Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day

To all the great dads, grandpas, stepdads and surrogate dads I know.  And a special shout out to the dad in our house, Mr. Tennis.  He not only provided a great life for our kids growing up, but he continues to support and advise them as they adventure into the unknown of adulthood.

Mr. Tennis and his first fur-son, Ziggy, 1980, Gainesville, FL.

Mr. Tennis giving his newborn son a bath, 1985.

Teaching a one-year-old Maven to swim in Orlando Grandma's pool, 1990.

Smoky Mountains National Park, 1996

BHS graduation for Maven 2007.

Mr. T, The Writer and Three Hole Punch, the dog (friend of the family) .
 LA 2008

With The Maven, Venice Beach, CA 2008

Santa Barbara, August 2009

Not to mention he's a great husband too!  But you all knew that...


Alan said...

We all have many hats we wear as we move through life. Of all the hats I wear the one I cherish most is that of Dad. Being a Dad reveals the true meaning of life.

Sue said...

I love the comment above. And even though I don't know Alan, those words say a lot about the kind of guy he must be. I loved all the pictures, and have a wonderful Father's Day with your guy!

Take care, Sue

Orlando Grandma said...

Good job on puting words and pictures together to show a great and proud Dad.

eggzachary said...

I somehow missed this entry many weeks ago. Just wanted to chime in and say, DAD IS DA MAN. Seriously, it is great to have you out here.