Saturday, April 13, 2013

It's Finally Happened. I've Gone "California".

At least that's how I felt as I lay on the table at the Acupuncturist's about a week ago. 

 Actually, it's when the gentle doctor removed the pins and said, "Now. I would like to do cupping on your back and neck".
 And realized I knew what she was talking about...

But I digress.  Let's go back several days and figure out how I ended up in that vulnerable position and more importantly why would I allow more pins and needles to be rained upon me willingly?

All for the greater good people.  The greater good.

As I told you in my previous post, The Maven has been experiencing constant Vertigo symptoms for over a month now with very little relief from traditional medicines and therapies. The symptoms are hard to live with and even after surgery she will experience them, hopefully temporarily. So, we are looking at all sorts of ways to lessen the symptoms so she can function properly and enjoy her young life as she should.

Somewhere along the paths we have been following the last several weeks acpuncture was mentioned as a possible way of relieving Vertigo symptoms.  I am familiar with pressure points and the idea behind acupuncture, but have never tried it myself.  There are so many clinics here in the greater LA area and I had no idea where to start looking.

So, I did the only thing a sensible person does, I looked on YELP. We've been using it constantly to find restaurants, hair salons, auto shops, grocery stores and movie theaters, why not an acupuncturist?  Turns out using YELP was a very good idea.  It narrowed my search down to two places and the one we chose was a place I would see on my way to the grocery store each time I went and had wondered about - more importantly it had good reviews and said that we may be able to use our health insurance to defray the cost.

When The Maven called to set up an appointment for us (I was supposedly going for support) the doctor herself called her back and talked awhile to determine if her techniques could help with those Vertigo symptoms. Of course she said they would because Acupuncture always seems to be advertised to help with a wide variety of symptoms, including the ones I was going in with, arthritis, stress and muscle tightness.

In we went and met with the nicest doctor who listened asked lots of questions and explained what she would be doing.  "Who would like to go first?"  That would be me.

My left hand has been suffering from overuse since I broke my right pinkie and it was my major complaint, especially the middle digit which has arthritis in the joints.  The needles started coming out and my hand was swabbed with disinfectant.  Next thing I knew my hand was full of needles. I assured The Maven they didn't hurt.  They didn't, but I'm used to needles and am not phased by them.

From there she moved onto my neck and shoulder which get very tight from stress. (What me stressed?) More swabbing and needling.  Then my knee that I injured a few months ago.  I figured I might as well throw that into the mix.  And for some reason a couple of pins went into my hairline...  timer put on and the doc and  The Maven left the room.

I think the timer was set for about 20 minutes and I was comfortable enough to catch a quick doze, but kept coming awake wondering what was going on with The Maven.

A fig tree in the backyard here!

DING!  Timer goes off. Needles taken out.  I'm ready to get up and dressed, but doc says, "let's do some cupping on your shoulder".  I knew exactly what this was because I had seen pictures in magazines of celebrities coming out of clinics with round bruises on their necks and backs from "cupping".
I was now about to become one of them...

The doc explained they might leave a bruise because the little jars attach to your skin by suction to pull the toxins out of your body.  Exactly why am I doing this again?

Oh right, the greater good.

The little jars, probably six of them didn't hurt, just felt a little strange hanging onto my upper back and neck. Did they leave bruises?  You tell me:

In total we were there over an hour and a half.  When I came out of my room The Maven was already out and said, "what took you so long?"  When we got outside I told her about the cupping which sent her into a fit of laughter.  Really? She's going to laugh at me when I came along just for "support"?

Turns out she had needles put on her face, in her scalp, on one hand and on top of a foot.  And she's laughing at me?  No cupping for her.

Did it work? It supposedly works in a cumulative way and we went back for a second treatment, but had to stop after finding out our insurance wouldn't cover it.

The plum tree is producing plums!

But did it work?

Neither of us felt any different, but that's not to say over time it wouldn't have worked.  Perhaps some of you have tried acupuncture and were able to complete a whole course of treatment.  Have you?

It was worth a try.
And it made us smile and laugh.


Carol Z said...

Glad I found your blog. I've read about cupping, but never tried it. I'm not sure that I know anyone who has. Hope it helps your vertigo.

Mullin Avenue Workshop said...

This was fun to read Ann.

Although you might not be able to see if the cumulative effect of this treatment would help - the laughter might be worth it.

And this will be something to remember for future giggles, I would think. :)

I think you and the Maven are quite brave.

What wonderful flowers, you have - it looks like spring is well under way there. How awesome to have figs, and plums!

Hoping you are both doing well, and the Maven's vertigo today not too bad.

Edilma Weissmueller said...

I have always wanted to have some of those treatments, now think hard are you sure it did not help. I know people who do that regularly. Glad you did it but I think it takes longer to get some benefits.
Your yard is like "the garden of
Eaden" I just loved when I was there

Mallyf on Occasion said...

I wish you guys tried this venture out in Fl! My mom has asked me many times in the past if the Maven needed her to do a home visit lol. I don't think the maven took me took me seriously though when we discussed acupuncture lol. I am not a fan of it but I love the cupping and my mom has helped me when I hurt my back last year and when I had a really bad headache. Another option to save on costs if you guys were still interested was to go to a chinese medicine school. Acupuncture students need clinical hours to graduate and usually it is at a lower cost. Just a thought. Hope your hand is feeling better.

Corn in my Coffee-Pot said...

I have never tried it, though I've known a few people who have.
I'm not opposed to it. I suppose I would give it a try if given the opportunity.
I truly believe that God gives healing in other ways besides meds., You know?

...glad you had a fun time with it!
the figs?! I love them.
Our trees don't have any fruit yet, but I can't wait to get some. Pat

Mr. Connor said...

What an adventure ! A good time was had by all ? Flowers / garden looks wonderful ! Can sit and look for hours, right ?

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh what kick you are! Too cute. I had tried acupuncture many moons ago but with n success. I found heat/cold therapy was more useful as well as massage, deep deep tissue massage. Some swear by it, others, not so much.

If nothing else, it was a bonding moment and you proved once again, we ole broads are tough cookies, cupping bruises and all. :)

Debby@Just Breathe said...

I never used YELP! How awesome that you went and tried acupuncture. I never have but it sounds so amazing.
Sorry about the insurance, I was so hopeful for The Maven. Love all the pictures and hope your having a pleasant Sunday.

Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams said...

I think my Mom used acupuncture and it did help her...

Let's hope that you both get some relief from this. Wouldn't it be wonderful if it works for you.

Plums? Stunning.