Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Welcome June!

I'm not much of a gardener, but in spite of this there are many nice blooms popping up around Boston Manor.

Don't believe those faces, they had nothing to do with the success I've had this year with this daisy plant.  If anything it survived in spite of them.

June in Florida always means Crape Myrtle blooms to me.  I have two lovely trees in our front yard.

My Hydrangea has seen better days about two weeks ago when we had a little more rain.  The heat and dry conditions are difficult for this beautiful plant, but it remains my favorite and I love to cut the blooms and bring them into the house.

My pretty Rose bush has been happy so far this year and has rewarded me with many sweet blooms to either enjoy on the bush or to bring into the house.

So, I hope your Memorial weekend was restful and enjoyable, just as ours was.  A great way to usher in the first month of summer, June.

Darcy and The Bostons are ready!

Darcy, Panda and Sadie, Memorial Day 2011
(Bumby absent by protest)


Janie Fox said...

Beautiful. Mine are just getting started.

Sue said...

I love, love Darcy! Just look at her little face. That is a cat that is definately in charge!!

Take care,

Linda said...

Love your sweet animals...although I know what you mean, one of my pugs thinks my daylilies were made just for her personal trampling ground! Thanks for your nice comments about the Bachman's house, part two is up!

Mr. Connor said...

Looks great ! Rain would certainly help with the growing of plants and keeping things a little cooler. The start of a great summer is upon us.

Orlando Grandma said...

Yes summer is here.I spent the weekend at the beach by Ponce de Leon Inlet, the water was great

Claudia said...

I never get tired of seeing your sweet dogs! Your blooms look lovely. I've always loved Crape Myrtles but alas, live too far north to have one!


Chatty Crone said...

I don't know what I loved best - the gorgeous flowers in your yard or your lovely animal family! Both are great.