Monday, November 15, 2010

When Celebrities Visit Your Home

Well, no it wasn't George Clooney, but I suppose he could be considered the George Clooney of the Blogosphere.

Think you know who he is?  Well that's him in about 1981.

I've known him just as long as I've known Mr. Tennis, in fact this blog celebrity (by way of his talented wife) served as an usher in our wedding.

He used to housesit for us and take care of our dog, Ziggy when we went out of town.  See here he is paying proper respect to the great Ziggy.

He even helped me celebrate my first birthday as a married woman.

Then he grew up, joined the Air Force, became a sophisticated world traveler, married (the real celeb), became a dad, lived in Europe with said family and then finally settled back in the US.

Every few years he shows up here in Orlando with various siblings and children in tow and we visit for awhile.  And then he's gone again.  Woooooosh.  Back to Arizona to his lovely wife, Laura.  Now, Laura, I don't get to see much of at all except through the blogosphere where I religiously follow her wonderful blog, Decor to Adore and her new venture with  Andrea, at Metis Linens.          .

Yes, my friends.  Mr. Decor was in my house today.  In all his handsome glory.  And everything Laura ever says about Mr. Decor is absolutely true, he is a wonderful husband, man and father.  And Mr. Tennis and I always thought, and still think, he's a pretty fantastic little brother.

His sister, Lisa and Orlando Grandma were here today as well.

Thanks for stopping by Mr. D and Sweetboy too!


Orlando Grandma said...

It is always good to see the Gunn Kids. Nice visit. Do I have to call him Mr. Decor?

Mr. Connor said...

Been a very very long time since I have seen him. Wonder how many years it has been. Somehow he looks a little older ?

Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

Ha hee! I NEVER saw this one!!! Where the heck have I been? Sigh. I wish I would have seen this as I usually post a really old photo of Eric on his birthday. I think the pot t shirt would have been a classic. :)
And no, Edi does not have to call him Mr. Decor. :)