Friday, February 5, 2010

Rain Delay

I had hoped to title this entry "And so It Begins...".  But it is not to be.  We live in an older home that has a carport, our only place to construct THE bed.  Today a system rolled through:
Please enter this as picture as Evidence A

The plan was to go to HD tonight when no one else was there, get someone to help us select wood, help us cut wood, help us sand wood.  Then, we would start assembling tomorrow afternoon.  Alas, as any good Floridian knows it takes awhile for things to dry out here.  Call us cowards, call us procrastinators, call us scared.  But, we know we need the carport to be dry to work in with the wood and electrical equipment.

Please accept this as Evidence B although I know it doesn't look particularily wet at the time this picture was taken.  Weather "experts" are talking about more rain and wind. BL and Mr. T don't want to "chance" it.  This is our future afterall, cut us some slack.

So, Plan B.  Mr. T and I will go Saturday nite (who will be there then?), acquire, cut, sand said wood.  At a decent hour on Sunday ( our alternate day to get wood should said carport not dry out) we will begin to calmly, assemble said bed.  There is no hurry.  There is no rush.  The Bostons and cats are quite happy with the current arrangement.  Even we, the humans, have gotten accustomed to getting out of bed in the morning and crawling on the floor until finding a place where we can grab and bring ourselves upright.  Not a problem.

I hope to give you all good news soon.

The very frustrated, yet okay about it all, Boston Lady, out.

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Lindsey said...

I am so impressed this is actually happening!