait for our turn at one of the many desks where info was entered into the computer.

Long story long. After about an hour with the lady at the computer and a lot of $$$, the three cars are registered.  Next up, Smog checks,

vehicle inspections, then handing over of paperwork and FL license plates in exchange for California ones.

Mr. Tennis has done all the requirements as his job will start kicking into high gear very soon.  He won't have the time for lines, etc.
He's done!

Not his actual plate, mind you.

The Maven and I will tackle Smog inspection and vehicle inspections next week and then make appointments for the paperwork and handing over of FL license plates.  THEN, we will make appointments for driver's licenses - which Mr. T has done already.

He's a Californian!

Everyday I try to go and look at a different part of the LA Metro area.
Well, not everyday, but most days I try.

Today I finally remembered an area I've read about and always forget to go see when we've visited here in the past.

Echo Park.
An area of town with a notable/notorious past and a bright present and future.

It's listed as.... well, I will let the sign speak for itself:

I'd first heard of Echo Park through the author Michael Connelly. 

 He writes crime novels quite often taking place on the streets of various parts of LA and two, in particular, in Echo Park.  In his books the area is a mix of old run-down Victorian homes and an active drug culture, hence a lot of crime.  He does hint at the re-vitalization of the area, but his character, Det. Harry Bosch  mainly deals with the seedier side of this interesting area of town.

These books are dated and now I hear people are coming in, buying the homes and restoring them to their past glory. What a wonderful thing, I say.

An old hitching post.  Look at the next one!

I parked and walked around a bit, but still feel a bit shy taking pictures of people's homes,

so I eventually resorted to driving and shooting from my car.

It was a fascinating ride up and down hilly streets.

Beautiful, beautiful, ornate homes.

And some that have lots of potential.

Look at that top right area - I've never seen anything like that!

I know some of you would just itch to get your hand on this one!

I haven't done the research, but I know some of these homes have been the backdrop for movies, tv shows, past and present. As I settle in and have more time I would really like to learn about the history of this area more and then take some pictures that are truly worthy.  What about you?
Have you ever heard of Echo Park?

For me?  
Do I like the ornate Victorian style?
I like it to look at, but for me, my dream California home would be a small
bungalow or craftsman-style home.

Not that these are cheap!  Especially in this area. My photography skills do not do any of these homes justice - I need a "fancy" looking camera to give me some street cred.  But I think the residents are proud of their homes and don't mind - I hope!

A place that I can furnish and decorate in an eclectic fashion with things such as this:

A new find! 
 One of a couple I found this week in my exploration of neighborhoods and thrift stores.
More on that another time.
Have a great weekend and even though we are in California, we still say:



centerofgravity said...

Victorian houses are fun to look at but not sure tht I would want one. My favorite of the Vitorians that you showed was the smaller gray one with white trim towards the end. But, I'm with you I prefer the Craftsman or bungalow style. BTW, I think ;your photos looke fine. CG

Razmataz said...

I love a Victorian on the outside and love one that is modernized inside but with some original features. I would do a pristine white interior with old fireplaces and bathtub, and bright modern art. I do like the arts and craft houses although I find them dark.

Right now my passion is Spanish Revival so I would have a good selection on CA.

Anonymous said...

Paperwork and lines are no fun!

Such unique and elaborate homes. So happy they are being restored. Wishing you a blessed weekend.

Mr. Connor said...

DMV ~ THEY need a lot of HELP ! SMOG control ~ well they failed that also.
NOW ~ Echo Park and all the homes and the books. The Boston Lady introduced me to the author so I know about most of what can be read about in his books. Dated ~ well if the books are then I am in REAL trouble. The homes look great but some could be a real challenge ($$$$) to fix up especially the " dated" ones ! THANKS FOR THE TOUR ~ very nice ! !

Chatty Crone said...

You might now have blogged in five days - butt his one was great. I have never seen that area and I think those homes so beautiful! Love them all.

Boy that was a lot of paper work you did to get licenses and you are not done yet!

Muddy Boot Dreams said...

It's hard to live in a new area, but it does get better with time....

Oh those victorians....sigh.

When I was young we had the turret apartment in one, I was living my dream...

The reality was it's dusty, and falling apart, but still, it was a dream.

The spell check has a terrible fit when I try to use Canadian spelling, I know that your "teacher" comes out then when you mention it, lol.

Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams

Olive Cooper said...

When I married Joe, changed my name and moved to another state the DMV had me go back home for papers four times. I was livid and had a headache. Especially since I had just passed a complete Ga. Bureau of Investigation check to work in a state prison. All of that annoys me no end Ann. I hope you get it sorted without complication. Our Victorian houses here are pretty but the rooms are small and the staircases narrow. Give me a large farmhouse or a Craftsman as you like.

Kit said...

Oh my, such lovely houses. I had never heard of Echo Park, so thanks for the pics and info. Kit

rottrover said...

Thanks for the tour! While I drive through Echo Park sometimes, I don't get to tour. Very beautiful! I'm so glad you're doing some exploring! Where else have you visited besides Venice?

Mullin Avenue Workshop said...

Dealing with red tape, and line-ups can be pretty time consuming. However, soon, it will be done! can't really imagine th paper work that one must go through in such a large city.
Good to see you had fun as well, on your excursion to this interesting neighbourhood.
I like your photos, and although the Victorian homes are nice, I do like the three bungalows at the end.
It is always interesting to see the location in reality, of a books setting.

Debby@Just Breathe said...

The DMV is never fun! Those homes look amazing but I am with you on the bungalow!

Robin Larkspur said...

Amazing to see those old Victorians spiffied up. I would just hate all those stairs! I am with you, bungalows!

Val said...

The houses look awesome! Richard is starting me on Michael Connely, too.

Edilma Weissmueller said...

I loved your blog, one of the good things about moving to a different place is that the"turist status{ ofeeling stays w2ith you for a long time. I remember the days we did that while in the Air Force. California has so much to ofer. I am getting ready for the first leg on my trip, a ride to Huggins St. for the night.

KarenSue Farash said...

Make sure they get everything right on your new license! I didn't look close enough, they have my birthday wrong so that changed my #. I still have to go back and get another one...pain.
I'm not a fan of old victorian homes, to much. I'm with you, a small bungalow. So you are still a Floridian..miss you

Corn in my Coffee-Pot said...

Oh wow! I think I drank a whole cup of coffee this morning reading this post!
Thing is apparently I missed some posts and visits around some of my favorite blogs...feeling under the weather. Feeling great now and catching up.
I loved this post. Don't like the DMV...I would imagine all that paperwork and test passing is putting it mildly ...NUTS!!!!

I'm personally liking your idea...I'd rather drive around and contribute to the smog...and take pictures of beautiful homes! Looking like a tourist...with a big fancy camera. (not really the smog part...but it was funny)
I wonder what those older 'needier' homes would go for? I think I'd like a bungalow myself...but some of the Victorian homes are pretty "painted ladies"...Pat

Sweet Posy Dreams said...

What a gorgeous neighborhood!