Sunday, June 6, 2010

Thundercats, Ho!!!

Please do not adjust your screens, I have not taken to uttering inappropriate words in my posts, this is simply the battlecry of the 1980s cartoon (classic? No, it can't be) Thundercats.  What in the world does it have to do with me you ask?

Well, we have been living with a "Scaredy-Thundercat" Boston Terrier for over four years now. Sadie. Extremely frightened of fireworks, lightning and thunder. Not good when you live in the one of the lightning capitals of the world and thunderstorms occur on a daily basis for months on end.  Not to mention the nightmare of New Year's Eve and Fourth of July.

This is a picture of Sadie on a GOOD day, with no stress.

Yet, she still looks scared when the camera is on her.

We have tried various things to help her cope:  pheromones (total waste), loud music, druuuugs.  The drugs, or "tranks" as we refer to them, made all the difference, but we don't like having to give her medication everytime a cloud goes in front of the sun.  The Tranks are effective when you know beforehand what's coming like New Years, or the 4th, but storm clouds can amount to nothing or bring a short-lived storm.  Besides I don't like filling Sadie with medication.

I have discovered a possible miracle cure. (Cue angels and harps please, no clouds).  Through a fellow blogger that I follow.  You can find his site on my sidebar.  I didn't want to link without permission.  Joe Stains' his name, being a Boston is his game.

Turns out Joe had major Thunder-phobia as well.  He would shake, drool and pant just like Sadie does.  She doesn't even need thunder, just clouds as I said, or the clock hitting 2pm.  Her eyes start scanning the skies and the trembling starts.

 By chance I happened to check Joe's blog this week and he mentioned his anxiety and how he has overcome it with the help of his:

I thought I misunderstood when I saw him wearing it, but went to the link he kindly provided.  They have sizes for all types of dogs and these "thundershirts" are supposed to help with other issues such as excessive barking, over-excitement or , well, just go take a look yourself!  Here: thundershirt !

I, of course, have ordered one. If Joe's testimonial and all the others are true, Sadie will be more like Panda during a thunderstorm. Out cold. Doesn't care. Like this.

Or better yet, like Joe, whose picture appears on the website.  See how handsome he is?  And calm. During a thunderstorm.

Joe, if this works, we owe you tons of milk bones or box seats at a Yankees game!

Stay tuned.....


Orlando Grandma said...

Do they make them for humans? I know of someone who would benefit . She lives by the storms, staying at home, covering the mirrows with sheets, sitting under a table to mention a few antics she goes thru. May be a tranquilizer would be just as well.

The_Tyro said...

Good old skynet poor dog it is going to be a rough summer for skynet

Joe Stains said...

We really love the thundershirt, the key is to strap it on tight! Also, make sure you put it on her a few times when it is not storming, so she doesn't associate it with bad things all of the time. We use it for riding in the car when we go on long trips. Before I would stand and pant the whole car ride, with the thundershirt I lay down and relax more. I sure hope you have as good as results as I did!!!

crimsonbeauty said...

I use a product by the name of The Rein Coat. I have been using it with Queen for several months. Her biggest issue is storms. This product has been great she no longer tries to run away. I am thankful that products like this are on the market.