Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Shhhhhhhhh! It's a Secret!

I can  post this now because Orlando Grandma is out of the country and won't be back until it's almost time for her birthday.  If you see her, don't tell her what I found for her birthday!
Nope!  Don't do it!

I took my out of town guests to one of my favorite swap meets in Los Angeles.
 And I will let you in on another secret - if I ever get myself organized and my "stuff" in order, this is the place I would love to have a booth. There, I said it!

It's in the heart of Hollywood at Fairfax St. and Melrose Ave.  I've written about it in the past because it really is one of my favorites.  It's not too far, not too big, not too small and it only costs $2 to get into.  (which is one of the reasons I would set up shop there - it's not so big!)
Not too bad for a few hours of entertaining browsing and hemming and hawing.
If you'd like to see more of the swap meet the last time I wrote about it

This is what I picked up for Orlando Grandma:

Yep. She loves her chewing tabaccy. 
No, no, no.
 She does not chew, but this is the bag in which the girl gave me my merchandise.  It's from the 1920s, never used.

This is what was in it:

I chose this watch because I thought I could set one face to Pacific time and one to Eastern time and that way Orlando Gma could keep better track of us.  

If she winds it.

This will be required.  

Many other things were available to hang on chains. 
 There were locker numbers, Detroit Water Works badges, compasses, all kinds of neat stuff.  Seemed an unlikely bunch of stuff for some young ladies in their early twenties to have so I asked them where they got all their bits. 

"We inherited it all from our grandfather.  He was an antique dealer in Detroit" 
 Hence all the Detroit markings.  I told them I thought he would really enjoy seeing how creatively they had re-purposed so many of his things.  And that I would be back again.  

Now, remember, no blabbing.  It's a secret!

Look who else apparently shops here:

found her picture when I googled the trading post/swap meet.


Heather said...

What an absolutely lovely little gift!... and the bag to boot... adorable..javascript:void(0). I am sure she will love it! I'd love to be able to shop in places like that! Thanks for the lovely little email the other day, it was a pleasure to receive it! Cheers~

Robin Larkspur said...

Great gift! are you sure Orlando Grandma won't somehow read this post?! You cracked me up about the tobacky!!

Razmataz said...

I could spend hours in a thrifty, vintage type place and 5 minutes in a shopping mall. Love the gift. That will be perfect for her.

Mr. Connor said...

Wow ! What a watch / clock. Does anyone there get / forget east coast / west coast times ? I am sure she will be very happy. Was that a pictures of Taylor Swift ? Sure looks like it .

Corn in my Coffee-Pot said...

What a clever gift~ I'm sure she'll appreciate it very much. The tobacco pouch was certainly a cool one too.

So you weren't actually there when Taylor Swift was there...? But she's been spotted there. That is so cool. I don't think I'd recognize an actor or actoress ...or singer...apart from their regular stint, you know. They just look like people to me. LOL!!!
Even if they came to my front door...I'd think they were vacuum salesmen or something. I guess I'm not that attentive.


Chatty Crone said...

You are such a good daughter-in-law. I'm sure your mother-in-law will just love that gift. I won't say a word. And Taylor Swift shops there? Amazing!

Anonymous said...

I love to shop places like this. A great birthday find.

Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams said...

That is adorable..you are so right.

What a find.

She's going to love it.


Linda @ Itsy Bits And Pieces said...

Sounds like a great place to shop...and I know she will love her gift!

Claudia said...

Oh, I'd love something from that booth as I was born in Detroit. That's a perfect gift for Orlando Grandma.


Mullin Avenue Workshop said...

That is really a good find, and perfect for your mother-in-law, I think. Hmmm, I am wondering too, might she not read this even if out of the country? :)
I think your idea of someday renting a booth there sounds exciting.
I enjoyed your 2010 post about your visit to this swap meet, it looks like an interesting place.

Susan Norris said...

I didn't see her! Why didn't you point her out to me??? LOL!

Susan Norris said...
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Debby@Just Breathe said...

That sounds like a fun place to go. I have to ask Adam & Tristen if they have ever gone. I love what you found for Orlando Grandma, she is going to love it!

Kit said...

Oh how wonderful! I am envious! You had me going at the chew bag...LOL Kit