Monday, October 1, 2012

Fall Fun with Some Help From Family and Friends...

Although the temperatures have yet to feel like fall around here, I have put a few things out to get us in the mood for autumn, Halloween, and Thanksgiving.

My brother, Mr. Connor, was concerned that I could not find my salt and pepper shakers (still haven't) and sent a surprise package in the mail.

Those who shop in the South will recognize these Pilgrim shakers that are Publix originals.  I never had any of my own and Mr. Connor was thoughtful enough to send me the ones in his house to replace my missing shakers and to give me a taste of home.  Or as he put it, "now you will always have something on your table from Publix".  Thanks Richard!

They inspired me to hunt for my ceramic pumpkin that is an autumn staple in the Boston household and I think they are the perfect compliment, standing in front of it, welcoming those who walk through our front door.

And, I finally changed the chalkboard to welcome a new month!  Need to practice my chalkboard writing skills a little more - perhaps by November my chalkmanship will have improved.

The newest and cutest addition to the beginnings of my fall deocating is a pumpkin banner that I ordered from a very dear blog friend.  

She has a great little Etsy shop where she sells many different items including her crocheted pieces.  

She had done one that was apples and oranges and I asked her if she could do a pumpkin one.

She rustled this up in no time 

and I moved it from place to place in the house, 

but like it best on my green hutch with all my "treasures".  

The happy orange pumpkins are a lovely burst of contrast color against the rest of the hutch.

I visit Pat's Blog,  Corn in My Coffeepot ,everytime she has a new post up. (One of her best posts was how she came up with the name for her blog!)

 She has so many great ideas as she and her husband tackle the challenges of living a frugal life, quite nicely, on their Texas farm.  Her ingenuity and wit keep her readers interested, entertained and I always learn something new reading her blog.

When I asked Pat if she would mind if I featured her pumpkins on one of my posts, she immediately said, "oh yes!"  and offered my readers a 10% discount if they saw something they liked from her Etsy shop.

Thanks Pat and Richard, for getting my motor started for fall decorating!

Anyone wanting to look at the goodies at Pat's Estsy shop, click here:  9th and Denver. Or check out her blog and enter her shop from there.       

I may have to get that candy corn banner too, that's new!        . 

 If you can't resist one of her treasures simply type FALLSAVINGS12 in the promocode area and you will receive "The Boston Lady" 10% Discount.  

My. my, aren't I getting a swelled head naming it after myself.

Have a great week!


The Farmer's Daughter said...

I'm so glad to see you use a ceramic pumpkin! I have a collection of them that I use every year--and try to add to it each year.
I agree, Pat's blog is always fun!
Have a great week!

Vicki @ lifeinmyemptynest said...

That banner is so sweet - love it :-)
Happy Monday!

Edilma Weissmueller said...

It is Oct. already,over here not ,much change in the weather. Now the "Mall" is something else, they have stuff for Thamksgiving, Chritmas, Winter otherwise it is still summer time.Hard to get in the fall mood, thanks for sharing your decorations. I think my trip to Iowa will inspire me.
The Ponpking and salt and p shakers make a real cute center piece.

Mr. Connor said...

Well I am glad to see you are getting this going. Greazat looking items all over the place.
You are supposed to use the salt & pepper shakers.

Chatty Crone said...

I love your decorations and I have my salt and pepper shaker out. My pepper has bigger holes then my salt - does yours? Less, but bigger.

centerofgravity said...

I can imagine that as LA hits the triple digits this week that you will have a hard time thinking it is fall. We're finally getting our average high's below 90+ here in Orlando. How nice of Richard to send you the Pilgrim Shakers from Publix. I always thought they were cute but never got a set since I have enough salt and pepper shakers. Liked your banner, too. CG

Corn in my Coffee-Pot said...

Hi Ann !
Thanks so much for posting the pumpkins...I couldn't wait to see them! They're cute on your shelf..and the pumpkin and shakers...I love them!

Now maybe I can get the pumpkins out here...we had some chilly weather this weekend. The temps have come now I'm in the mood for some fall decorating!
...You've inspired me!

Debby@Just Breathe said...

I collect S&P shakers, those pilgrams are very cute. I haven't put up any Fall decorations yet.
Love the pumpkin banner. This heat is so out of the norm! I think you brought it with you from Florida.

Ceekay-THINKIN of HOME/Doublewide Decor said...

Your banner is sweet and those S&Ps are just too cute and a gift from your brother...I love that!
You so need the candy corn banner...

KarenSue Farash said...

Getting ready for fall in your new home...I'm so glad you are settling in. Does it feel like home? Look at al those ball jars!! Changes are coming!!

Linda @ Itsy Bits And Pieces said...

Love your fall decorations! Pat is a sweetie! And the photo of Panda at the top of your sidebar is priceless!

Mullin Avenue Workshop said...

I like the look of the salt and pepper shakers, with the pumpkin. I think you have a flare for decorating! And the pumpkin banner is sweet!
I plan to take a look over at Pat's etsy shop.
Wishing you a Happy October!

Muddy Boot Dreams said...

I love the pumpkin banner, how darling,it looks great in your house.

Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams

Robin Larkspur said...

Love the pumpkin garland! Your house is looking very homey, and I do adore those pilgrim s&p shakers. Off hand, can you say how many Boston Terrier knick knacks you own?

Anonymous said...

I love your pumpkin banner and your hutch! I recognize the Publix s & p shakers. They look sweet paired with your pumpkin. Thanks for the link info. I'll pay her a visit!

Claudia said...

Love Pat - she is the best. Your banner looks lovely!