Thursday, March 25, 2010

Slight Spring Fever

Yesterday was an exceptionally beautiful day here.  This kind of weather is perfect for doing yardwork and getting inspired about planting and changing things up around here.

After I mowed and edged yesterday I took a drive to a closeby garden center to pick up some plants that I hope to put in the backyard.  The colder-than-usual winter weather this year did in some of my less hardy plants, such as some small banana trees, so I have a space that gets a lot of sun and needs filling.

I've never planted Plumbago before, but it's very popular around here and always seems to do well and grow quickly.  I am going to try to get these into the ground today before the rain comes.

While I was at the garden center I couldn't resist these Gerber daisies.  I just love them and they fit perfectly in this wire vase I found at the thrift store for about $2.  I filled the base up with our ever-present Spanish Moss and I think it looks quite welcoming by our front door.

What's that black leg next to the daisy, you ask?  Well it's none other than Mr. Tennis' alter-ego, a gift to him from The Maven,  who received a much needed face-lift yesterday with some black and some green spray paint I had around.  His spruced up look is a nice welcome as well as he resumed his usual spot by our front door.

During my little burst of activity I cleaned out an area by our backyard shed and came up with a metal tub we used to use as a fire pit.  Time has taken it's toll, but I findly it oddly attractive and feel like I should keep it inverted and have a flowering plant come up through that rusted bottom. (And yes, the oak leaves are still coming down, but slower - the end is near)

Any suggestions? (Besides, clean those bricks!)

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Alan said...

Thanks for spiffing up Tennis Dog! Thanks as well for improving our tropical wonderland.