Thursday, June 24, 2010

Chez Lunatique

Today I had fun with my good friend and fellow blogger, Suebee.  She, over the last few years, has introduced me to the world of thrifting and blogging.  Today I introduced her to HomeGoods and World Market.  She had never been to either one before!  I have expanded her world.

In the course of our little jaunt today, she presented me with a treasure I had spied on one of her blog entries.  I had jokingly commented on it that I should be the one to have it, since I had the craziest dogs, lived close to her and could speak some French! 

SueBee's hubby looked up the words up to see what they meant, as she had hazarded a guess. Being the French Canadian I am (yes, I know I left when I was 3, but I did take French in school) I knew what the sign said.  The second word is pretty much an easy guess.  First word a little trickier - Mr. Tennis just assumed it was "cat", since he thinks they are a little nutty.  Hmmmmph, Mr. Dog/Spanish Speaking Person. Translation:  "Crazy Dog".

"Find a really good place to put it", she warned me after I half-heartedly tried to give it back to her.  I thought about the front door, but when I walked in the house and was greeted by said Chien(s) Lunatique(s), I knew where it should go.

On the door to "their" room.  This is a room between our kitchen and Mr. T's office/The laundry room, that has been a good place for all our dogs to stay when we are not at home.  (You can see Mr. T through the windows - this also allows me to keep an eye on him too)

 When the Bostons entered our lives we upgraded the room and door a little bit to suit their "delicate" constitutions.  I had a handy neighbor cut my door in half to make a sort of Dutch Door.  Tricky because of the glass, but he did a great job. Now we can open that top door and air conditioning or heat can fill that room and provide comfort for our spoiled canines. We used to open the door to the office and let the a/c from the unit in there fill the room, but then the two black and whites would raid the office space and get in trouble.

Then we upgraded the doors that led to the backyard from a sliding door to french doors. With blinds between the glass, so their royal highnesses could be shaded from the harsh Florida sun. 
 You can see Princess Sadie out there in her thundershirt , in preparation for the afternoon storms. There will be new post soon on the progress/success of this special dog garment.

 Everybody is happy with the room.  The humans like the fact that the dogs (and the cats who like to hang out there with the dogs) are in a safe, comfortable, climate controlled space when they are not home. And the dogs like to have their own room to lounge about.  And, no they do not have their own thermostat to control the environment to their liking - we aren't that far gone. Yet.

But I ask you, who are the crazy ones in this house?

Thanks SueBee from The Crazy Boston Lady!


KarenSue said...

Your too funny! And fast. I'm glad it's gone to a good home.
And thanks for the shopping trip today! I had a blast and learned about so much new stuff. There is life outside the Thrift.
See ya soon.

Orlando Grandma said...

Well, now we have gone "cosmopolitan" English, Spanish and French.
Nice sign, when I read it, with my limited knowlge of the language, I knew, like you, that is meant a cat or a dog.
The animals do have a good home there

Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

Oh my goodness! I am just crazed with envy. :)

Alan said...

Although the cats are nutty I did know that chien is dog due to a film we had to watch in my college film class "Chien Andalou" or "Andalusian Dog". I like to keep you guessing.

Kingston girl said...

Ok I want to come down and go shopping. We don't have a homegoods up here or a hobby lobby! boo! Your dogs are so cute, think I will post about mine this week. Love ya!
your friend.

ALVN of WhisperWood Cottage and Junkologie said...

Wow! I must admit I was a bit surprised she hadn't been to either of those stores. Well, now she has! I love the sign and the Dutch doors. Fabulous!