Monday, July 15, 2013

No Fair! The Bostons Have All the Fun!

 Sorry Dexter, but The Maven and I are on a mission with a deadline!  This Friday she and you and Darcy will be moving back to your place.  Now that she is finally feeling better, we are determined to explore a bit as we test her stamina limits.

In our quest to find some interesting and varied places to walk, out of the heat, we discovered a hidden gem, Lacy Park, in San Marino (near Pasadena)  (it's a private park, but FREE to the public during weekdays):

The day was overcast and that was fine with us as The Valley has been experiencing some pretty warm temps the last couple of weeks.  

The day we walked around Lacy Park it actually rained! Not a teeming Florida rain, mind you, but a significant amount enough to qualify as decent rainfall.

  Loved the green of this park and the interesting looking trees.

Bostons didn't come this day, but there were lots of canines here and I'm determined to get them and Mr. Tennis to this place before we move.

 Besides, look what else I found here that Mr. T would like:

Today, however, much to the cats' chagrin (relief?), The Maven and I decided to head for the hills with The Bostons. 

The Hollywood Hills and Laurel Canyon Dog Park off the well known Mulholland Drive.

A crazy, busy dog park on the weekends, we found it pretty quiet today. 

 There are always lots of Doggie Day Cares here and we saw about four different ones today. Anybody watching the Day Care wranglers with their dogs would be amused at the single file formation they adapt when heading back to their trucks and vans.  Then they wait patiently in a holding pen and wait for the word to board.  We watched one group of about eight dogs get into the back of an SUV, one by one, with nary a woof or growl.

Sadie and Panda made friends with an Italian Greyhound named Opie, who outran Sadie, a hard thing to do.

I think they all liked each other because of their similar markings.

Although Opie looked model-thin in comparison to the BTs.

As if The Maven hasn't had enough issues with vertigo, we took the slow way home so we could drive through the Hollywood Hills a bit.  I thought you all might like a chance to get seasick see the twists and turns and houses we saw along the way. Look away if its too much, or you can't take my driving techniques. It's a bit of a bumpy ride!

And don't worry, Panda lay down when we got back and told Darcy all about it.

Have a great week ahead!


Anonymous said...

The park photos are beautiful! I enjoyed the driving tour, too. I always enjoy seeing the furry family. Hope you all have a nice week.

Chatty Crone said...

Hey have you round your new place yet? sandie

Corn in my Coffee-Pot said...

That was you driving?! or the Maven?!
Because I have a bone to pick-
@ around the 25-27 second mark there was some serious curb shopping to be had.
Seriously, I think I need an intervention. I went back to check it out. :P

Y'all are hilarious...the Pup Park sounds fun.

Mr. Connor said...

Driving tour ~ spelled Roller Coaster , right ! Nice . Assume you were NOT driving. You can get cat strollers you know ! I am sure the felines would love them. Great park. Lots of fun to be seen in the future !

Robin Larkspur said...

That is cute about the dogs lining up like good pre-schoolers to get on the bus!!
That was quite a ride! Eeek, I would hate to drive that at night, in the rain.

centerofgravity said...

I'm with Corn In My Coffee Pot about the curb shopping. :-) I can't imagine being able to get dogs to line up in single file to do anything much less be quiet about it. Loved the photos and the tour. CG

Debby@Just Breathe said...

I love how you adventure out all the time. I have to get moving and get out of here! I have this horrible habit of watching movies and blogging the entire day. What a waste of life!
I love how you mentioned how the dogs line up....too cute. Wishing The Maven the best of luck on her move. So glad she has come so far in her healing. Debby

rottrover said...

Hey! We went right by my old boss's house! Hi Steve!! Met a Boston last night who was walking his human past my house. What a doll!!

Olive said...

Can someone get my new kitten to behave that well? Oh well spoiled rotten pets is what we have. I am glad to hear your Maven is so much better.

Mullin Avenue Workshop said...


You two sure seem to have had some good times this summer, exploring.

The dog park looks like such fun - for dogs. I think maybe Panda and Sadie, did think the greyhound was a cousin.

I love the video, and this drive reminded me abit of cottage country, rather than in a large city.

I'm so happy to hear the Maven is ready to move home, and soon she will be able to put the surgery behind her, I hope.

Herbert and Arthur are hoping to get on the keyboard, I think, as they DO understand how Darcy feels in the whole situation.
Brenda :)

Mullin Avenue Workshop said...

Hi, dear Dexter, and Darcy,
I do understand how you may be feeling with the Bostons seeming to get all the perks of outings, and doggie parks, and car rides.

But consider the benefits for you of staying indoors where it is cool, and there are no large slobbering canines, who might want to sniff you and, well even possibly slobber all over your lovely fur.

And then, you also can lounge in the sun, and shade in your yard too, which must be nice.

How is our dear Miss Bumby? I take it that she is not bothered by the comings and goings of the canine crowd?
Take care dear felines, and be happy!
Oh, sheesh! Herbert can be so long winded, I was worried I'd never get a chance to get up to bat, here.
Now Dexter, you are sad, I get it it. It's not fair the Bostons get to go for all those rides, and then come back to tell you all about their adventures.
Oh, it can be rough, being a feline, in a world that's more shall we say "canine friendly".

What to do about this situation? Well maybe we can try to look at the glass as more half full, then half empty. After all, you would get all the good snoozing places I would think when everyone is out.
AND, then you get to hear all the stories when the Bostons get home, that sounds like fun!
So cheer up, and chin up, Dexter!

Claudia said...

I love driving through the Hollywood Hills - talk about twisty-turny!!

I miss the dog parks in San Diego. And Dog Beach in Ocean Beach.


~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

It's fun to have a lot of different places to walk to vary your routine! Hope you're having a good week! Hugs to you...and the Maven, too!

Edilma Weissmueller said...

The video brought back memories of the couple of times you drove me around HH and those lovely homes. If anyone can find interesting places out there is you. That was a test ride for the Maven, I felt a little dizzy my self.
All those dogs having fun.....