Saturday, November 19, 2011

Look Who's Home For Thanksgiving!

With the return of The Maven for Thanksgiving week comes her trusty sidekick, my uber-cute grandkitty, Darcy.

I have arrived and there's new stuff to sit under and jump out from.  It's gonna be a GREAT week!

Look how big she has grown.  Now a little over the one year old mark and she is almost 11 pounds - she outweighs her Aunt Bumby now.  

But that doesn't mean Bumby doesn't get the respect - oh yes she does!

Others in the house have different, or should I say indifferent reactions.  Panda's life is unaffected, thus she doesn't care.

Just throw this ripped up smelly toy 1,000 times 
and I don't care if that fluffy upstart stays forever~

Sadie is confused by the furry body that hurtles about the house and retreats to her bed for more down time.

I don't really MIND her, she's just so energetic and well,

Bumby has taken to lecturing the youngster...

Looks like Darcy is unimpressed with all of Bumby's "wisdom".

...and then dozing off, hoping to awaken to a world without Darcy.

I'll just close my eyes and when I open them, SHE will be gone!

Darcy just does as she pleases.  

Sleeps in her new favorite spot and enjoys all the extra attention.

I have this house SO figured out.

Darcy out!

Thanks to all my wonderful bloggy friends who left words of encouragement to me and The Maven on my previous post.  We have straightened our shoulders, taken a deep breath and are ready to take on the next few weeks with a  positive attitude and eventual success!


Mullin Avenue Workshop said...

Darcy is very pretty, what nice markings, and it looks like she has some apricot or tan mixed in with the grey.
She sure does make herself at home!
It sounds like Bumby is doing abit better with having Darcy around - maybe not hiding as much.
Wishing you and your human and fur family a Happy Thanksgiving week, it sounds like fun!

Kit said...

I love how you call her your Grand Kitty! I have 2 Grand Kitties and love them so much. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving week! Kit

Mr. Connor said...

The real fun has yet to start , right ?

The Fried Violinist said...

It is funny how Darcy acts in the same way towards Bumby as Zeke does to Darcy. Darcy just hisses a lot at him lol. Hope you guys have fun! I hope Darcy enjoys her second thanksgiving! Also Zeke is already 8 pounds. It will be exciting to see how big he gets.

Jules said...

So many cute furbabies!!!!

Dade City is about 10 miles south of 50 on Hwy 301. Next time you go over to Dunedin, just take a side trip turning south at the traffic light where 301 and 50 meet (there's a gas station at one corner and some kind of produce market on the opposite corner). When you see the golf course on the right side of the road, you're getting close!

Linda said...

I love seeing all your sweeties...Darcy really is a beauty! It seems like the others are getting more used to her now!

Chatty Crone said...

You are having a great week - with all your babies - human and animals.

Disco has this one terribly SMELLY toy that he loves too - it is his pacifier.


The Thuglets said...

Lovely to see all your furkids!

Big Nose Pokes
The Thugletsx

The Thuglets said...

Lovely to see all your furkids!

Big Nose Pokes
The Thugletsx