Wednesday, November 30, 2011

I Usually Don't Start with the Christmas Stuff Until Mid-December, But...

...then I stopped by Suebee's house today. She's already started with magnificent results!
I hope she posts some of her early ideas because they are INSPIRED. And she has! Check her out and come back for more in the next few weeks. 

I was so impressed that I made one little area of holiday cheer to get me in the mood.
(please excuse the quality of the pics - in reality they look better - I think!)

Nothing spectacular, but whenever a candle is involved everything looks better.

Oh, and what is that in the background, you ask? You can be sure I am using my table-top chalkboard that didn't sell (yay - kind of).  I'm having fun coming up with "inspirational" quotes - I'm still learning how to write with chalk as beautifully as my children's teachers did. It's hard!!!

Nevertheless, the Boston household is evolving from Thanksgiving to Christmas.  But most importantly The Maven finishes her exams next week, is feeling more confident and then can relax with friends and finally enjoy all the goodness of the season.

Meanwhile, Darcy asks: "what are you going to get me for Christmas this year?  Hmmmm?"

Does coal come in the shape of a mouse? JK, Darcy...


Olive Cooper said...

Yay, you kept the chalkboard. That Darcy is trying to steal the show in every blog she appears in.

Sue said...

Darcy looks pissed! That's why I love cats, they never hesitate to express themselves!!


SueBee said...

I love your candle decoration inspiration! Your right, a lit candle always inspires me. Thanks for your sweet comments, I guess I better get done with those lights.
I'm so proud of The Maven!!! It's almost here..good job girl.

Chatty Crone said...

Darcy has been a naughty kitten? No!

And anything with candles is pretty - I agree.

And good luck and prayers to MAVEN!
I just know she will do great.


Mr. Connor said...

Lots of YEAHs ! Candle displays and THE MAVEN ~ GO GO GO GO ! !

Razmataz said...

Darcy is requesting her own hand embroidered stocking.

Mullin Avenue Workshop said...

The candles are great.
I love the quote, and so true.
This is a great picture of Darcy - very elegant, I think.
Wishing your daughter success this coming week!

The Thuglets said...

Candles always look so lovely at Christmas. However our "she" is banded from them as she has previous of setting fire to the dining room!!

Greta picture of Darcy.

Big Nose Pokes
The Thugletsx