Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Stanley = One Lucky Dog

A lot of people in our circle are familiar with Stanley the Greyhound.  He was adopted last spring by my son, The Writer and his GF, Sammy and came to live with them in their LA apartment.

Adopting any dog can be a great undertaking because they come from unknown backgrounds sometimes.  But usually it is a fulfilling experience, as it has been for Stanley and his new "parents".

Stanley and The Writer right after Stan's arrival at the apartment.

Stanley lived at a place called Hemopet  where retired racing Greyhounds would live while awaiting adoption.  While staying there they performed a very vital duty as blood donors.  Apparently Greyhounds are universal blood donors and provide much needed blood to Vet Clinics all over the country.

The Writer and Sammy made several visits to Hemopet and were carefully screened as potential "parents".  The people where Stanley lived carefully matched potential owners with the dogs taking into consideration many things: Dog's personality, Owners' personalities', living accomodations - apartment or house?, children present, other animals present and so on.

Sammy and The Writer were a good match with Mr. Stan as he is a low energy dog who didn't require someone with him all day while they were at work.  He IS a bit of a couch potato, but can move out when he wants to at the dog beach.

Stanley had several days of adjusting to his new space.  He had been housed in a pen and was at first uncomfortable with having the whole apartment at his disposal.  The Writer thoughtfully erected a fence in one area of the living room so Stanley could retreat there and feel safe.

Stanley his first day, not totally comfortable, hence the panting.

Eventually he felt comfortable and now joins the rest of the family on the couch. Oh, that's right, he allows the rest of the family to join him on his couch.

See how he's restraining his aunt, The Maven. Watch it girl, it's my couch!

There were many other everyday activities that Stan's new parents helped him adjust to:  stairclimbing - had to do that, they live on the second floor, getting in and out of a car, relaxing in the car, learning his new non-racing name, learning to come when called... learning to come when called....

Stanley has settled in very well thanks to the loving care he receives from Sammy and The Writer.

Sammy and Stanley in his new home. He is very huggable!

 He goes just about everywhere with them.

He is extremely well-behaved which is very good since he is a large 95 lb. Greyhound.  I mean just look at the size of his water bowl!  Can you say "horse"?

Yes, I'd say Stanley is quite comfortable in his new home...

Oh Stanley what's that?  I'm sorry, you want the covers pulled up?
No problem...

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Mr. Connor said...

Well ~ WE certainly know who is in charge at this household. Wonder how he came to be named "Stanley ? "

KarenSue said...

I would say Sammy and The Writer are the lucky ones! What a great addition to their family Stanley had become. If the humans train well the dog will do well. Understanding his needs and they have done that.
I enjoyed meeting Sammy and seeing The Writer. Happy people it seems!

Erika and Blair,xoxo said...

Boy is he ever huge! Way bigger than Mom's Koda bear who came to visit me one time. You had better watch out that nobody drowns in his water bowl, like sheesh that thing is the size of a swimming pool.

Claudia said...

I love stories like this! Nothing better than a dog finding a loving home. Yay, Stanley!


Corn in my Coffee-Pot said...

Very Cute story. Glad to hear it has a happy ending.
Some adoptions don't progress so smoothly.

He looks happy--well, they all look happy with their living arrangements!

Sammy said...

Well said! He might be angry with us this morning because yesterday we took him on a 3 hour journey through a trail in the mountains where he basically had to walk through a rocky creek half the time. He was so tired that he tried to sit down in the creek. I think we redeemed ourselves by giving him some wet food and giving him back his couch last night :)

Chatty Crone said...

Awe - he looks like he has found a great home! sandie

eggzachary said...

He is a quirky and strange individual, which is why I love him.

Linda said...

LOVE, love, love it...the photo of Stanley in bed made me burst out laughing! I love the video, too...he looks joyous!

Angela said...

I love it! I can tell that Stanley is spoiled rotten! hehehe I'm glad that Stanley found a great home with your son and his girl friend. I live close to the Greyhound Racetrack in Cross Lanes, West Virginia. I've seen just how fast they can be when they are racing. Love the picture of Stanley sleeping in the bed! That's funny to see just how big he is in that bed! What a wonderful life he has now compared to before! I think he knows it too!

Tuesdays' Show & Tail!

Doris Sturm said...

Oh, I'm so happy for Stanly. Looks like he hit the Jack Pot....what a lucky dog!

When I lived in California, Pet Co there always had Greyhound Adoption days and I learned that in spit of their size, they make actually quite nice apartment pets because they don't want to run that much anymore...If you take them outside for a walk or two every day, they can be quite content.

I always wanted one. They have the sweetest expressions and their eyes remind me of that of a doe.

Congratulations to the new parents :-)

Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

I am a big believer in pet adoptions versus pet purchases. Although I did see a red doxie with BLUE eyes I so wanted this weekend. :)

Bravo for Stanley!

Mr. does NOT have a Panama hat. I would like to get him one ASAP. He refuses to buy one himself due to cost. But Valentine's day is right around the corner. Where do I shop?

Orlando Grandma said...

Stanley, I am proud to add you to the listor my great-grandchildren beside Nevaeh and Bryson. I look forwards to meeting him someday, How tall did you say he is?. That would be my only concern.

oldgreymare said...

I <3 Stanley....


The Thuglets said...

Stanley looks like he is certainly settling in at new forever home. The bed looks especially comfy.

How lovely to see. He is sucha handsome chappie.

Big Nose Pokes
The Thugletsx