Thursday, November 10, 2011

Books, Books, Books....Everywhere.

While reality has kicked my behind this week and I haven't gotten ANYTHING done, I realized that once again I have the perfect material for Claudia's

I once had a nice display of books-to-be-read in my bedroom.

Since I redid the table that this ladder/bookcase rested upon, this is the new display for my books-to-read:

Bumby approves.

Now, I have to run off to more reality
 and will catch up with everyone else's Reality Shots later today!


Claudia said...

Look an awful lot like the reality in my bedroom!

Thanks so much for joining in!


Ann said...

Love it -- that's life for sure!

A Vintage Green said...

At least your cat is very happy. The ladder surely made a good book holder.

Mr. Connor said...

Are WE having fun yet ?

Maggie said...

Well they are easier to get at at that level!
Thanks for stopping by.

Chatty Crone said...

Once they are read- there won't be any problem - right? sandie

Geraldine said...

books and cats it doesn't get any better than that. i hope heaven is all filled with those!!!