Thursday, February 25, 2010

"Leaf" Me Alone, Please

The Problem:

 Leaf accumulation less than 48 hours after The Boston Lady bagged 10 bags of leaves after raking for several hours.

Exhibit A

Exhibit B

Exhibit C

The Culprits:

Our lovely Live Oak Trees, "The Spider", in particular.


"Spidey's" accomplices, "Little Bit" and "Fingers"
Don't be fooled by their good looks

The Solution:

Keep raking and stop whining.

Torture Devices

The Payoff:

A beautiful Staghorn Fern that has thrived since infancy under it's protective older Oak sisters.  And "Bromeliads Gone Wild".  Started from one plant in planter about 8 years ago.  Could never grow grass in this area, but the "Bromies" have gone gangbusters. I have had to separate them several times for their scandalous behavior and some now reside out front, under "Fingers".

"Bananas" The Staghorn Fern.  So-named for her banana peel addiction

Our very prolific "BGW"s.  I think there's a very incriminating video of their activities out there somewhere.

The Real Payoff:

Lots of lovely shade in the hot, Florida summer and frost protection in the winter.

Aaah, the green. Not a brown leaf in sight.

Of course, "they" love it.

Lesson Learned:

Uh, raking is good exercise? Um, the Yard Waste guys need something to do? Er, Oak leaves are good for some plants, but bad for grass? Ah, okay, a month of picking up leaves (won't even mention the 2 months of acorn rain this year) pays off with happy trees that keep our house protected from many, many things.

But, I still hate raking and bagging leaves.
Boston Lady out.


KarenSue said...

So that's what you have been doing. It's a love hate thing. Looks good!

Orlando Grandma said...

Just like you said, keep raking and keep the beautiful picture of your yard in the summertime .
The pictures are good,leaves, torture implements and all.

Sammy said...

i think you can skip the gym on rake days :]