Friday, November 19, 2010


The latest Friday Photo Challenge hosted by Chania at  RAZMATAZ  is to feature photos of something or things handmade.

I have chosen to photograph some pieces of pottery my daughter made while taking a pottery class her junior year of high school.

The first one is one of her first attempts, before she learned to use the wheel.  It is a favorite of mine and I like to display it because I find it whimsical.  Can you tell what it is?

It's a bird in a birdhouse, of course!  I like the rustic/primitive look to it.

There are many in-between projects I could show you, but one only has so much time, so I will time-travel to the point when my daughter learned to use the wheel and refine her pottery a bit more.

I love this mug. I love it so much that I haven't used it to drink from.  I love the color and the way the clay breaks through the glaze.

Most of all I love that I can look at it everyday on my desk as it holds my pens and pencils.  And provides a playspot for my visiting "grandkitty", Darcy. (Give me a break - I don't have grandchildren yet)

For Mother's Day the year my daughter, known on this blog as The Maven, took her pottery class, she presented me with this:

It was her final project and is a good representation of how far she progressed, but also of  her thoughtfulness towards her mom.  Yellow is my favorite color and I think this glaze is just so pretty with the flecks of brown and the unevenness of the color.

This piece actually gets used in various forms:  gravy pourer, syrup holder and always, decor for my home.  Handmade pottery is always special, because it's just as is it is described, made by hand.  When it's made by someone you love, it is even more special.

So, there you have it.  Handmade.
Boston Lady out.
Everyone have a grand Thanksgiving in the U.S and we will see you in two weeks for Chania's most interesting challenge:
Photograph a vignette and then the larger picture of which it is a part.


Jacqueline said...

Your daughter's work is beautiful! I am a total sucker for hand made pottery. The colours and glazes are gorgeous! Lucky you!

mollygolver said...

Ann I love pottery too, though I've never had a try at the potter's wheel (as yet!!) Your daughter's little pieces are lovely!

Mr. Connor said...

Great pieces. I guess I shall see them up close & personal very sooooon !

oldgreymare said...

I wish I had done more pottery when i had the chance in college.... maybe some day?

How wonderful that you have these.


retha said...

The closest I ever came to handmade pottery was to help someone selling it.

Yes, how can one not see it is a bird in a bird house. I like that you kept all her work. Maybe the thoughtfulness is a trait she has experienced/received so often she just could not help but make the jug yellow.

Orlando Grandma said...

I have a couple of The Maven cretions and they are very dear to me first of all because she mede them and because she chose to give them to me. Good subject choise

The_Tyro said...

i miss working with pottery i wish i could go back thanks for the memories.

Razmataz said...

I would love to take a pottery class. I think it is not as easy as it may look. I too love that blue glaze. Absolutley yummy and perfectly not perfect.