Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Success! An Internet Connection in the Hollywood Hills.

At last I have a voice again!  Thanks to Sammy's Mac computer and The Writer hooking it up at our rental home in the heart of LA.

We are renting a bungalow in the Hollywood Hills, actually according to a woman I met this morning while walking Stanley, we are in Hollywood Dell.  

Whatever, it is a fantastic neighborhood to walk around. So many cute (read expensive) homes.... that will be another post after I take pictures of this unique neighborhood.

Right now however, here are some pictures of the bungalow we are renting this week.

Dining area

Remodeled Kitchen

Living Room with Mr. T adjusting technology

Our front porch. My pictures don't do it justice.

And here are some things we have done thus far....

Gone to Huntington Beach Dog Beach for Stan the Man...

Sammy and The Writer walk Stan to the dog beach.

Stan worn out...

Had lunch at the Park Bench Cafe afterwards...

The Maven, The Newlweds and Stan at the Park Bench Cafe, Huntington Beach

and then headed to visit my blogging friend Sue at Country Road Antiques in Old Towne Orange.  It was great to see her again, especially since we showed up on such a busy day, yet she made time to talk and visit.  Thanks Sue!

On Sunday, "the guys" dropped "the girls" off at the Fairfax Swapmeet. 

 I bought an old enamel bucket of all things, The Maven scored an awesome weekender bag and we saw our first celeb!  Lee DeWyze, American Idol winner was shopping right beside us.  I took a horrible picture because we didn't want to bother him, but it was still a fun sighting.

Well, it's even worse than I thought, but I swear it's him 
in the knit cap over The Maven's shoulder. We paparazzi are not as
apt as you would think we are...

Our first day on our own while The Writer and Sammy were at work was spent goofing off.  

We drove up the Pacific Coast Highway to the Malibu area to have lunch at Neptune's Net - a place immortalized (for us) in a Five for Fighting song, "California Justice".

Then we headed south on the PCH to a favorite beach spot which is reachable via a long path and staircase from the top of the cliffs to the water's edge where there are spectacular rock formations and tidal pools.

The Maven and Mr. T begin the descent to El Matador Beach

Of course, each time we have been there we find a few photo shoots and we found them again this time.

It was time to head "home" to our rental and we took the back route through the Malibu hills and Santa Monica Mountains and stopped by the old Paramount Ranch backlot.

Many old westerns were filmed here and more recently "Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman" was shot in this setting.

 It wasn't quite as exciting as I thought it would be, but it was peaceful and it was fun to think of how the different buildings might have been used during filming.

Finally, we are up to date.  Today, Tuesday, The Maven Mr. Tennis and I headed to Santa Monica to ride some rental bikes along the beach.

 Beautiful weather, interesting people watching and then back "home" for pizza with the newlyweds.


SueBee said...

We're not in Florida anymore!!! I would say STAY but I don't want you to stay there. Looks like you guys are having a good time. Did you take pictures at Country Roads Antiques? So much to talk about and do when you get back!!! miss you xoxo SueBee

The Country Mouse said...

These are such beautiful pictures, Ann! Hope you are enjoying every minute and relaxing right down to your toes. But hurry home, too!

The Country Mouse said...

These are such beautiful pictures, Ann! Hope you are enjoying every minute and relaxing right down to your toes. But hurry home, too!

centerofgravity said...

I love the house, beach, swap meet, etc. Glad you are relaxiing and having a great time. Enjoy yourself and then come back home to enjoy your new roof.

Decor To Adore said...

Oh my goodness I am SWOONING over that house. I would be walking "the hills" night and day. :)

Janie Fox said...

That looks like so much fun. I love walking on the beach,. I wish so badly that I was coming with the kids. One day I will hug you around the neck!

Olive Cooper said...

Ann, I am envious of your sun and beach cause it is pouring down rain here. The house is adorable and a swap meet oh my I would love that too. Have loads of fun, Olive.

Mr. Connor said...

Wow ~ what a house ! Beautiful places you have been visiting. Hope everyone is having a goooooood time and getting some reeeeest !

Sue said...

I think I need to head up north and see what is in my own backyard! Thanks for the pictures!! As I told you, I'm always so busy working I never get out much. Hope you have a great vacation, and I LOVE your rental home!!

Take care, Sue

Orlando Grandma said...

So glad to be able to SEE you again, The place looks good and all of you look great. Stay well, love to all

The Thuglets said... looks like you are having a fabulous time. what a lovely property you are renting.
Great photos!
Big Nose Pokes
The Thugletsx

Chatty Crone said...

Oh my goodness if that is a bungalow just think about what a house looks like. I didn't know you could rent homes like that.

Looks like you are so SO busy. And everyone having a good time.

Nice and sunny smiles.


Mullin Avenue Workshop said...

How great to see these wonderful pictures - what a wonderful house to stay in Ann, it looks like a good place to really relax.
It sounds like the best of holidays - family, sunshine, beaches, and lots of walking!

The Social Worker said...

That swap meet looks amazing (at least that's what I thought it was called) it looks like you guys are having an amazing time! Btw, I changed my blog name lol. Thought this was more fitting :) see you guys soon!