Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Did I Ever Tell You About the Time I..... Swam with Stingrays?

No, I didn't think I had, but I did and it was a scary, yet thrilling experience.

We fed them squid and rubbed their suprisingly soft and silky skin.

It was an experience of a life time.

That's a frenzy around Mr. Tennis' leg up there.

They even made us pose for a hokey picture of the three of us "kissing" one of the rays.

Beautiful, clear water..

Two relieved, yet exhilirated ladies in the warm waters of The Cayman Islands.

We survived!


Chatty Crone said...

You never told me you swam with the stringrays - I'd be scared after Crock Dundee's death!

Looks like scary fun and a good time with your family!


Mullin Avenue Workshop said...

Wonderful pictures here!
The water looks so refreshing!
You sure are brave!

Sue said...

I've never swam with stingrays, but I remember just petting them how amazed I was at how soft they were! Great photos!

Take care, Sue

KarenSue said...

No...you never told me that! What kind of friend are you anyway?!!!!
Looks scarey but fun!

Orlando Grandma said...

I bet I know who talked you into doing that. Both of you girls are brave, it is way out on my league.

Sandra said...

beautiful and you are really brave, i am a big chicken and do not do water OR sting rays. my middle name is chicken little

Angela said...

You win the Adventurous Woman Award for that! I've never done anything like that before. How exciting for you and your family to experience something like that! I'm glad you did it and got some great pictures too!

Tuesdays' Show & Tail!

kristin said...

I got to pet them while I was at the Ripleys Aquarium in Myrtle Beach, their skin is not at ALL what I was expecting, they are awesome and probably my favorite underwater animal now because of that expeerience.. I would love to swim with them like this though! the water looks GORGEOUS!

Anonymous said...

"AWESOME", you have my kinda fun,wish I was there right now,swimming with stingrays.
I would love to do this!

Betty (picture circa 1951) said...

I'm sure it was fun, but I think I'll skip that one! Dolphins maybe...

Olive Cooper said...

Joe and CC swam with dolphins in Grand Cayman but no stingrays. You are very brave.

Mr. Tennis said...

They rays were a lot of fun. They're liking feeding the birds at a park, just underwater.

Chicken Wrangler said...

That sounds so interesting! I've never even seen one in person, let alone pet or swim with one!

Linda said...

Great photos, Ann! We had school of young stingray around us in Puerto Vallarta waters, but I admit, I was seriously creeped out by them!