Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Pretty, But More Important, Rememberance and Respect....

How appropriate that I would pick up this wedding picture of Orlando Grandma and her husband, Grandpa Courtney today.  I told her I wanted to see how it would look in one of the frames I "shabbied".  My FDIL would like to display old family pictures, particularily wedding pictures, in some of these frames at her wedding reception.

I think this picture looks beautiful in this frame.

A young bride with her new husband in his Air Force dress uniform.
Appropriate it so many ways, but especially so since we have the Memorial Weekend almost upon us.  We remember and honor all those who gave their lives for their country and in our family we, in particular, remember Courtney Weissmueller.

Please read this special poem that was my father-in-law's favorite.  It was presented to him by his crew and captures his beliefs and the essence of what it meant to him to be a pilot and to serve his country.

Orlando Grandma told me about this being her childrens' father's favorite poem. It's more than a fitting tribute to the man he was and to all the men and women who serve to preserve and protect our country and beyond.


Mr. Connor said...

Picture fits very nicely with that frame. The poem ~ well it is just wonderful ! As you said very fitting for upcoming weekend and all year round also.

Chatty Crone said...

Yese we need to remember him and all the others this Memorial Day - where would we be today without them.

The pictures look awesome in their frames. You could bring it to the wedding!

Linda said...

Lovely post, Ann! Thank you for sharing!

Sammy said...


Mr. Tennis said...

Thank you seems insufficient but thank you anyway to all those that have given the ultimate sacrifice for our country.