Monday, March 22, 2010

Rita the Staghorn Wren

I was outside this evening listening to a beautiful aria by a bird sitting on our electrical wires. Spring is definitely here because we are serenaded each morning and evening by various avian vocalists.  In the front yard we have a wren.  I like to think it is Rita, the Staghorn Wren from last year.  The wrens come back every year. 

 Sometimes they nest on top of a pillar in our carport. 

Other years they thrill me by nesting in my special "nesting pots" that I bought during a trip to Williamsburg years ago.  The Colonists would attach these to their houses so birds would nest and then feast upon mosquitoes, thus pest control.  I thought they were so clever and, well, I just liked them.

But last spring Rita the Wren decided to build her nest in Bananas, our Staghorn Fern.  It was over a month of careful monitoring by Mr. Tennis and I (and our bad cats).  We saw Rita sitting on her eggs. Then she would fly off (because we tried to take a picture) and then we saw the eggs!  How exciting!  I kept the cats away after I heard the baby birds cheeping.  I was afraid to take a picture of them, Rita wouldn't have liked it at all.  Then one day I looked out the back window and Rita was giving flying lessons and it was over.  Just like that!

This year Rita has chosen a grouping of palms we have by the side of our driveway.  She's a smart cookie to keep moving her nesting spot.  But she's also a loud cookie every morning.  Sometimes she sits on Mr. Tennis' side mirror on his car and wakes us up.  I have yet to get a picture of her doing that, but I will.  Oh yes, I will.

To Rita!


Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

I keep looking for my mama hummingbird who nested in our patio chandelier. No sign of her yet. I just love birds. Loudness and all. :)

The_Tyro said...

I really want you to get a picture of them sitting on the rearview mirror the mental image that I have is comical

The Boston Lady said...

I will do my best, but Rita is a tricky gal. I'm so glad you commented!!

KarenSue said...

I love listening to my birdies. Someone had a Blue Jay for lunch the other day. They get a little daring sometimes.
I checked to see if you commented on Faded Prairie for the bag. Piyo tomorrow?

Orlando Grandma said...

I get to watch a great variey of birds in Raquel 's backyard when we walk in the morning, she puts our peanuts, seeds, fruit etc etc and the word has gotten around. most interesting, wookpeckers, cardinals, bluejeys and of course a lot of other creatures that have no feathers but that have heared about the free banquet.Like you said some are returnee